WATCH: Caroline Mulroney’s Video Announcing Run For Ontario PC Leader

Mulroney faces Doug Ford and Christine Elliott in the leadership race.

Caroline Mulroney – the daughter of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney – has officially announced that she will run for the leadership of the Ontario PC Party.

Mulroney has degrees from Harvard and NYU, and has previously worked on Wall Street and as a Toronto financier, in addition to running a charity that provides support for women in shelters.

As noted in a recent report, “Before entering politics, she was vice president of Toronto-based BloombergSen Investment Partners, and previously worked at a venture debt fund.”

The same report noted that Mulroney says she will “scrap” the cap and trade program, though it does not appear clear yet whether she will pledge to eliminate the carbon tax as both Doug Ford and Christine Elliott have.

Mulroney’s announcement video can be seen below:

Establishment support

Caroline Mulroney will certainly gain a lot of establishment elite support, and she already seems to be gaining support among some MPs and MPPs.

However, the perception of establishment backing will also come with a vulnerability. Mulroney will face criticism similar to both Justin Trudeau (famous name), and Michael Ignatieff (time at elitist institutions in the United States).

This could cause many grassroots conservatives to have doubts about her candidacy.

Already, the twitter comments on her announcement video show a large amount of negative opinions so far.

If Mulroney can’t overcome those doubts quickly, it is unlikely that she can defeat Ford and Elliott.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter