CORRUPTION: Trudeau Liberals Vote AGAINST Motion For MPs To Repay Illegal Expenses

In a move that will further confirm the perception that the government is totally corrupt, the Trudeau Liberals are now on the record voting against a motion calling on MPs to pay back illegal expenses.

In a disturbing move, the Trudeau Liberals actually voted against a motion that called on MPs to repay illegal expenses, instead deciding to keep forcing taxpayers to pay for illegal activity by the corrupt government elites.

Watch what happened in the video below:

This is an astounding moment, as voting for the motion would have been the easiest thing in the world.

Of course, because Justin Trudeau (who arrogantly thinks he’s a king entitled to our tax dollars) is refusing to pay back $200K in expenses from his Aga Khan “vacation,” his party is now on the side of those who want to show contempt and disrespect for Canadian taxpayers.

Here’s what Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said on Facebook before and after the vote:


“Voting right now in Parliament: Canada’s Conservatives believe elected officials should be held accountable for breaking the law and violating the public trust. Our motion is simple, any MP who breaks the law must reimburse taxpayers for the costs of their illegal activity, including the Prime Minister. Will Justin Trudeau pay it back? Watch and see if the Liberals will vote for accountability.”


“Incredible. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals just voted NO to our Motion that MPs have to repay expenses from illegal activity. They clearly believe there is one set of rules for Canadians, and another set of rules for Justin Trudeau and his friends.”

By voting against this motion, the Trudeau Liberals have ended any pretense they had of “openness and transparency” (both of which they abandoned from the beginning).

They are now permanently tied to a culture of corruption, dishonesty, and total deception. They believe that we taxpayers exist only to provide money for their schemes and their whims, and that arrogant, elitist, and corrupt attitude must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

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well the proof is in the vote …Thank you Mr Scheer at least YOU did the right thing…we are led by a bunch of crooks

Glen Bailey

Well,did we really need the vote? I think not.They should not only repay,but should be fined and prosecuted to the full extent of the law like ” ordinary folk”.I just can’t wait until the next election and a liberal candidate comes to my door!


as you took the word of my mouth i totally agree ,whit your statement.


Yes he and his entire party of bandits campaigned that the Conservatives were all CRIMINALS!

Jordan Bell

DW has it right there. When you all stop belittling the other side and realize that it’s not a party that’s corrupt, it’s the whole system, then maybe we can move forward as a society.

Allis Chalmers

I dont understand why people are so appalled by the liberal govt taking this stance. The liberal govt has a history of corruption so they are now making it legal to be corrupt. If this country never sees a liberal govt again we should be so fortunate.


like every other party out there friend. They are corrupt. How soon we forgot about Harper and Duffy, or the “scandals” of every PM over the past several decades. Mulroney to Cretian.. they all got rich illegally and screwing over the country.

Nolan Diamond

What did PM Harper do that was illegal, to rip off the taxpayers or to become rich? The Harpers payed for their own food, at the PM’s residence. Rich, trust fund child Trudeau, has no problem having taxpayers pay, for 2 child care workers etc. What does his wife do with cooks, house keepers, chauffeur’s? Duffy’s problems, had nothing to do with PM Harper.

Timothy Hickey

Was this a WHIPPED vote? If it was, then the case to be made for FREE and Un-Whipped Votes is confirmed! Majority Governments in recent years have used the WHIP to bring partisans in line with the WILL of the Cabinet! This does not serve the democratic will of the PEOPLE! If this vote had been FREE, then the Leadership of the Canadian People would have been respected! My hunch ~ the Will of a REAL MAJORITY of Canadians would demand repayment or resignation in any case where money has been inappropriately used! We need a huge change in government… Read more »

Clive Edwards

There was a time not so long ago when it was assumed any politician from Quebec was corrupt. Just as that thinking begins to fade along comes Trudeau2. Of course Quebec is no longer the most corrupt province – recent Liberal and NDP governments have bestowed that dishonor on British Columbia. Still, the only absolutely unshakably honest politician I have ever encountered is Doug Christie. The West wants out from under this suffocating blanket of theft and corruption.


Well, one thing is for certain, this is definitely Not a government of the people. This is a government of the elitists, corrupt to the core. Canadians need to make sure their voices are heard in 2019, and this disputable bunch sent to the dust bin of history nebr to be heard from again!

Moe Somers

Okay, BABY BOOMER voters WAKE-UP!!! Now you know where and how YOUR past and future hard-earned dollars and taxes are going. Just in time for Trudeau & his team of crooks to start-up, the Challenger plane engines AGAIN, first class seats & accommodation, to the United States and later this month to India. Boomers, you better hope these crooks DON’T start dipping into the CANADA PENSION PLAN.

Donald O'Kane

These political thieves HAVE been dipping into the CPP ever sinc Communist Pierre Trudeau got into office the first time. The CPP has already been decimated!!

Chris vrecko

Are any of these reports put in the newspapers across the country. It is needed along with comments. Canadians who watch Canadian news and read Canadian newspapers are not being made aware of the gross errors in this libtard govt. and they need to be. Our media is like the hater media in the states.

Faith cook

Its a shame that as citizens, we cantoust trudeau with a non confidence vote.
He is without a shadow of doubt, the worst prime minister this country has ever had. I thought his father & then Chretien were bad.
This kid outshines them all in the baddie department!

Nolan Diamond

Left wing politicians have degrading policies & why would the liberal party choose nice hair Trudeau? Is that the best they could find? Wake up liberal voters, unless you support open borders & increasing carbon tax’s, etc. The cost of living is high enough, wake up people.


are there any checks and balances to toss dishonest leaders out on their asses?

don morris

No. The politicians would never allow that. It’s a big happy club on Parliament Hill,with MP’s laughing and joking together while lunching,then they go into the House and pretend they aren’t friends and members of the same club. I have always been against altering our system of elections from first past the post, but over the last few years,when it has become SO obvious they’re one big happy political family up there, I’m beginning to re-think my stance. Perhaps a House of all Independents would be better but then it might take years to pass the simplest Bill as everyone… Read more »

Nolan Diamond

Trash Trudeau 2019, if you care about Canada.

Margaret Patterson

If we didn’t know before we know it now. The Liberals believe that they are above the law . If they take this stand on such an easy issue to resolve. God help us for the more difficult situations that arise. If they can openly steal from hard working Canadians what chance do we have.


I’m not paying my taxes this year. I just don’t have enough money to pay for his holidays at this time.


Time to drain the swamp.


Unbelievable! Really! Can you imagine what would happen to any ordinary citizen that illegally took money in any way, shape or form? We would be prosecuted to the extent of the law! How do they get to vote on themselves? That should be a law put into effect now, how do we ever win against anything if “they” get to vote like that? Well if Trudeau wanted to be more popular to the actual people that voted him in, he got what he wanted, he is now the most popular prime minister to despise! I want to know how his… Read more »


How can you vote against something like this? I guess they think we don’t notice, or are too stupid to know what it means.


Here’s what your liberals put in place. A global deal put in place to turn Canada into a state of zombies while China reaps the benefits. Treason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wake up Canada, or are you all too dependent on your narcotics to know the difference.

William Jones

I believe the correct and proper words for this spectacle are theft and greed.

William Jones

Typically Liberal and typically Trudeau. What else needs to be said? Theft is theft.

just wanna know

I don’t remember this happening. Seems very important for Canadians to know.

Marvin Burwash

Prime Minister Trudeau should’ve been in jail along time ago” in Canada we have a deep state the same as the United States they get to do what they want when they want and that’s never going to change Canada is done it’s a different country now and it’s only gonna get worse You could probably complain stomp your feet right all the letters joining In all the votes To have them charged and nothing but nothing happens