REPORT: Doug Ford Concerned Insiders & Elites Are Trying To Weaken His Campaign

Ford’s campaign represents a movement against the establishment, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the elites tried to stack the deck against him.

Ontario PC Leadership candidate Doug Ford is concerned that party insiders are trying to weaken his campaign.

As reported in the National Post, “Rules for the suddenly called leadership race say that new membership applications will be accepted only up to Feb. 16, though voting doesn’t start until March 2. Ford said that policy was intended to undermine him, arguing that he has the strongest core support and greatest ability to attract new blood into the Conservatives.”

Ford is saying the membership rules are directed at his campaign:

“They’re doing this on purpose to hinder me, because out of all the candidates they know I can sign up more people,” said Ford. “This is about … the insiders and the elites trying to figure out how they’re going to stop Doug Ford. The common people want me in there.”

Ford has a strong base of support, as was shown in the past Toronto Mayoral election when he almost defeated John Tory.

However, the Ontario PC establishment is concerned that Ford is too ‘divisive’ and controversial, and would prefer someone else.

Yet, the PCs tried insiders and ‘careful’ policies in past elections, and still managed to lose elections they should have won.

Additionally, Ford is the only candidate who is openly calling for an end to the carbon tax. The vast majority of Conservatives oppose the carbon tax, yet the party insiders say they will be keeping their carbon tax plank in the platform. So, at this point, Ford is the candidate who is closest to what the party base wants.

If the party is seen as trying to block or weaken his campaign, there could be a significant amount of anger from the grassroots, as people are tired of having ‘democratic’ choices dictated by backroom operators.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Allis Chalmers

Getting to sound like American style politics. Not who the people want but what the party wants. Conservatives keep this up and grass roots Ontario will drive the Conservatives out of existence.

don morris

I have no doubt whatsoever that the Elite of the Ontario PC’s are against Ford,just like they were against his brother. It’s a shame they have so little time for him to work with the membership as maybe then he could win,but the Insiders undoubtedly want Mulroney,who has no baggage and can defeat Wynne.

And it doesn’t hurt that she is the daughter of a former liberal PM. Note the small “L”.


You are right! I will not be voting for Mulroney, instead, I am still voting for Ford, #2 choice is Christine Elliott. We don’t need another child of a PM in the political arena!


Christine Elliott also opposes the carbon tax.


Folks. Folks folks. Folks folks folks folks folks folks folks folks.


truduh!’s liberals learned dirty tricks from hillary’s democrats… whats why the clinton foundation was given a huge donation from trudeau… (taxpayers money…)

alan skelhorne

well duh, come on mr. ford, you know how these so called politicians work, yes will stab you in the back, yes they will talk ill of your family, thats the way mr. wynne does his business.i will vote for you anytime. go get em mr. ford, we need more of your type.

Jp LaRocque

I believe I agree with you!! I am very tired of the elites and the everything for the party attitude that drives their political agendas……As well I am not for a CARBON TAX no way!!! More and more I believe we the lowly taxpayers and party supporters fund the party but we never get what the People want!!!! This whole first past the post is a sham….this is NOT democracy!!!


DOes Doug Ford expect special consideration ?
Don’t throw hat in ring and expect kindness!
Grow up Doug you are in a big boys game now!


Doug can handle it; he has leadership skills as well as business savvy! Go for the prize, Doug!


We need someone like Doug Ford, he is out there working with and for his people. I was dreaming and hoped that we would be so lucky as to find someone like the only Prime Minister that ever made me proud to be Canadian a strong honourable man like Mr. Stephen Harper. We really do not need another incognito Liberal like Mulroney implanted in the Conservatives to destroy the party again. We need the back room Liberals to get back in their own party, so we have a democratic country again, a government working with and for the people. We… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Doug Ford is “divisive.” Ha-ha-ha! What a pant load. I guess that all of us who are sick and tired of lying; destructive; self-serving; elitist politicians are “divisive.” Ontario–wake up!! “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20.