VIRTUE SIGNALLING: Trudeau Interrupts Young Woman At Town Hall, Tells Her To Say “Peoplekind” Instead Of “Mankind”

He never misses a chance to prove he’s the biggest virtue-signaller of them all.

At a Town Hall, Justin Trudeau was asked a very thoughtful question by a young woman in the audience.

When she concluded her question, she talked about “the future of mankind.”

Unbelievably, Trudeau then interrupted her, and ‘corrected’ her.

The self-proclaimed feminist interrupted the young woman and said, “actually, we like to say people-kind, not necessiraly man-kind.”

I wish this was a joke.

But it’s real.

Watch the moment below:

What a fool.

This is one of the most blatant examples of virtue-signalling, and the fact that Trudeau’s mind went there first is unbelievable.

Instead of being respectful, he saw a chance to arrogantly boost his own self-image (in his mind), so he interrupted the young woman to demonstrate how ‘woke’ he is.

Of course in Trudeau’s case, woke = joke.

Canada deserves far better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Tanya Gaw

Sorry…but I just can’t help it…he’s an idiot…”peoplekind”….that’s not even a word. Humankind yes…but peoplekind…what joke.

Mankind is a perfectly acceptable word…


Mankind is MAN and WoMAN.

Moe Somers

Too funny! Do you think he knows what a Webster’s dictionary is? or a Thesaurus book of words?
Webster’s dictionary, 1300 pgs. given over to the A-Z vocabulary. There is NO such word as “people-kind.” It is bad enough he makes-up his own rules of law as PM. Canadians are now supposed to use his made-up words!

Dave Bainard

Maybe Jr and his followers can be described as asexual like a bad fungi or yeast infection.

Maureen Henderson

He definitely is very mentally ill, someone should have him committed.he doesn’t even know how people are laughing at him behind his back. Very sick.


100% agree, this fool is not a joke. If he has any advisors he is either not listening to them, or they are just as idiotic. My guess is the former. His narcissism and arrogance, he believes he is above advice. Manchild


Yes, I have been saying if for a while, Trudeau is mentally incompetent and is unable to his the office of PM.
He is not a “man kind”, neither a “people kind”. Really out of place.

Norbert Kausen

He just becomes a bigger and BIGGER PUTZ!!! Keep goung Trudeau.. you will be so abhorred, you will find yourself into negative numbers in approval rating!

Norbert Kausen

…going… keep going, Trudeau…


wtf??? sock boy has lost it… mandatory drug testing now!

wayne reid

You mean peopleatory drug testing don’t you. Ha Ha.

Dave Hiller

This reminds me of myself when I was in high school or actually younger. Who does this as an adult in a public form?
There are so many questions about this Prime Minister and his ability to lead effectively and intelligently – this is just one more piece of his character. One thing if the person he interrupted and “corrected” had been a white middle-aged white man but….seriously?
So this is who replaced Steven Harper so Canada could have a “change”?


PLEASE,… IS ANYONE OUT THERE……This guy,… Trudeau,… is not representing what Canadians want,…
LISTEN,…. this lady had a good question…. forget the stupid rhetoric,…..
I’m going to just put it in a nut shell… “what an idiot !!!!

don morris

“Peoplekind”! It’s like we have steeped through the looking glass with Alice and are in the Underland,only question is which character is Trudeau,the Red Queen or Humpty-Dumpty.

Stacia Escalante

“we” – is that the Royal “we”? or the Elite “we”? Who is the “we” that prefers to speak to Canadians as though they were 2nd graders? What arrogance! What narcissism!

bob germaney

at least we can be sure the whole world is getting to know about him, and wont be invited any where

Clive Edwards

I didn’t know the effects of the psychedelic drugs his father took could be passed on to the son. I have a diploma in theatre and I wouldn’t take drama lessons from this goof.


” we like people to say” WE? WE? Who the heck does he think he is, the Queen? “WE” for God’s sake? Not only does he consider himself Royalty but now the keeper of the English language. No wonder world leaders think he is a joke. What an embarrassment. Without any doubt whatsoever he is the world champion selfie queen but he sure isn’t anything close to royalty except maybe a royal pain in the a$$. Keep up with the townhall comedy routines. Every time you open your mouth you certify your lack of intelligence and class. Keep it up,… Read more »

Chris vrecko

There are no words for his stupidity.


His people-kind friends (Morneau) are down at the globalist Bildenberg Club meeting deciding how to use our money and rule us, they are worried about the “populous” movement and Trump etc .and Trudeau is lonely he didn’t get to go so he is making up new words for the “populous” people-kind that elected him.


Trudeau is pandering to the same lot who starting trying to remove the word “man” or ” men” decades ago. Ie. Canada was the laughing stock when at the ISO conference, our scientists were told that they couldn’t say ” fishermen” anymore either out loud or in their scientific research papers …or else!! The correct new’politically correct term is “fishers” .Well…the world laughed at us! Especially since there are actual animals named ‘fishers’. Then the team of language cleaners cobtinued with theie purge. Now they are still at it by trying to remove ‘thy sons’ command from the national anthem.… Read more »


I say keep it coming, Justin. Your foolish posturing is serving our purposes quite nicely.


He’s beyond vapid. Trudeau’s got to go!


Trudeau is a bad mannered, rude, ignorant dictator!!


The PM is very much hung up on his gender language. I have wondered why so I looked at all the PM’s available tweets (since April 2017) to see if I could spot any trends. I captured all tweets with the terms (and variations of) men, women, girls, and boys and tallied them up. I did not capture any gender-neutral tweets like parent or children (or peoplekind!), which did occur and so some of the PMs tweets were fair to both genders. The PM tweeted encouragement and support specifically about girls (or girls and women) 27 times regarding their education,… Read more »


Getting more and more tired of being told how to think and act all the time .
Especially from a moron .
He s got the intellect of a brain washed college teen.

Richard E Furlong

Such an embarrassing politi-cultural lib cuck. So should we all now replace the word ‘man’- with people. Compound words are included, ‘woman’ for example would be changed to the word ‘wopeoplekind’ and ‘manipulate would now be changed to ‘peoplekindipulate’ with the syllable accent on dip.

This ‘royal we’ decree by #DoucheBagKind applies to both official languages in Canada – English & French. Canada only has a linguistic diversity of 200 unofficial languages, so it shouldn’t be too confusing. All subjects are however expected to comply with Jr’s correct-speak.


Dr. Jordan Peterson said it well with the whole ze/zer compelled speech fiasco which is now law. Of course language changes over time, it has to, but it has to be organic and make sense. While we all can plainly see Trudeau has been working overtime trying to change our language, I see a lot of his shenanigans flying as well as a lead balloon with the general public. Trudeau is being humiliated in the media big time today and the “peoplekind” video has gone viral so everyone is going to see how loony he is (no offense to loons… Read more »


Everyone knows Mankind means every human being except this dictator .


Trudeau is pandering to the fascist-Feminists who hate any word with ‘man’, ‘ men’ or ‘ son’ in it and have been purging the Canadian-English language of words which contain them….ie. fisherman,fireman, ( fire person) . Forget about Webster’s dictionary….we’ll need a Trudeau’s Politically Correct Canadian English dictionary.


Darren, loved it good work! Yes this is so correct, my son also pointed this type of thing out to me I finally saw the light. Why do these pendulums always swing too far and then they are way too stupid, about so many things. There are more men in the world than women, one, and two, I love my son, and brothers, and men in general usually, just like girls, boys need all our respect and equality, we desperately need real men and women equally but differently, and whether or not our asexual government knows it there are real… Read more »


Great comment Nancy. Sounds like you have a great family too, which matters most at the end of the day. Cheers


Yeah, most posters here have summed up the lunacy of our current PM. He is typical of being a liberal or a ‘progressive’ in that he has a LACK OF TRUE SELF AWARENESS! Just rambling on in a word salad of virtuistic nonsense. I note also his use of structure too as he now says in discussions regarding people the words, ” Women and Men” unlike how 99.9999999% of all people who are sane use the words as “Men and Women”. It’s all just over the top virtue signalling. Men and women like Trudeau cannot seem to help themselves. It’s… Read more »


Well said!


‘Newspeak’ enforced by turdo & libtards.
Trudeau is an idiot & EVIL, so are leftists who are being used by globalists to their end.


He’s doing it because he’s taking away our freedom of speech M103

Diana Barron

Boy did they ever have THIS out on Fox this morning. Even had a very respected Canadian author give his opinion on turdeau the moron after replaying the clip for him. Jr. has absolutely turned Canada into a worldwide laughing stock. He’s an idiotic joke and NOT a leader. I haven’t called him “prime minister”, only “Slime or Crime” minister and even then I wanna brush my teeth he’s so repulsive.

Georgina Jones

Turdeau……….tansgender comes to mind