VIDEO: Canadians Continue Protests Against Trudeau For Spreading ‘Hijab Hoax’

The elitist media has provided very little coverage of the ongoing protests, even as many Canadians continue demanding that Justin Trudeau apologize for spreading a fake story that falsely implicated an ‘Asian’ man in a non-existent crime.

While the establishment does their best to ignore them, many Canadians are continuing to protest against Justin Trudeau, demanding that he “stop discrimination” and apologize for his role spreading the hijab hoax.

When the ‘hijab attack’ story first started spreading, Justin Trudeau immediately commented on social media and in a press conference, which played a big role in making the story go viral around the world.

However, Trudeau apparently didn’t care that the story was unconfirmed, and didn’t seem to care about the impact of it implicating an ‘Asian’ man.

Instead of waiting for the facts, Trudeau saw an opportunity for virtue-signalling, at the expense of many Canadians.

And yet, when the ‘attack’ was revealed as a hoax, Trudeau released an arrogant statement that took no responsibility for his role spreading it, and refused to apologize.

That refusal to apologize has caused anger to grow across the nation, particularly among many Canadians from an Asian background.

As a result, protests continued this weekend in Vancouver and Windsor.

It seems Trudeau’s ‘respect’ for diversity only applies to certain groups, and his refusal to apologize is showing a profound disrespect on his part.

Additionally, Trudeau is dividing Canadians for his own selfish political gain, abdicating the true responsibility of a leader to bring their nation together.

That’s why all Canadians should stand against Trudeau, and stand with those who are demanding the respect that all Canadians deserve.

Watch a video and see photos of the continuing protests below, and help share this story so people can see what’s really happening in our country.

Spencer Fernando

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I thinks it is a shame for Canadians everywhere that the un elitist liberal agenda dividing our country are still in power with no one that can make them step down. We need the laws changed everyone is equal so we can all stand together and make Canada fair, honest, and strong, with everyone for Canada included so we leave no Canadian behind or left out. There should be laws to make this Canadian hating government leave for all their unethical actions, selling us out with our own borrowed money.


Nancy, Trudeau is above the law and has made himself bigger than God. He is the evilest, destructive, despicable human in Canada. He is totally destroying one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Can nothing stop this man?. I have never felt so much fear for our country. Something has to be done and like you, I don’t understand how he gets away with the things he does. Laws need to be in place to deal with Traitors like him.


Dr. Peterson is right saying Trudeau is an ideologue. At this point, because of his empty rhetoric and countless contradictions, he’s boxed himself into a tight corner and has few options to change course. It will be interesting to see what the next poll looks like. The CPC better repeal all the bad legislation the Liberals enact when they take office next election.


Our Canadian media have deliberately and intentionally filtered news from Britain and Europe. They are selective about what they think we should be told, particularly when it involves Muslims and the organized invasion of those countries. Either following orders or they are terrified of “offending” someone. European police and media have been ordered to falsify reports involving Muslim invaders and their atrocities by substituting “Asian” for Muslim. Asian rape gangs instead of Muslim, Asian acid attacks, Asian stabbings, Asian rapes, Asians attacking police, Asian no-go zones. Wake up, Canada it isn’t “Asians” that belong to Trudeau’s ISIS friends, it is… Read more »


Your damn right. Canada never had threats like this or fear to speak our minds until this influx’s of people came to our country. Trudeau is hated by many, but nothing fizzes this Traitor because he believe’s he above the law and bigger than God.

A.A. Burley

Yes and we should continue to remind ourselves every day by tweeting about this numbskull.

Ron Voss

“And yet, when the ‘attack’ was revealed as a hoax, Trudeau released an arrogant statement that took no responsibility for his role spreading it, and refused to apologize.” Even worse, he described the HOAX as an example of “the pattern or trend lines that we’re seeing is … one of those warning signs about intolerance,” and continued to scold Canadians for their supposed ‘intolerance’, saying, that the incident reminds “people that we are a country that defends freedom of religion, defends freedom of expression, defends people’s rights to go to school and not be fearful or harassed is fundamental to… Read more »

Georgina(aka Mops)

TRUDEAU should get out …..he’s a perfect example of the “PETER PRINCIPLE”. He is vain, conceited……great actor, especially with his eyes. I find it hard to believe that he is accepted, and has the title “PRIME MINISTER” of Canada. What a laugh…but a sad one.