WATCH: Trudeau Still Refuses To Pay Back Taxpayers For $200K In Costs For “Illegal Trip”

In Question Period, Andrew Scheer continues to demand that Justin Trudeau repay the cost of his trip to the Aga Khan’s private island.

Under our corrupt system, those in power are allowed to break all the rules and get away with no punishment at all.

In Justin Trudeau’s case, he was found to have violated federal ethics rules with his trip to the Aga Khan’s private island.

Yet – even though the Ethics Commissioner ruled against him – he wasn’t punished.

He didn’t even get a fine.

That lack of punishment is despite the fact that tons of taxpayers money was spent on the trip – money which should never have been spent on the trip in the first place.

Now, the Conservatives are fighting to get Trudeau to pay back the $200K owed to taxpayers.

Andrew Scheer has been relentless during Question Period, repeatedly demanded that Trudeau – who can easily afford it – pays the money back, and made that demand again today:

Unsurprisngly, Trudeau has repeatedly refused to pay back the money.

Instead, he has pathetically tried to play the victim, accusing the Conservatives of launching “personal attacks,” – even though all they’re saying is the truth.

Clearly, Trudeau sees himself as entitled to taxpayer money, and has contempt for the Canadian people who created that money in the first place.

He thinks we work for him, rather than the other way around.

His arrogance must be defeated in 2019, or he will get even more detached and entitled than he is today.

Spencer Fernando

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don morris

“Under our corrupt system, those in power are allowed to break all the rules and get away with no punishment at all.” You have to understand,Fernando,that the punishment is the tremendous guilt Trudeau feels at having broken the rules,which I’m sure will weigh heavily on his conscience. It’s no surprise Trudeau is contemptuous of us, his Dad who raised him was extremely contemptuous of us and undoubtedly passed that on to his sons. The initial adulation that credulous Canadians felt for Trudeau is rapidly dissipating,for many good reasons, not the least of which is his arrogance and attitude that he… Read more »


Canadians should DEMAND that this Thief pay back Canadian Tax Payers for his Unethical, Illegal Trip to Billionaire’s Island. $215,000.00 is a lot of money and could help a few of our Veterans, who have put their Lives on the Line and are not being paid for what they are Owed and Promised by the Corrupt, Lying Liberal Party. When Taxpayers make an error on their Taxes, they are Forced by this Government to Pay Back any Money Owed with a Penalty! Trudeau is NOT above the Law and Canadian Taxpayers should be paid back for the money owed by… Read more »


The Opposition should demand that the Speaker charge Trudeau with contempt of and contempt for Parliament, the Opposition, Canada, Canadians and Canadian Law.

He swore an oath when he accepted the position of PM and he is constantly violating it. Contempt.

“Like,” “Um,” and “Ah” are Credibility Killers. They also show a disconnect between thought processes and speech control. Sometimes not treatable and possibly from drug use.


Not to mention that he meet and had a lengthly yalk with John Kerry there. Was this truly a Christmas vacation or a pretense for some other meet-up.


Andrew is ok at this but where is pierre Polievre ? He’s the pit bull !


why should our self anointed dictator have to pay it back? (for liberals, this is sarcasm)

J Parker

‘Illegal’ in the same degree that a speeding or snow route parking is ‘illegal’. It is a violation of a regulation. ANY trip by a PM costs money, always. Get a real serious problem and we can talk.


Sophie made the arrangements. Isn’t that what he said at the interview following
decision by Ethics Commissioner. Maybe he’s getting her to pay the tab.
It must be a struggle to be so perfect in your thoughts, words and actions.
Pretty soon we’ll get the agenda he’s planned in his ‘Global’ role a
Ruler of the kingdom or persondom……person dumb whatever