Sign The Petition To Restore “In All Thy Sons Command” In Our National Anthem

Send a clear message to Parliament that O Canada should be restored, and any changes should only be approved in a national referendum.

As we know, the Trudeau government is forcing through changes to our National Anthem – without giving Canadians a voice.

The majority of Canadians oppose changing “In All Thy Sons Command” to “In All Of Us Command,” yet the Trudeau government is politicizing our national anthem by changing it anyway.

The response on social media has been very clear: Canadians are angry about our anthem being changed by the Trudeau government.

That’s why I’ve created a petition demanding that our National Anthem be restored to “In All Thy Sons Command,” and making it clear that any changes to the anthem should only be approved through a national referendum.

Here’s the text of the petition:

Without consulting Canadians, the Trudeau government unilaterally forced a change to our Canadian National Anthem O Canada.

They are changing “In All Thy Sons Command” to “In All Of Us Command.”

Despite numerous polls showing the majority of Canadians oppose this change, the Trudeau government forced it through anyway.

The National Anthem should never be changed without the clear support of the Canadian people, and that could only happen through a national referendum.

By denying Canadians an opportunity to make our voices known, the Trudeau government has shown total disrespect to our country.

That’s why we need to send a clear message to Parliament: Restore “In All Thy Sons Command” in O Canada and guarantee that any future changes can only be approved through a national referendum.

The petition will be sent to the Parliamentary email addresses of Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer.

If you believe our National Anthem should be restored, click the link below to sign the petition, and help it spread far and wide.

Sign the petition to Restore our National Anthem.

Spencer Fernando

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Ofay Cat

We need to get rid of Trudeau ASAP he is an embarrassment and is harming Canada on many levels. I really am no concerned about the anthem. I never knew all the words for it anyway.

Robert Anstey

Flanders Field .

Dave Smith

trudeau is cancer


Liberals are pushing Canada to the point of destruction. This anthem crap is a diversion from their criminality, their contempt for and of Canada and Canadians, and hiding M-103.

don morris

Spencer,I understand your frustration and anger at this foolishness,but you would have to get 20 million names on that petition to get Trudeau to even consider changing the lyrics back. The change plays to his base,the 30% of Canadians who vote Liberal until the day they die and often even after that. It also plays well with the snowflake generation who are constantly in search of something to be outraged about. Scheer has all the ammunition a competent Opposition needs,with one scandal after another,and the worst being his comment to the wounded Veteran after paying out 10.5 million to little… Read more »


I am all for signing the petition. If enough people that care sign, we might get a sufficient amount of signatures to stop the change. A lot of petitions are successful so if one does not sign, then a petition fails. If no one signs, then petitions are useless. How much time does it take anyone to sign a petition? If one cannot be bothered then that person is the bigger problem & enabling Trudeau. Spencer took the time and effort to get a petition going, so the least those who object to the change should support him. Think about… Read more »

Derek Williams

So Trudeau is making the English version of “O Canada” gender neutral but what about the French version? It, too, currently has reference to maleness as in “O Canada! Terre de nos aïeux, Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux. Car ton bras sait porter l’épée, Il sait porter la croix”. This translate from French to English as “O Canada! Our home and native land, your brow is surrounded of glorious jewels. Because your arm knows carry the sword, he knows to carry the cross”. So my question is why has Trudeau not changed the French version to change the… Read more »

Diana Dundas

I agree with all of the above emails—well thought out, especially Derek’s comment re: the French version. I am personally very tired of catering to the one province which yells the loudest about what it does not have. Even my parents said, that this province has been spoiled for the last known 100 years. My parents would now be about 110 years old. But, this generation wants what it wants right now and Justin Trudeau is much like his father—I wonder if we will have another F.L.Q. crisis???? I was there when that happened and it was scary, to say… Read more »

Mary Olive

The change does not even fit & is difficult to sing. This is an insult to the military who gave everything to protect our country. It is unnecessary because sons is already inclusive.

Timothy Hickey

Petitions seems to be useless when you have a government with a Majority ruling with less than 40% of the popular vote of the Nation! This current government, and previous ones too, will push their agenda through, and we the People will have little effective opposition or power to reject this change to our anthem! There is but only one answer ~ in 2019 this ANTHEM Question should be put to the People through Non-Partisan MPs who will be given a Mandate to allow Free and Un-whipped Votes on all Legislation and Motions! The first order in the next parliament… Read more »


I am deeply saddened by the decision to change the words of “our”national anthem.
Why are we refused an opportunity to vote on such an issue?
I’m so afraid for our country,… not just this issue but it is a symptom.
I hope we are wise enough to vote better next election.

Frances Shantz

I will continue to sing the words to O Canada as I have known them for 72 years.


So he thinks he can do whatever he wants without even asking us !! It is our Anthem


I can’t wait until you are voted out you are destroying our country!!!!!

Rene Baillargeon

Trudeau is got to go ASAP! He is killing Canada!!!

David Lassell

Changing our anthem because a dying liberal wanted it is not the way to do things. It should have gone to the people and they would have seen that not too many wanted it changed


Lest we forget.

Mary Anne Lewis

I do not agree with the changes to the Canadian National Anthem. It’s not patriotic at all. I will continue to sing it the original way.

Christine Hurst

The original English lyrics to O Canada written in 1908 by Robert Stanley Weir stated “true patriot love thou dost in US command”. I have read through 4 versions of O Canada’s lyrics (Richardson 1906, McCulloch 1909, Buchan ? and Weir 1908) and in none of them is the language gender specific; instead they ring with “our, us, children, we”. Weir changed the lyrics in 1914, some say not as a celebration of Canadian heroism as the war was just starting, but as a musical recruiting poster. My point is: instead of politicising this issue, why can’t Canadians be proud… Read more »

Albert Wanders

Trudeau has committed enough crimes by giving away unauthorized Canadians hard earned tax money, allowing criminals into the country and the Trudeau foundation. I could go on. Is there no way the people of this country can somehow get him taken out of government before the next election?
I love our National Anthem the way it was and for me stays that way!!