WATCH: The Doug Ford Rally For Ontario

“People across Ontario are suffocating under the weight of high taxes and big government,” said Ford at the high-energy rally with over 1,500 in attendance.

At a huge rally, Ontario PC Leadership candidate Doug Ford pledged to oppose the carbon tax, fix outrageously high energy costs, and return power to the people of Ontario.

Ford’s rally for Ontario showcased his focus on the key issues facing the province, and his alignment with what core Conservative voters are demanding – a clear contrast between Kathleen Wynne’s elitist big government policies, and a low tax, small government agenda based on putting money back in the pockets of taxpayers.

In his remarks, Ford directly challenged Justin Trudeau on the carbon tax:

“I will not support policies & taxes that make life more expensive. I am not going to introduce a Carbon Tax and if the Prime Minister tries to make us, well in the words of his father “just watch me.”’

He also ripped the failed Wynne government for being out of touch:

“You shouldn’t have to choose between heating and eating. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks to see a doctor. You shouldn’t have to be away from your family because you’re stuck in traffic. Wynne’s government is out of touch with the real hardships our people face.”

Watch Doug Ford’s full rally for Ontario speech below:

After the rally, Ford retweeted messages of support from Ontarians, and messages from the rally:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thanks Spencer for keeping us all informed and up to date with your perceptive articles on critical current events important to all Canadians. We really value your unbiased investigative reporting.


Hi Mr. Spencer Fernando,

As always, thanks for your timely reporting of current matters, and your insights are really appreciated!


At times, Spencer seems so far ahead of the general media that I wouldn’t be surprised some get their news stories from this site.

Support Spencer and kick in few dollars or even subscribe. I donate what I can. Wish I could do more.