SICKENING: Trudeau Says Veterans Are “Asking For More Than We Are Able To Give Right Now”

Justin Trudeau finds billions to give to foreign countries. He finds billions to expand the bureaucracy. He finds billions despite massive budget deficits. But when it comes to Veterans, all of a sudden he says the government is out of money. DISGUSTING.

Justin Trudeau revealed the sick mindset he holds when it comes to government funding and Canada’s heroes.

At a town hall in Edmonton, Canadian Veteran Brock Blaszczyk – who lost his leg while serving our nation in Afghanistan – asked Justin Trudeau about the Omar Khadr payment, and asked why Trudeau betrayed his promise by forcing Veterans to fight in court for their benefits.

This was the sickening reply from Trudeau:

“Why are we still fighting certain veterans groups in court? Because they’re asking for more than we are able to give right now.” 

Trudeau’s horrendous answer – for which he was rightfully booed – reveals the deeply sick mindset he holds.

Consider the fact that Justin Trudeau has been able to find billions for foreign countries – including building a road for the Jordanian Army.

He finds money for paying bonuses to top bureaucrats at the CRA.

He finds money to give himself and other MPs raises.

He finds money to have endless booze on government flights.

He finds money to spend on his unethical Aga Khan island trip.

He finds money for those who entered Canada illegally.

He finds money for Omar Khadr.

He finds money for the United Nations.

He finds money for his photographers and social media people to boost his image.

He finds billions to spend despite massive deficits.

But when it comes to Veterans, all of a sudden he tells us the money has run out.

It’s a fu*king disgrace.

Many Canadian Veterans put their trust in Justin Trudeau in the 2015 campaign.

Trudeau explicitly promised that he would stop fighting Veterans in court, and he explicitly promised he would restore the life-long pension.

Instead, he cut support for Veterans – as noted in a recent report:

“Before the old lifetime pension was eliminated in favour of a lump sum payment, veterans could have received up to $2,700 per month. Under the restored pension plan the Liberal government introduced, the maximum a wounded soldier would ever see is $1,150 per month.”

By betraying both promises, he showed that he holds contempt for Canada’s heroes.

If Justin Trudeau can’t even keep a promise to the greatest Canadians – those who served our nation – how can anyone in this country trust a word he says?

His sickening mindset needs to be defeated in 2019, and we must ruthlessly hold the next government accountable to ensure they end the disgusting betrayal of Canada’s Veterans.

WATCH the video of Veteran Brock Blaszczyk confronting Trudeau at the town hall.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Yep. It’s more important to put all those extra billions he borrowed on to the stock market, so he can announced that he’s paid the debt down faster than expected at the next election. Canadians love their 1% prime ministers.

Rick Hill

Trudeau welcomes hundreds of Isis terrorists back into our country , and has no problem supporting them, but he refuses to support our veterans. He definitely has his priorities backwards. We can support thousands of migrants, but Canadians who’ve worked here all their lives take second place.


$50 million for the Aga Khan, a “family friend”, hundreds of millions for Hamas, used to buy weapons and explosives to attack Isreal and on and on. Bookmark this or save it somehow to show to friends, family, and neighbors. Hell, print up a bunch and post it on every notice board you can find. Do whatever you can to make others aware of the contempt Trudeau has for all Cnadians. Get people out to vote against Trudeau and his absolute hatred of Canada and Canadians. All it would take to get a pipeline started is a simple phone call… Read more »


This thing , has no morals, no ethics.Whatever floats his boat he is content with.He is a disgrace not only to Canada but to the world.No wonder Trump hates him.

Elizabeth Moorhouse

You are so right, Spencer, right on the money again. He truly is a disgrace!!. He really does live in a different world. Unfortunately, wrapped in the “Teflon that is our Uninformed Electorate” he doesn’t know how to be a statesman. The only thing he can do is “ACT” like a delusive Teacher. Not being able to control the crowd, like their his students, demanding they be removed and go where? To the Principals office? Or worse, when he couldn’t get control he asked for a “Show of Hands.” Good Lord, grade school ended for me before you were born,… Read more »

Jeffrey Robinson

We are asking for far less than what he’s already donated to foreign countries with no strings attached in order to make himself look good. He needs to keep his pre-election promises instead of blaming Veterans for holding him to account.


Canadians simply have to stand up and say enough! This government is a farce with an agenda that has nothing to do with Canadians. Unfortunately we don’t have recall and impeachment legislation, so Canadians need to take the initiatvie and write and and phone every backbencher in the liberal party daily if necessary, demanding to stand up for Canadians, cross the floor and join the opposition in a vote of non-confidence. If we don’t stand up for our country who will? It should be clear to everyone by now, that this liberal government sure as the hell won’t!!

Trevor Marr

This Tour de Farce was a complete waste of time and our tax $$$, c/w with Selected Audiences, Pre-Canned Questions, Pipeline Protestors, VIP’s and Unicorns, Rainbows and Pride!

Trudeau is a trust fund globalist socialist liberal! Can you think of anything worse to lead a country?


Why should it surprise the veterans at all at what the liberal dictator Jihadi Justin says or does to them ESPECIALLY, especially when he sides with terrorists’ rights. If you side with terrorists you do not need military or soldiers anymore. THE DEAL IS DONE and no amount of veterans or soldiers or police can deter that. Not only that, the Canadian fake news reporters ‘SUPPORT’ and will fight for this dictator.


List of the Liberal government spending during Justin Trudeau 2016-17: Clinton Foundation $600 Million Hamas $351 Million Pakistan $2 Billion Libya $1.5 Billion Egypt $397 Million Mexico $622 Million Russia $380 Million Haiti $1.4 Billion Jordan $463 Million Kenya $816 Million Sudan $870 Million Nigeria $456 Million Uganda $451 Million Congo $359 Million Ethiopia $981 Million South Africa $566 Million Senegal $698 Million Mozambique $404 Million Zambia $331 Million Kazakhstan $304 Million Iraq $1.08 Billion Tanzania $554 Million. GRAND TOTAL = $5.8 BILLION And, not a dime for our veterans. This piece of turd should be booted out (along with… Read more »

Debbie West

Thank you Spence Fernando for being a fantastic journalist !!!

Claire T

KARMA!!! How you treat people always come back around to kick you in the butt. He will pay for it!!!

K Garner

This imbecile was put in there by other imbeciles. He is an embarrassment.


Who ever voted for that girly-man to start with…..oh, the USA voted for Obama, never mind.

Christian Christian

You seem to have forgotten that it was Stephen Harper that took away the lifetime pension and Trudeau that brought it back.

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau did NOT bring it back, Christian!!! He simply took the lump sum based on the tables and charts created by the Treasury Board, then cynically broke it up into increments to be paid monthly, thus short-changing the veterans EVEN MORE!!! Do NOT call that “bringing it back”!!! Furthermore The current system, known as the New Veterans Charter, was introduced by the Liberal government of Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2005;

Lawrence Tierney

The New Veteran Charter was created under Jean Chretien and Paul Martins Government.

It was created for one reason only, to save money at the expense of Wounded and Injured Veterans.

Yes the Charter was enacted under the Harper Government and it was enacted with a Unanimous Vote, 100% of the Parliament voted for it.

Trudeau DID NOT Bring back the Lifetime Pensions, what the government did was to take the Cash Pay outs (max $298,587.97) and put them into a pension format.

Lawrence Tierney
Warrant Officer (Ret)
CAF, 38 years Service.

Barry Bursey

Thanks Lawrence for setting all the narrow minded bias Liberals voters straight. These people obviously have not watched the video from the Edmonton meeting, otherwise they would have better sense to defend this useless POS that is a total embarrassment to me and all other concerned, caring Canadians!!!


Delusional…….that’s what you are,troll or not,you have no heart. Do some fact checking before you make yourself look stupid next time. Here’s a question to ponder over, if the Trudeau GOC continues to treat Veterans this way and therefore the still serving members as well, do you honestly think Canadians will still join the forces??? Maybe you would prefer a country with a draft system? Maybe Veterans should stand together and have gatherings at all recruiting centres across the country and inform those who are about to sign the doted line that our GOC does not care about us,will not… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

I find Trudeauto be the ost VILE and REPREHENSIBLE “politician” that we have ever had in Canadian parliament! I do NOT even want to call him “Prime Minister”! He is a DISGRACE to Canada and Canadians!

Georgina(aka Mops)

Trudeau is indeed an embarrassment to Canada, and to call him Prime Minister of a great country like Canada is offensive……and ridiculous.

Richard Whipple

Have a read of my analysis about what the money is supporting and what the poor cannot afford to support, like fellow countrymen. … WILL YOU TOUCH THIS STORY? IT’S BEEN SILENCED FOR TWO YEARS. No journalist has the guts to report it, and what it means to Canadians and to Canada.


Whoa………our veterans deserve the honour and support of this country. Their ‘earned’ (sometimes at great costs) pensions should be a priority before giving money to build infrastructure in other countries, the ‘CCC” corrupt Clinton club, and the many, many other recipients benefitting from Trudeau’s irresponsible spending spree with Canada’s monies. Your actions speak volumes about who you really are. Shame, Shame on you Trudeau. You have disgraced the title of Prime Minister and don’t deserve to have it with your name. Maybe you should have relocated to one of the countries you so admire, Cuba or China, and leave the… Read more »

Bill Evans

Our Canuckelhead tRump….get out and vote Canadians, We deserve better than this moneyed Pretty Boy…


Canadians elected him–live with your bad choice or remove him !!


I completely agree that veterans benefits need to be restored to pre-harper levels.

I’m completely disgusted that you Harperites are now sitting here complaining about TRUDEAU not increasing benefits that YOUR BOY CUT! Conservatives LOVE soldiers until they actually need help, then you abandon them.

Typical “christian conservatives” screw people over then cry crocodile tears and thump your chests in fake indignation when someone else is in charge.


I am so disgusted. . .can’t believe there are still bodies out there who would vote for this sociopathic narcissist.

Rob Lussier

The Liberals just don’t care, never have, never will. Vets are not a government priority, as a matter of fact we are embarrassment to this government. Vets are not “Sunny Ways” we remind this government that the world is a dangerous place, men and women had to sacrifice so much over the years and do the governments bidding at home and abroad. Now it’s unpopular with this governments worldview of how Canada and Canadians as a whole should think and do. We are about feminist rights, The LGBTQ2, and whatever the SJW base deem to be appropriate. We have open… Read more »


Being a veteran this gentleman asked fantastic questions. The one item he did not bring up was mentioning it was the conservative government that was against veterans and cut everything. What the clip did not do was show the entire answer which yes the government has brought back much needed services to veterans and their families that the cons stole away. More money would also be great but let us not forget it was the Conservative gov that stole all this away and why vets have been dismissed. I enjoy the readings here because it puts into perspective the level… Read more »

Richard Whipple

The whole story is that they are all corrupt, pre-selected. Trudeau hand-picked his whole government based on “affirmative action.” Not based on merit. And we see the agenda of this government. So a vote for any candidate standing in a local riding is a vote for the leader that will act as tyrant. Harper took away expats right to vote because, as the incumbent, he knew that dissident voters make the effort to come to poll booths. Trudeau’s Ambassador to Poland won’t help a Canadian family living on the streets of a foreign country, something you won’t hear about unless… Read more »

Master Corp Hudym (5 yrs service)

Warrant Tierney just to clarify it was the Conservative gov that cut benefits on April 6 2006.

I would hope Warrant Officer that u would recognize the attack on veterans that the Conservative gov did in their time in office.

Just want to provide some information.

MCpl Hudym, I guess you missed WO Tierney’s earlier posting where he clearly states: “The current system, known as the New Veterans Charter, was introduced by the Liberal government of Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2005;” “Yes the Charter was enacted under the Harper Government and it was enacted with a Unanimous Vote, 100% of the Parliament voted for it.” So from that perspective, no political party can take the high road, not even the NDP, but it was Trudeau who said he would re-instate life-time pensions and he hasn’t! Given Trudeau’s disgraceful comments, Veterans will continue to get… Read more »

Christian Christian

Stephen Harper took away the pension for life for veterans but Justin Trudeau brought it back.


No he didn’t bring it back. He took the lump sum payment and divided it by the number of years the average person lives for up to a maximum of $1,100 per month. A veteran that has a leg gone and the other one severely injured does not qualify for any of this.


Tax season is coming. But I feel they are asking for more than I can afford right now

Richard Laurin jr

Justin Trudeau is a idiot, good men risk there live for there country and he can help veterans yet gives some dirt bag terrorist 10.5 million who took the money back to his little terrorist country. Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau really need to go .. The entire liberal party need to go they are an embarrassment to the good people who have built this country.. but the truth is we are the problem the people don’t step up for there own right or unit in protest. we surly complain but when it come down to stepping up to have… Read more »

B Dawes

Trudeau and all politicians should have to be put in the services and see active duty for a full tour and then see what their pensions are like. He’s nothing but a big ass and needs to start taking care of the people that pay his wage!! F’ing Idiot!!


I would pay my taxes this year, unfortunately the government is asking more than I can give

James won

Why did Trudeau spend 3.8B more on vets than the conservative?

I thought conservatives were about taking care of armed forces members?

Laurence Alexandrine Bibay

Charity starts at home! If you can’t take care of your own family then you shouldn’t be spending your(our) money elsewhere. No-one in their right mind feeds a stranger when their own children are starving. Especially that in these countries there is money but it’s going to the politically corrupt elite. True story: Many years ago I knew people who were responsible for delivering the goods that we donate as a country to help “countries in need”. The goods are shipped in sea containers by cargo and unloaded at the receiving country’s port. Apparently, “we”(the donating country) did not have… Read more »