WATCH: MP Asks Trudeau, “Did You Run Out Of Colouring Books Justin?”

Trudeau treats his job like a joke, so it’s no surprise he’s being treated as a joke by more and more Canadians.

There was a funny moment in Question Period recently, and it happened while the Speaker was trying to quiet everyone down.

Just as the noise seemed to receding, an MP could be heard directing an informal question at Justin Trudeau.

The MP – who can be heard but is not identified in the video – asked, “did you run out of colouring books Justin?”

Watch the moment below:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

While the arrogant elitist Trudeau probably thinks he deserves more respect, he fails to realize that respect is earned.

Trudeau has shown contempt towards Canadian Veterans, Canadian taxpayers, and Canada as a nation.

He is disrespecting Parliament, by often refusing to answer questions from Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer, despite the long-standing tradition that Prime Ministers always answer questions from the Opposition Leader when they are both in Parliament.

So, since Trudeau is treating our democratic system and his job as a total joke, it’s only fair that he gets treated like a joke as well.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

Tweet from Steeper33

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