REPORT: Soros Funding Campaign To Reverse Brexit

Soros continues to interfere in the political systems of other countries.

Reuters is reporting that George Soros has given £400,000 to a campaign attempting to reverse the democratic will of British voters, and hold a second campaign to reverse Brexit.

Soros – one of the most powerful globalists on earth – opposes efforts by national populations to assert control over their own country, and wants everything centralized. It’s an anti-freedom agenda, which Soros hides behind words like “open society.”

As noted by Reuters, “Indeed through his foundations he has contributed £400,000,” Malloch-Brown, who has previously worked in senior positions at the United Nations and Britain’s foreign ministry, said in a statement emailed to Reuters. Best for Britain aims to halt Brexit and secure a rerun of the 2016 referendum on EU membership. Soros’s contributions to the group were first reported in the Daily Telegraph newspaper.”

In the referendum, a clear majority of British voters wanted to leave the EU, yet Soros is meddling in the UK political system in an attempt to subvert democracy.

Canada is not immune to foreign interference

Soros has interfered in politics around the world, including here in Canada. Through the Soros-funded Tides Foundation, far-left activists attempt to poison the minds of Canadians and turn them against our home-grown Canadian energy industry.

During the 2015 election, Tides also gave money to organizations in Canada seeking to influence public opinion in our country.

It’s a disturbing level of interference in our country, designed to weaken us politically and economically from the inside in order to pave the way for globalism.

Justin Trudeau is a willing supporter of that dangerous globalist agenda, and has even talked about making Canada a “post-national state.”

Just like in the UK, Canadians need to be aware that the globalists want to interfere with our democracy and steal power away from the Canadian people, and we must stand up for our national independence and freedom to decide our own future.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Chris vrecko

He’said a SOB and he has trudum in his right pocket. Until we ditch both of them Canada will continue it’seems downward trend.


Spencer always says it so well. Soros is anti- freedom preferring to use the term ‘open society.’ He wants a single elite government. You would think his disrespect for diversity of national governments would rub Trudeau the wrong way but no. Our PM is an opportunistic hypocrite with a strong dictatorial bent. Soros has almost taken down the UK. The Brexit choice must be implemented before he takes down Elizabeth May’s government. He will then power up his efforts to elminate democracy in Canada or Australia.

Eleanor Merkus

I agree wholeheartedly with you, Spenser. George Soros must somehow be stopped from funding actions in Canada. We are intelligent people and can make up our own minds with interference. Too bad many are sucked into to the globalist agenda financed by him. Could we not have a law against foreign influence?

alan skelhorne

this is the reason for someone to look into the trudeau foundation, wheteher this is true or not, there is no telling how much has been put into it. bewteen clinton n soros, mr. prissypans will be buying this country for himself. then he can be crowned king trudeau, is it false or not, only time will tell.


in 2016, over 535 million dollars poured in to the trudeau foundation from out of country sources… what do they want in return? i am surprised soros has lasted this long, i thought russia wanted him dead or alive or screwing with their economy…


Soros is so evil one wonders why anyone would do business with him, yet
Trudeau has met with him for whatever evil plan.

Lots of information on Soros and The Tide Foundation here:
Search the site for information.


Here is an amazing place to start for information on foreign interference in Canadian politics and resource production. See how Soros is controlling Trudeau and the Liberals at the same time Islamists are manipulating him from within.

Vivian Krause backs up every single statement with facts.