VIRTUE SIGNALLING: Trudeau Interrupts Young Woman At Town Hall, Tells Her To Say “Peoplekind” Instead Of “Mankind”

He never misses a chance to prove he’s the biggest virtue-signaller of them all.

At a Town Hall, Justin Trudeau was asked a very thoughtful question by a young woman in the audience.

When she concluded her question, she talked about “the future of mankind.”

Unbelievably, Trudeau then interrupted her, and ‘corrected’ her.

The self-proclaimed feminist interrupted the young woman and said, “actually, we like to say people-kind, not necessiraly man-kind.”

I wish this was a joke.

But it’s real.

Watch the moment below:

What a fool.

This is one of the most blatant examples of virtue-signalling, and the fact that Trudeau’s mind went there first is unbelievable.

Instead of being respectful, he saw a chance to arrogantly boost his own self-image (in his mind), so he interrupted the young woman to demonstrate how ‘woke’ he is.

Of course in Trudeau’s case, woke = joke.

Canada deserves far better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube