POLL: Canadians Oppose Far-Left Scheme To Erase Sir John A. Macdonald

Far-left SJW’s want Canada’s first Prime Minister to be erased from buildings and national landmarks, but a new poll shows fewer than 1/3rd agree.

Politically-correct social justice warriors often seem to have lots of influence.

Yet, whenever their schemes are put to the test of public opinion, it turns out that a clear majority of Canadians oppose them.

That’s certainly the case when it comes to far-left efforts to remove Canada’s first Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald’s name from buildings and landmarks across the country.

According to a Forum Research poll, just 28% support the removal, while 44% want his name to stay. Another 26% say they don’t have an opinion either way.

Canadian history must be defended

Everywhere we look, we can see that far-left social justice warriors (supported by the elites), are trying to erase Canada’s history and national identity.

They refuse to see that we can acknowledge both the good and the bad of our national founders, without erasing them from history.

In keeping with their effort to make Canada a “post-national state,” the elites want to judge every historical figure by the standards of today, and erase symbols of our past.

Yet, if we erase our past, we will also erase our national recognition of the chain of events that made Canada what we are today, and we will erase our ability to understand our present and our future.

We must not let that happen. We must protect our history and our national identity from those who want to destroy it.

Spencer Fernando

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