VIDEO: Canadians Continue Protests Against Trudeau For Spreading ‘Hijab Hoax’

The elitist media has provided very little coverage of the ongoing protests, even as many Canadians continue demanding that Justin Trudeau apologize for spreading a fake story that falsely implicated an ‘Asian’ man in a non-existent crime.

While the establishment does their best to ignore them, many Canadians are continuing to protest against Justin Trudeau, demanding that he “stop discrimination” and apologize for his role spreading the hijab hoax.

When the ‘hijab attack’ story first started spreading, Justin Trudeau immediately commented on social media and in a press conference, which played a big role in making the story go viral around the world.

However, Trudeau apparently didn’t care that the story was unconfirmed, and didn’t seem to care about the impact of it implicating an ‘Asian’ man.

Instead of waiting for the facts, Trudeau saw an opportunity for virtue-signalling, at the expense of many Canadians.

And yet, when the ‘attack’ was revealed as a hoax, Trudeau released an arrogant statement that took no responsibility for his role spreading it, and refused to apologize.

That refusal to apologize has caused anger to grow across the nation, particularly among many Canadians from an Asian background.

As a result, protests continued this weekend in Vancouver and Windsor.

It seems Trudeau’s ‘respect’ for diversity only applies to certain groups, and his refusal to apologize is showing a profound disrespect on his part.

Additionally, Trudeau is dividing Canadians for his own selfish political gain, abdicating the true responsibility of a leader to bring their nation together.

That’s why all Canadians should stand against Trudeau, and stand with those who are demanding the respect that all Canadians deserve.

Watch a video and see photos of the continuing protests below, and help share this story so people can see what’s really happening in our country.

Spencer Fernando

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