WATCH: Discussing The Ontario PCs, Trudeau’s Newspaper Bailout, China In The Arctic, & More With Jill Colton

I recently spoke with Canadian Patriot Jill Colton – who has one of Canada’s fastest growing YouTube channels – about the big events happening in Canada.

Topics include Patrick Brown, the state of the Ontario PCs, Trudeau’s disturbing newspaper bailout, and China’s increasing play for arctic power.

Watch the video below:

Link to Jill Colton’s YouTube Channel

Link to my YouTube Channel

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Allis Chalmers

It is refreshing to hear Jills comment re female vs male based on merit and not sex. I wish more good women would come forward and not let this destroy chances of all good people entering politics for hopefully the right reasons. Unfortunately there is a move to eliminate men from politics using the sexual harrassement venue. I am not saying all are not valid but what disturbes me the fact that the accusers stay mute until their harrasser enter politics only coming forward in the final hour having still not making a legal police report of such an incident.… Read more »

Suzanne Normoyle

Love this video of you and Jill but it keeps buffering which is a little frustrating. Keep up the good work. I admire bith of you.


Well done. Be interested on both your opinions on what liberal party thinks of trudeau.