WOKE TO JOKE: Trudeau Becomes Object Of Global Ridicule After Peoplekind Virtue-Signalling Backfires

Trudeau wants people to take him seriously. But after his insanely stupid virtue-signalling, that’s asking for a lot more than we’re able to give right now.

Justin Trudeau is a big time globalist.

And yet, we can be sure that he’s not happy about the global attention he’s getting right now.

After he took virtue-signalling to new depths by interrupting a young woman who said “mankind” and telling her to say “peoplekind,” Trudeau has been subject to massive global ridicule.

Here’s a sample:


That’s just a small taste of the massive global ridicule after Trudeau’s “peoplekind” comment.

Once again, the more Trudeau talks, the more he reveals himself as a total fool. While he focuses on telling people what to say, Canada is facing real problems that aren’t being addressed. As more Canadians wake up to his total failure as a leader, even some of his global audience is having massive doubts.

Even on the global stage he once thought he excelled on, Justin Trudeau is going from “woke to joke”.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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