REPORT: Doug Ford Endorsed By MPP Raymond Cho

Scarborough-Rouge River MPP Raymond Cho endorses Ford as the Ontario PC Party leadership race heats up.

With Caroline Mulroney entering the Ontario PC leadership race, candidate Doug Ford got a boost of momentum.

Ford was endorsed by Scarborough-Rouge River MPP Raymond Cho.

Cho was a City Councillor before being elected as an MPP.

In a Twitter statement, Cho said the following:

“We need a proven leadership that can win seats, not only in the traditional PC ridings, also in Toronto. After discussions with many people in #srr, this morning I met with Doug Ford and offered my endorsement as the leader of #pcpo. #FordNation #onpoli #ScarbTO”

Cho’s statement makes a point that is likely to be heavily repeated by the Ford campaign.

Despite the establishment elites attempt to dismiss Doug Ford, he (like Rob Ford), was able to win a lot of support in the suburban Toronto areas that are key to victory in the next provincial election.

While establishment figures like Hudak and John Tory failed to win those suburban ridings, Doug Ford received many votes in those communities in the past mayoral campaign – which could provide a decisive advantage in efforts to defeat the terrible Kathleen Wynne government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Brilliant endorsement! The upcoming Ontario Election is not only going to be an interesting one to watch, but critical to the future of Ontario and ultimately Canada.