SICKENING: Trudeau Says Veterans Are “Asking For More Than We Are Able To Give Right Now”

Justin Trudeau finds billions to give to foreign countries. He finds billions to expand the bureaucracy. He finds billions despite massive budget deficits. But when it comes to Veterans, all of a sudden he says the government is out of money. DISGUSTING.

Justin Trudeau revealed the sick mindset he holds when it comes to government funding and Canada’s heroes.

At a town hall in Edmonton, Canadian Veteran Brock Blaszczyk – who lost his leg while serving our nation in Afghanistan – asked Justin Trudeau about the Omar Khadr payment, and asked why Trudeau betrayed his promise by forcing Veterans to fight in court for their benefits.

This was the sickening reply from Trudeau:

“Why are we still fighting certain veterans groups in court? Because they’re asking for more than we are able to give right now.” 

Trudeau’s horrendous answer – for which he was rightfully booed – reveals the deeply sick mindset he holds.

Consider the fact that Justin Trudeau has been able to find billions for foreign countries – including building a road for the Jordanian Army.

He finds money for paying bonuses to top bureaucrats at the CRA.

He finds money to give himself and other MPs raises.

He finds money to have endless booze on government flights.

He finds money to spend on his unethical Aga Khan island trip.

He finds money for those who entered Canada illegally.

He finds money for Omar Khadr.

He finds money for the United Nations.

He finds money for his photographers and social media people to boost his image.

He finds billions to spend despite massive deficits.

But when it comes to Veterans, all of a sudden he tells us the money has run out.

It’s a fu*king disgrace.

Many Canadian Veterans put their trust in Justin Trudeau in the 2015 campaign.

Trudeau explicitly promised that he would stop fighting Veterans in court, and he explicitly promised he would restore the life-long pension.

Instead, he cut support for Veterans – as noted in a recent report:

“Before the old lifetime pension was eliminated in favour of a lump sum payment, veterans could have received up to $2,700 per month. Under the restored pension plan the Liberal government introduced, the maximum a wounded soldier would ever see is $1,150 per month.”

By betraying both promises, he showed that he holds contempt for Canada’s heroes.

If Justin Trudeau can’t even keep a promise to the greatest Canadians – those who served our nation – how can anyone in this country trust a word he says?

His sickening mindset needs to be defeated in 2019, and we must ruthlessly hold the next government accountable to ensure they end the disgusting betrayal of Canada’s Veterans.

WATCH the video of Veteran Brock Blaszczyk confronting Trudeau at the town hall.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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