WATCH: Canadian Veteran Brock Blaszczyk Confronts Trudeau On Khadr Payment & Betrayal Of Promise Not To Fight Vets In Court

Every Canadian needs to see this video.

During an Edmonton Town Hall, brave Canadian Veteran former Corporal Brock Blaszczyk confronted Justin Trudeau with questions that need to be answered.

Blaszczyk – who lost a leg in Afghanistan – told Trudeau “I was prepared to be killed in action. What I wasn’t prepared for, Mr. Prime Minister, is Canada turning it’s back on me.”

Blaszczyk asked Trudeau why he was fighting Veterans in court, yet gave $10.5 million to Omar Khadr without even forcing him to step into a courtroom.

Watch the powerful moment below:

All Canadians need to see this video.

It’s a horrible disgrace how our Veterans are being treated, and Justin Trudeau’s pathetic answers can’t change the disturbing truth: Trudeau finds money for everything else (including billions for foreign countries), yet pretends the money has run out when it comes to supporting our Veterans.

He’s thrown the bravest Canadians under the bus, while people who hate our country get massively rewarded.

It’s a betrayal of those who put everything on the line for all of us, and that betrayal must end.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

For more videos exposing what is happening in our nation under the corrupt Trudeau government, visit the YouTube Channel of Canadian Patriot Steeper33.

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