WATCH: MP Asks Trudeau, “Did You Run Out Of Colouring Books Justin?”

Trudeau treats his job like a joke, so it’s no surprise he’s being treated as a joke by more and more Canadians.

There was a funny moment in Question Period recently, and it happened while the Speaker was trying to quiet everyone down.

Just as the noise seemed to receding, an MP could be heard directing an informal question at Justin Trudeau.

The MP – who can be heard but is not identified in the video – asked, “did you run out of colouring books Justin?”

Watch the moment below:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

While the arrogant elitist Trudeau probably thinks he deserves more respect, he fails to realize that respect is earned.

Trudeau has shown contempt towards Canadian Veterans, Canadian taxpayers, and Canada as a nation.

He is disrespecting Parliament, by often refusing to answer questions from Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer, despite the long-standing tradition that Prime Ministers always answer questions from the Opposition Leader when they are both in Parliament.

So, since Trudeau is treating our democratic system and his job as a total joke, it’s only fair that he gets treated like a joke as well.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

Tweet from Steeper33

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Moe Somers

Let’s make sure our Prime Minister never runs out of coloring books. Donate new & unused
coloring books to our Prime Minister who prefers to doodle, sign autographs, etc; instead of answering questions during question period. “Duckie coloring books preferred.”
ADDRESS: Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington St.
OTTAWA, Ontario.


I’m going to pass your idea on to everyone.

PS: No postage required to Federal MP’s. It will be worth a few cents for a cheap book and an envelope. Let’s try for 100,000 .

Moe Somers

Super! 100,000 coloring books! I can picture mail bags piled in his office, full of coloring books. That would definitely send him a message. Sending mine on Monday. Thanks, Del.


Mine is in the mail to Scheer so he can take a look and pass it on. Hopefully the Conservatives will keep a running total.

Mary Louise Barlass

I’ll mail mine tomorrow. Should I include crayons?


i will post the request on twitter…


Great Idea !!May Americans play too? Watching Tru’s antics from afar, although amusing and outrageous, they seem dangerous also. I was stunned that Americans elected Obama, really. And now to see it done in Canada with Trudeau….. How could you have not seen the mistake we made?

Voytek Gagalka

Coloring books are to complicated for his IQ level. Donate the soother instead!

Dean Lorman

The man has turned into a total embarrassment. His dad will be rolling in his grave.


Dean Tippytoes will be applauding in HELL for the way his spawn has turned out!

Ana Gomes

You do not know who his father is.


That treasonous clown deserves no respect ever. If there was any sort of justice in this country, he would at the very least be forced to resign. It’s just a great joke to him paying off terrorists and dishonoring our military at every opportunity; while making our once great country look like a nation of idiots. Trump will be talking about building another wall at their northern border if this insanity is allowed to continue.


Ah Ah Ah! I could hear it……Trudeau never answers any questions. His answers are completely devoid of content directly related to the question.


The Opposition needs to start addressing Chagger as Prime Minister Chagger. Also, drop the “Honorable Prime Minister” . He isn’t. trudeau is hilarious when he gets mad and he is very thin-skinned.

Scheer also needs to formally clarify with the Speaker exactly who is going to be the Liberal Prime Minister today so he knows who to direct the questions to. It isn’t an insult or disrespectful, it is a fair and proper question and deserves a fair and honest answer.


Thin skinned? Just like ol jug-ears here in the States.
MIGHT they be related?

Portia Smelser

Bloody git!!


Best House of Commons question ever!!!!

pamela kingwell

Payback is a bitch, Hahaha!


My guess would be that as soon as he realizes he wont be voted for by Canadians he will start to import millions and millions more leaches that will vote for him.


he’ll simply avail himself of the American democratic party example by doing so. It’s why they don’t want a wall, why they’ve allowed unfettered immigration now for several decades, and fight against immigration laws. They’re looking for votes. it is painfully obvious. really painfully.

Wilmot Mather

It’s a disgrace that taxpayers have to pay for this clown. His incompetence, lies & appeasement of Islamic terrorism is appalling.