INSULT: Trudeau Compares Italian, Greek, & Portuguese Communities To Returning ISIS Fighters

In an effort to dodge a legitimate question, Trudeau insulted millions of Canadians.

As his town hall stupidity continues, Justin Trudeau was asked by a Canadian man how he would keep Canada safe from returning ISIS fighters.

The man asked a clear question, asking Trudeau how his stance on ISIS would help Canadians in any way, saying “I need to know how you’re going to protect future Canadians like my young daughter 10, 15, 20 years from now when you’re letting people in with an ideology that just does not conform to what we’re doing here.”

It was a good question, a clear question, and a question obviously focused on Trudeau’s refusal to eliminate ISIS fighters overseas and instead dangerously risk the lives of Canadians by “reintegrating” them into Canada – something even his own public safety minister doesn’t believe in.

However, when it came time to answer it, Trudeau totally dodged the substance of the question, and then made a disgraceful and insulting comparison.

Trudeau started talking about refugees, even mentioning the Italian, Greek, and Portuguese community. He tried to make a comparison of past attitudes towards those communities, and then apparently link those attitudes to returning ISIS fighters.

In doing so, Trudeau insulted millions of Canadians.

Watch the moment below:

The fact that he would compare great Canadian communities to evil barbaric terrorists is despicable.

It’s a slap in the face to a huge part of our country, and shows Trudeau’s seriously sick mindset.

Someone who can’t see the difference between the Italian, Greek, and Portuguese communities vs returning ISIS fighters obviously lacks the basic judgement and common sense to hold high office.

What a disgrace to our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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