REPORT: Trudeau Government Falling Far Short Of Promised Defence Spending ‘Increase’

As predicted many months ago, the Trudeau government’s defence spending ‘increase’ is a sham.

As the Trudeau government continues weakening Canada from within, they are racking up one broken promise after another.

The latest betrayal has been revealed in a report on the heavily hyped defence policy.

The Trudeau government had tried to claim they were increasing defence spending, even though they cancelled billions in planned spending and then ‘promised’ to spend more ‘down the road.’

And as we expected, that spending promise is being broken.

According to the CP,“Long-standing problems with Canada’s military procurement system are threatening to undermine the Trudeau government’s vaunted defence policy, warns a new report.”

“The main reason, says the report’s author, defence analyst David Perry, isn’t that the money isn’t available; bottle necks in the procurement system have slowed progress on a variety of projects, meaning the money can’t be spent.”

The government had said they would spend $6 billion on equipment in the first year of their policy.

Instead, “Perry, however, found that barring a major surprise in the last quarter of the federal government’s fiscal year, officials will purchase between $3 billion and $4 billion in equipment.”

Also, “Perry points to the way the defence policy was crafted as one of the main culprits for the current situation, noting that it was drafted in secret by a small group of defence officials without input from other departments.”

Notice how the government will try to spin it. They will say that they intend to spend the money, but that “the system” isn’t working.

Of course, that’s just a weak excuse, since the current government is responsible for that system. They promised more money, and now they can’t deliver, so whatever excuse they use is nothing but a pathetic distraction.

This was becoming clear long ago, as I noted in 2017:

“In the past two years, the Trudeau government has stripped $12 billion out of future military equipment spending. Now, they promise $14 billion over the next decade – with almost all of it after the next election.”

Now, we are seeing what’s happening: The government cut a bunch of money, promised more in the future, and are now making excuses for not actually spending to strengthen the military.

As a result, our nations defence has become even weaker, and our country is left at increased risk.

Spencer Fernando

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Worst prime minister ever!!!


Why don’t those veterans find themselves at PARLIAMENT HILL TO DEMAND ACTION from Justin or go before the media. What I find amazing is that the veterans who were quick to jump all over the conservatives, wasted no time going the media to complain but now that the liberals are in gov, the veterans are silent to the media. How many of those veterans were quick to vote for Justin even after Justin debated then PM STEPHEN HARPER to keep terrorists in Canada- how many spencer? Any soldier or Canadian who hears Justin say that ‘ terrorists have rights to… Read more »

Timothy Hickey

Has Trudeau deferred to the United Nations for military spending?

Pushing the Globalist Agenda, and the plan to bring in a One World Government Military/Currency/Religion/Carbon Tax to finance the United Nations ~ then he is sending our tax dollars out of the country and giving Canadians ZERO say in what kind of spending is a must, NOW, for our Canadian Forces to defend our Sovereign Will!

It is in the playbook for the Agenda 21 forces!