Sign The Petition To Restore “In All Thy Sons Command” In Our National Anthem

Send a clear message to Parliament that O Canada should be restored, and any changes should only be approved in a national referendum.

As we know, the Trudeau government is forcing through changes to our National Anthem – without giving Canadians a voice.

The majority of Canadians oppose changing “In All Thy Sons Command” to “In All Of Us Command,” yet the Trudeau government is politicizing our national anthem by changing it anyway.

The response on social media has been very clear: Canadians are angry about our anthem being changed by the Trudeau government.

That’s why I’ve created a petition demanding that our National Anthem be restored to “In All Thy Sons Command,” and making it clear that any changes to the anthem should only be approved through a national referendum.

Here’s the text of the petition:

Without consulting Canadians, the Trudeau government unilaterally forced a change to our Canadian National Anthem O Canada.

They are changing “In All Thy Sons Command” to “In All Of Us Command.”

Despite numerous polls showing the majority of Canadians oppose this change, the Trudeau government forced it through anyway.

The National Anthem should never be changed without the clear support of the Canadian people, and that could only happen through a national referendum.

By denying Canadians an opportunity to make our voices known, the Trudeau government has shown total disrespect to our country.

That’s why we need to send a clear message to Parliament: Restore “In All Thy Sons Command” in O Canada and guarantee that any future changes can only be approved through a national referendum.

The petition will be sent to the Parliamentary email addresses of Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer.

If you believe our National Anthem should be restored, click the link below to sign the petition, and help it spread far and wide.

Sign the petition to Restore our National Anthem.

Spencer Fernando