CORRUPTION: Trudeau Liberals Vote AGAINST Motion For MPs To Repay Illegal Expenses

In a move that will further confirm the perception that the government is totally corrupt, the Trudeau Liberals are now on the record voting against a motion calling on MPs to pay back illegal expenses.

In a disturbing move, the Trudeau Liberals actually voted against a motion that called on MPs to repay illegal expenses, instead deciding to keep forcing taxpayers to pay for illegal activity by the corrupt government elites.

Watch what happened in the video below:

This is an astounding moment, as voting for the motion would have been the easiest thing in the world.

Of course, because Justin Trudeau (who arrogantly thinks he’s a king entitled to our tax dollars) is refusing to pay back $200K in expenses from his Aga Khan “vacation,” his party is now on the side of those who want to show contempt and disrespect for Canadian taxpayers.

Here’s what Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said on Facebook before and after the vote:


“Voting right now in Parliament: Canada’s Conservatives believe elected officials should be held accountable for breaking the law and violating the public trust. Our motion is simple, any MP who breaks the law must reimburse taxpayers for the costs of their illegal activity, including the Prime Minister. Will Justin Trudeau pay it back? Watch and see if the Liberals will vote for accountability.”


“Incredible. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals just voted NO to our Motion that MPs have to repay expenses from illegal activity. They clearly believe there is one set of rules for Canadians, and another set of rules for Justin Trudeau and his friends.”

By voting against this motion, the Trudeau Liberals have ended any pretense they had of “openness and transparency” (both of which they abandoned from the beginning).

They are now permanently tied to a culture of corruption, dishonesty, and total deception. They believe that we taxpayers exist only to provide money for their schemes and their whims, and that arrogant, elitist, and corrupt attitude must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

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