Caroline Mulroney Announces Opposition To “Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax”

All three Ontario PC leadership candidates have now expressed opposition to the unpopular and economically damaging tax.

Caroline Mulroney has released a statement announcing her opposition to a carbon tax, after Doug Ford and Christine Elliott previously announced that they opposed the tax.

Here’s Mulroney’s statement:

“I’m a conservative and I’m not in favour of a new tax, especially Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax.

“I said that I would consult and listen to our members on this important issue.

“I have now had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of members of our party, I’ve consulted with members of our caucus and our nominated candidates.

“Its clear to me that members of the Ontario PC Party feel that imposing a carbon tax on the hardworking people of Ontario is not something they support.

“In Kathleen’s Wynne’s Ontario life is unaffordable and the last thing we should consider is a new tax.

“As the leader of our party I will not support a carbon tax.

“As premier of Ontario I am going to explore options to oppose it.”

With all three Ontario PC leadership candidates on the record against the tax, voters could have a much clearer choice in the upcoming campaign between the PCs and Liberals, though some candidates are questioning how committed some are to removing the tax.

Here’s what Doug Ford tweeted after Mulroney’s statement:

If the PCs achieve victory and keep their promise to fight the carbon tax, it would bring Ontario alongside Alberta and Saskatchewan in opposition to Trudeau’s tax, setting up a big showdown between the provinces and the dictatorial Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

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Well, this is a breath of fresh air.!!!

A PC politician in favor of getting rid of The Clown Prince’s Carbon Tax is worth voting for.

Let’s hope the PC’s undo all the crap the boy blunder and the wicked witch did.

Ron Voss

Doug Ford was the first to declare opposition to it and was more blunt, “I will ax the Carbon Tax”. Caroline Mulroney is now quite clear. Christine Elliott, was a little wishy washy saying she was “personally” against but would need to consult. They all recognize that they don’t have a chance of winning (and the party doesn’t have a chance of winning) unless they stand against a carbon tax.


BC has had a carbon tax for years and the air isn’t any cleaner in India. Horgan intends to increase the BC carbon tax but was clear in saying he would put that tax into general revenues as carbon taxes have nothing to do with clean air, it is just another tax.

The massive fires in BC last summer show that the BC carbon tax has no effect on climate. If it did there would have been no fires.

alan skelhorne

to me , the only person who will do any good at all, if thats possible, i mean afterall ontario is over 300 billion on debt. how come no one ever asks the question, how in the hell are we going to pay down the debt. my vote goes for mr. ford.


Doug Ford is the ONLY one who fights for what he believes and will assure us of NO Carbon Tax in Ontario. He knew from the get go that he was against this tax, unlike Caroline Mulroney and Christine Elliott. Caroline Mulroney is the daughter of former PM Mulroney and he is one of the least liked PM’s that Canada has ever had. He brought in the “Despised” GST! He was also part of the Scandal where he Accepted Cash in Envelopes as Kickbacks for the Airbus Planes to the Government. He apparently received $225,000.00 in cash, which Mulroney says… Read more »