JOB LOSS: Canada Loses 88,000 Jobs In January, Worst One-Month Loss In 9 Years

A whopping 137,000 part-time jobs were lost in just one month, and the net job losses were the worst since the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

The latest job report is a massive blow to the elitist narrative of a “strong” and “growing” Canadian economy.

137,000 part-time jobs were lost, which the CP notes is “easily the category’s largest one-month collapse since the agency started gathering the data in 1976.”

While 49,000 full-time jobs were created in January, the net job loss was 88,000. That’s the worst one-month job loss in nine-years, matching the losses recorded in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and Great Recession.

The unemployment rate also increased to 5.9%.

Adding to the concerning report is the decline in the amount of paid employee positions, which fell by 112,000.

Meanwhile, there was a 23,900 increase in self-employed positions, continuing a trend of more and more people having to create their own jobs as the economy struggles.

This job report throws some cold water on all the heavily-hyped elitist messaging about how ‘great’ the economy supposedly is.

As many have pointed out, almost nobody feels like things are getting better, and Canadians continue to be pessimistic about the economic future.

Now, with this report coming in with such terrible numbers, and growing concern about weak economic growth, our weakening stock market, gigantic household debt (the worst in the world), and our deteriorating competitive position, it’s becoming clear that the big-government, high-tax policies of Justin Trudeau are putting our national economy in a dangerously precarious situation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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How can Captain Looney Tunes stand there time and time again and spout how many jobs have been created and how well the economy is? Guess the more he says it, the more he actually believes it. Hard to believe isn’t it?


There is a vast difference if one is referring to the economy of a government entity, and that economy that resonates around the collective populace of a country. While the governments may be enriched through their various methods of revenue collection, individual folks are not. They are limited to income enhancing, all the while contending with the contiguous escalations of myriad costs foisted on them by the government(s).

Ron Voss

Trudeau goes to the Davis Economic Forum to talk about feminism while Trump goes there to crow about the improvement in the U.S. economy and attract investors.


The Boy Blunder, Justin Mohammed Trudeau is most likely concocting another fantasy story to refute the dismal economic data. I can hardly wait to watch “Question Period” to hear the humming and hawing and stuttering and stammering as he dances around the hot topic but never really answers anything. It’s just fun to watch the little nitwit squirm.

This is what happens when you let a boy perform a man’s job.

To the blind, deaf and dumb Lieberal supporters who allowed this clown to get into office. “He’s just not ready” Are you getting the message now?!?!?!?!


Keep a close eye on the markets and your investments. Be prepared to turn investments into cash to keep at home. Remeber Trudeau’s “Bail-in” BS where Banks can seize our money and issue worthless Bank shares.

Don’t buy stuff, pay off debt as fast as you can. Nobody in the world needs more than one credit card.

Elizabeth Moorhouse

You are a smart man, Spencer. This is what I have been witnessing myself. I am off work, and just joined the EI rolls. I guess I’m just another statistic now! Keep up the great work! I’m gathering a lot of insight from your posts. I just read a very interesting article about the Antifa handbook. I’m posting the link here. You can decide what you choose to do with it. I’d love to hear your opinion on the matter. Thanks.


wynne and truduh! should be proud of themselves…


Trudeau is doing a wonderful job, isn’t he? The economy in Canada, is so bad, but yet Trudeau, gives billions and billions of our taxes dollars to foreign countries, and to other pet projects of his, and does nothing to help the Canadian citizens. Trudeau keeps on raising taxes, so us taxpayers can support his corrupt policies, and outrageous spending. President Trump in the United States is lowering taxes, to help with the economy and job growth is increasing, people are bringing home more money in their paycheque. Canadians, are losing their jobs, and standing in line at the unemployment… Read more »


This is nothing. Just a sign of what’s to come. Wait till AI really booms and starts wiping out jobs in every sector. Humans need not apply.


How can Canadians be anything but pessimistic under this incompetent nincompoop and his handler. If the economy is so rosy and growing in Canada, we wouldn’t be busy packing our mills and lathes and moving them to the U.S…


We knew something wasn’t right when Trudope and Morneau were tossing their numbers around ahead of Christmas.
It just didn’t seem to pass the smell test.
To many people I knew were still hunting for work. Trudope’s numbers resembled a boom time where employers would hire virtually anyone who could either breath or had a pulse.
Now the facts reveal themselves.


The truth is that this has been the goal of Trudeau and the Global elites. Justin Trudeau is know to Conservative US politicians to be an Economic Marxist! His globalist friends will be patting him on the back!!!

Chris vrecko

I am sickened by what I see and hear. The problem from the way I see it is we are preaching to the converted. Somehow we HAVE to get JOE Q PUBLIC INVOLVED, the millenials to see reality not this piece in the sky crap.

Clive Edwards

AI won’t boom in Canada until Ottawa figures out how to tax robots, assess them penalties and interest and steal their assets. Of course we could all declare ourselves robots – it wouldn’t be stretching the truth.


I keep emailing President Trump to dissolve Borders, come to Canada to be our LEADER; I have “tweeted” the President several times re: this; so far, darn, He has not answered?? President Trump may not be perfect but He is indeed bringing Employment to Americans; Black Unemployment is apparently historically Low…I am “Tara” who previously posted that from Day One I said Castro Jr. Trudeau was “groomed” by the Elite to bankrupt our wonderful Country, Canada. Unfortunately I am being being proved Right.

don morris

Why would the Americans want to take over this socialist backwater? They have enough problems of their own without adding 36 million left or far left citizens to help turn America into the mess the EU is.
Resources? They already own a good portion of our resources,can buy the rest.


Economist Martin Armstrong predicted last year that Canada’s economy would turn down in 2018… bingo. Armstrong says that Trudeau is a Marxist and that his fiscal policies are damaging Canada. But Trudeau has nice hair and smiles good for the photos.

armstrong has produced a report on what lies ahead for Canada which can be purchased here…


Has he blamed this on Harper yet? Lol.
But seriously, we are in serious trouble. Even when we vote boy blunder out next election, any predecessor will be handed an unbelievably huge bill to cover Justin’s unprecedented spending. Then there is the huge newly imported welfare dependents that we’ll have to take care of for decades to come too.(but we can’t talk about that with out being called isl**aphobic) And you know, that the media will blame it all on the next guy if he’s a Conservative.