WATCH: Caroline Mulroney’s Video Announcing Run For Ontario PC Leader

Mulroney faces Doug Ford and Christine Elliott in the leadership race.

Caroline Mulroney – the daughter of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney – has officially announced that she will run for the leadership of the Ontario PC Party.

Mulroney has degrees from Harvard and NYU, and has previously worked on Wall Street and as a Toronto financier, in addition to running a charity that provides support for women in shelters.

As noted in a recent report, “Before entering politics, she was vice president of Toronto-based BloombergSen Investment Partners, and previously worked at a venture debt fund.”

The same report noted that Mulroney says she will “scrap” the cap and trade program, though it does not appear clear yet whether she will pledge to eliminate the carbon tax as both Doug Ford and Christine Elliott have.

Mulroney’s announcement video can be seen below:

Establishment support

Caroline Mulroney will certainly gain a lot of establishment elite support, and she already seems to be gaining support among some MPs and MPPs.

However, the perception of establishment backing will also come with a vulnerability. Mulroney will face criticism similar to both Justin Trudeau (famous name), and Michael Ignatieff (time at elitist institutions in the United States).

This could cause many grassroots conservatives to have doubts about her candidacy.

Already, the twitter comments on her announcement video show a large amount of negative opinions so far.

If Mulroney can’t overcome those doubts quickly, it is unlikely that she can defeat Ford and Elliott.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Civil Civilian

So by name is the way to go l guess she has the right like anyone else but first let the media vet her the same as they have done to the other cantidates. Two flub a dubs would push Canada over the edge.


I agree with you Civil Civillian. Too bad so many people who want to run, cannot, as they aren’t rich folk who can afford the astronomical fees/membership amounts upfront. This needs to change as there are others who would like a shot (fair one) but not be drained of their bank accounts to do so who are not silvered spooned kids. Sorry but I don’t think she has enough experience to be Premier. My question is she says “her campaign people have been with her since the beginning” When did she start knocking on doors and why are we just… Read more »

Miles Lunn

I think a big thing too will also be what the polls say and whom is most likely to defeat Wynne. Since all three are relatively well known, I am sure there will be a number of polls showing how each would fare in a general election and while some are unhappy at the party’s drift to the centre, the main priority for most PC supporters is to get Wynne out of office and so whomever is best to achieve that is probably whom many will go for. At this point I think any of the three have a decent… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

Yeah… we do NOT need another self-entited off spring to run for office!

Suzanne Normoyle

I will not vote for her because of her last name. I think we got burned enough with Trudeau. These are the elites that don’t have a clue what the middle class are all about. I won’t vote for just because she is a woman neither. Look where that got us with Wynne. My preference right now is Doug Ford just based on the fact that he is against the carbon tax. To me that is a big one. Go Doug Go.


I will not be voting by name, ie: Mulroney. I am conservative but could not stand her father aka Lyin Brian.
I am a Doug Ford fan and that is the way I will cast my ballot.

Moe Somers

Brian Mulroney is not fondly remembered by the 55 and over aged voters. If he and the PC’s of Ontario are hoping the silver-haired boomers are dealing with early onset dementia, Alzheimer’s or other senior-related impairments and won’t remember Mulroney senior, they are mistaken. They do remember the alleged Airbus kickbacks, Mulroney’s lawsuit & win against the Federal gov’t, who in turn gave him millions in taxpayer’s money, and other alleged shenanigans by the then Prime Minister. Many still refer to him as the “most hated Prime Minister” in Canadian history. The baby boomer voters will NOT vote for another… Read more »

don morris

I agree with the comments here, Mulroney has a name conservatives are not in love with,and we don’t need or want another silver spoon baby running our most populous Province. I’d like to see Doug Ford win,he seems the only one who recognizes the harm to the middle class the Liberal government has done. Elliot would be a good candidate as well,and can probably defeat Wynne.

Good luck Ontarians,choose wisely,and whatever you do,boot Wynne out on her a$$.


Canadians don’t forget how they have been treated in the past.
Some names like ‘Mulroney’ just stick in your mind.
We don’t need any more elitists.
The other two are up for votes.

Nahanni Mitchell

She cannot be worse than Wynn or Trudeau. She is better educated and has actually worked in finance. I will forgive her that Brian is her father. I think she is a brilliant choice.