WATCH: Canadian Veteran Brock Blaszczyk Confronts Trudeau On Khadr Payment & Betrayal Of Promise Not To Fight Vets In Court

Every Canadian needs to see this video.

During an Edmonton Town Hall, brave Canadian Veteran former Corporal Brock Blaszczyk confronted Justin Trudeau with questions that need to be answered.

Blaszczyk – who lost a leg in Afghanistan – told Trudeau “I was prepared to be killed in action. What I wasn’t prepared for, Mr. Prime Minister, is Canada turning it’s back on me.”

Blaszczyk asked Trudeau why he was fighting Veterans in court, yet gave $10.5 million to Omar Khadr without even forcing him to step into a courtroom.

Watch the powerful moment below:

All Canadians need to see this video.

It’s a horrible disgrace how our Veterans are being treated, and Justin Trudeau’s pathetic answers can’t change the disturbing truth: Trudeau finds money for everything else (including billions for foreign countries), yet pretends the money has run out when it comes to supporting our Veterans.

He’s thrown the bravest Canadians under the bus, while people who hate our country get massively rewarded.

It’s a betrayal of those who put everything on the line for all of us, and that betrayal must end.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

For more videos exposing what is happening in our nation under the corrupt Trudeau government, visit the YouTube Channel of Canadian Patriot Steeper33.

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Dave Bainard

I hope every Canadian gets tired of seeing this in the next election campaign. Another reason that Jr should never see the inside of the House of Commons again.

Dave Maynar

From my limited understanding…….the young millennials like this liar. Unfortunately for the rest of Canadians who try to stay somewhat current in the political arena know what this self-loving liar is all about. Hopefully the young people will get up to speed before the next election.


According to The Still Report589, Trudeau kicked the soldiers out from seven Canadian military bases for housing his newly admitted refugees. He paid each of the family around $200,000 for their settlement out of the military spending. This might be one of the reasons he has been cutting real spending on our soldiers.


According to The Still Report589, Trudeau kicked the soldiers out from seven Canadian military bases for housing his newly admitted refugees. He paid each of the family around $200,000 for their settlement out of the military spending. This might be one of the reasons he has been cutting real spending on our soldiers.

Chris vrecko

He only cares about himself, oh, and his disgusting friends. He makes me nauseous.

don morris

Yes,but unfortunately his “disgusting friends comprise the financial elite of Canada.

I’d like to be able to ask that veteran how he voted in the last election. The military continues to vote Liberal, while the Liberals continue to shaft the military.

Skip Reeves

And what do you base the second para of your comment on. 9 out of 10 of all the military friends and colleagues I know have no use at all for the liberals and did not vote for them.

don morris

I have relatives and friends in the military as well,and used to hang out at the RCL for may years. I’m very interested in politics and am very prone to bringing up politics in conversation with anyone I meet,which sometimes isn’t welcome,but often leads to very interesting conversations. I got the impression that while many veterans and soldiers would bitch about the state of the Armed Forces, but a good majority voted Liberal and a few NDP,with some Conservative support. My Brother,who was a veteran, also agrees with me, the people in his branch of the RCAF bitched but voted… Read more »

Wayne Nuzum

The CF tries harder than any other employer to balance its work force as a balanced representation of Canadian society. Really, after having spent 10 years serving in the CF, I can assure you that the electorate in the CF is no different than the rest of the country. The members of the CF ,and veterans, voted mostly Liberal during the last election because,like many Canadians,they were somewhat frustrated and tired of the Harper govt. The vets started a ABC campaign. I can remember, along with many other Consevative voting vets, that they were making a mistake voting Liberal.

Dave Marson

I think you will find most Military are PC voters to support military spending or I would hope they are.

pamela kingwell

My question to Trudeau is, when will the Canadian Vets. get what they truly deserve. Give a date, and amount of money and services!


Pam, Trudeau’s pathetic promises don’t have dates. It’s the same with his pipeline garbage. Sure he says the pipeline will be built. When?? No date. Could be 10 yrs away. All he needs to do is phone Horgan and tell him to STF. The next call should be to the pipeline people telling them to start construction today. He won’t as he is a coward.

William Carter

I agree that he is a coward and a big disgrace to our country, but I for one hope that pipeline never gets built. We don’t need more ships in our waters here. If Alberta is so upset about it, build your own damn refinery there and see the end product to the states.

John Lavallee

What a disgrace this Prime Minister is. Can’t give money to vets because they don’t have the money to cover that. Meanwhile he sends millions to terrorist countries, uses our tax dollars to take personal vacations, and gives, as the young man said, to people like Omar Kadhr, without going to court. Homeless people are suffering, First Nation people are struggling, the ordinary Joe is suffering, but yet there is no money for them, but there is lots for other countries and terrorists.


Perhaps if he was not giving piles of money to the enemy he is welcoming in, they would have more to give.
The fact is when he says veterans are“Asking For More Than We Are Able To Give Right Now”. He is quick to forget that veterans were willing to give their lives.

Joe Elvin MacKinnon

He gives the money to killers, that should be used for our Canadian Vets.

Judith Garcia

Justin Trudeau is an evil traitor he should’ve been locked up already for stealing so many millions from Canadian taxpayers and giving them to convicted terrorists !


Trudeau needs to go and N O W we cannot wait any longer! His arrogance and attitude that he is above the law is insane. How he disregarded this Veteran last night was disgusting and truly shows his TRUE colors! He is UN-CANADIAN and his version of Diversity is DIVIDING this Country!

Cindy Bengtson

sure trudeau….you GIVE OUR MONEY FREELY TO OTHER COUNTRIES AND TERRORISTS! yet you say canada does not have enough to look after her own vets….not too mention the seniors!!! YOU SIR ARE A TRAITOR AND A DISGRACE TO THIS COUNTRY!

Shiela Shales

Services such as the vets being homelss???


But but but….Trudeau can GIVE a convicted terrorist and murderer a back door payment of $10.5 million dollars with one hand and then have the NERVE to say the ‘Vets’ are asking for too much. ‘We can’t give them what they want’!!!!! You can give Mumbai $2 Billion from OUR CPP fund for affordable housing yet we have Veterans dying on our streets in Canada!! You GIVE Jordan ARMY $2 Billion for a new road!!! You, Trudeau, GAVE the Clinton Foundation $20 Million of taxpayer money…..FOR WHAT AGAIN??? Yet you just can’t find the money for the men and women… Read more »


Billions of tax payer dollars sent to far off countries that couldn’t care less about us and this is Trudeau’s response? When will people wake up and say “CANADA FIRST!” HOLD THESE PUPPETS TO ACCOUNT!!!

Denise Roy

If you didn’t give all the money to imigrants , and isis , and sending the money over seas you would have plenty to help the Canadians , the vets , the elderly , the homeless , the reserves that don’t have any clean water or good homes to stay in , and oh! Don’t forget the clintons foundation what do they have to do with Canada ? Your unfit to be prime minister , you don’t know what your doing we all want you out . Traitor .

Doug Allen

Trudeau gave away almost 10 billion dollars to Muslim countries in Europe and every one of those countries in turn made a large Donation to the Trudeau Foundation and that is how Trudeau stole millions of Canadian tax dollars by wording it as he gave it to those countries not loned it gave so the people would know that canada would not get it back

Louis Dufour

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has more services and care for veterans. Curiously I just received a decision of refusal of medical examination for the 2nd time this year because I do not suffer from diabetes. I am not entitled to the medical examination required for the eyes. When I have a glaucoma diagnotic my exam is covered if you have diabetes on the other hand

martine tiramani

Trudeau s government (I think father and son)is not Canadian. It s a globalist, Marxist,Islamic gov t. One government,one religion,one humanity enslaved. Canadian veterans need the money,through pension,through jobs etc. Isis is not Canadian military.

Gilbert R Gelineau

We Canadians are all being treated badly (no Respect) We pay for our politicians SINS of not caring for us by overtaxing us into poverty. No nation on earth has the wealth of Canada and is managed so badly by wasting billions not developing energy we have. USA is drilling for oil all over and will be self sufficient this year and wealthy. We are going in opposite direction more taxes because our leaders have no idea what they are doing. America is booming we are sinking.

rita mondal

Shame on you Mr. Justin Trudeau.You don’t deserve this post bus fortunately you got it.


We will stand up with these veterans with ‘Respect’ Why you ask:

“The reasons around the war, the politics, the person’s motivation for enlisting – none of it matters. You should respect a veteran because that’s a person who stood on that wall, looked hell in the eye, and made sure we never had to.”

Disrespect for vets ……is it an elitist attitude that’s beyond borders.


According to The Still Report589, Trudeau kicked the soldiers out from seven Canadian military bases for housing his newly admitted refugees. He paid each of the family around $200,000 for their settlement out of the military spending. This might be one of the reasons he has been cutting real spending on our soldiers.

Lincoln Gee

Where is the full video of this interchange?