COWARDICE: Trudeau Too Afraid To Even Respond To Scheer’s Demand That He Apologize For Disgusting Comment To Canadian Veteran

When the going gets tough, Justin Trudeau hides and makes somebody else answer questions for him. Pathetic.

Andrew Scheer lit into Justin Trudeau in question period, ripping his disgusting comments to Canadian Brock Blaszczyk.

After Blaszczyk asked how Trudeau could take Veterans to court despite promising not to – while giving Omar Khadr $10.5 million without a court fight – Trudeau said Veterans were “asking for more than we are able to give right now.”

The comments have generated massive outrage among patriotic Canadians, and in Question Period Andrew Scheer demanded that Trudeau apologize.

Instead, not only did Trudeau refuse to apologize, he didn’t even answer the question.

And no, I’m not referring to his usual habit of dodging the question, he literally didn’t even stand up to answer it.

Instead, Trudeau had Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O’Regan answer the question.

It’s an example of gutless cowardice, showing Trudeau to be weak, spineless, dishonest, and a total disgrace to our supposedly democratic system.

After all, the PM is supposed to directly answer questions from the Opposition Leader when they are in Parliament. It’s a foundational principle of our country.

Yet, Trudeau is too afraid to face the music for his repeated disgraceful actions, and as a result he is eroding Canadian democracy and demonstrating his total disloyalty to our nation.

Watch the moment below:

Scheer responded strongly after Trudeau’s cowardly move, summing things up in the following quote:

“Why is it that every time he makes a mistake or says something stupid, he has to leave it to other ministers to defend his answers?”

Because he’s a coward.

Spencer Fernando

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“Slander is the revenge of a coward, and dissimulation his defense”


the answer is simple… trudeau having a majority thinks he is a dictator… when he gets booted an audit needs to be done… my gut says this is just the tip of the iceburg…

Sheelagh Frankland

He is The Emporor’s Clothes. Too important to speak for himself or has the intelligence of a plant


and poor, senseless O Reagan ….falls in the wolf trap …yells, hollers, becomes indignant ??? go ahead puppet …continue


It’s amazing how Trudeau gets away with his crap!

Diana Barron

Turdeau is a gutless puke.


Always Harper’s fault…get over it lieberals

Tim Pedden

Through out History it is Common for TRAITORS to be Spineless COWARDS and TRUDEAU is the BIGGEST COWARD ever

Timothy O'Neil

If you recall after the shooting on Parliament Hill, and it was reported that Prime Minister Harper was protected by his staff, Trudeau said, “My father raised us to step towards trouble rather than step away from it…” So why does Prime Minister Trudeau have someone else defend him.


He has real people defend him because he is afraid he will soil his diapers again. In this case, his keepers keeping him quite will reduce the chances of yet another really stupid ignorant comment filled with um, err, ah,ah, um. It is surprising he doesn’t use = like, yu kmow, like um like ah.

“Fillers” are an indication brain damage or a defect. Often hereditary but might also be a result of drug use or poor diet. Could Maggie have been involved in all three?


I don’t believe Trudeau’s father said that! It’s one of his memorized Daddy fake quotes he has fabricated and memorized…….fake as he is.


It’s about respect?? How many friggin loaves of bread or ripoff Liberal power bills can a veteran pay with respect? This from a passenger on that illegal trip to an exotic island. I wonder what his / her share is?

Trudeau is a filthy coward.

The Opposition needs to clarify with the Speaker exactly which of the Liberal Government is going to be the Prime Minister on any particular day. Canadians need to know who is not going to provide an intelligent answer.


Prime Minister = Well done padre
Well at least he didn’t blame it on Sophie this time.

He can never answer direct, is there a problem understanding
the questions or maybe he needs to reorder the response.

What grade did he teach before this job??
1. When a criminal goes down the steps.
2. Showing arrogance or superiority


This is a magnificent backfire in Justin’s face. He spends time on these “town halls” to give himself an excuse to escape from the fiery scrutiny of the House of Commons. He was just looking for friends and people to applaud him. But now he’s stuck like a pig in an old barbed-wire fence; he now can’t go out to these “town halls” without people expecting him to say absurdities, and he can’t permanently avoid the House of Commons either. Oh, and he can’t avoid both by going to international conferences all the time either, because then he’ll be caught… Read more »

Dennis Garrett

The questions about Trudeau teaching are a fabrication, like he is. He taught nothing, had no credentials and was nothing more than an instructor at the most and his qualifications there were questionable to say the least!