Canadian Veterans Camping Out In Ottawa For Better Treatment After Trudeau’s “More Than We Can Give” Comment

A protest will be held Thursday on Parliament Hill.

In the wake of Justin Trudeau’s widely-condemned town hall comments – where he said Canadian Veterans are asking for more than the government can give – two Canadian Vets are camping out on the streets of Ottawa to demand better treatment for Veterans.

According to a recent report, “Trevor Sanderson and Dick Groot arrived in Ottawa Friday after driving from Winnipeg. Since then, they’ve spent their days and nights in the tents they’ve erected at the corner of Wellington and Lyon streets, near the East and West Memorial Buildings.”

They say they will be camping outside until a planned rally on Thursday, where people will gather on Parliament Hill to call for better services for Canadian Veterans.

Said Sanderson – who has had PTSD for over two decades –  “We’re not asking for a lot. We’re only asking to feel normal again.”

Groot said his experience with the system has been terrible:

‘”We want to go back to being human,” he said. Groot describes his experience with the veteran benefits system as frightful. He says he felt totally abandoned by the country he set out to serve. “When I did go to the system, everything went crazy,” he said, describing wait times and a crippling lack of treatment options. “It failed utterly.”‘

The same report asked Veteran Colin Saunders his thoughts on the Trudeau government claims that they are providing more support:

“The reality is — veterans aren’t seeing that money,” said Saunders.

As we have seen, there’s a big difference between the government promising something, and actually delivering, and numerous governments have disgracefully failed Canadian Veterans.

Trudeau’s comments appear to have only deepened the mistrust, especially considering that he gave $10.5 million to Omar Khadr without a court fight, yet is fighting Veterans in court after clearly promising to end the court fight during the 2015 campaign.

Additionally, Trudeau has found billions for foreign countries, billions for the government bureaucrats, and billions for deficit spending, so the fact that he seemingly draws the spending line at helping Veterans is despicable.

We know that the money exists to support Canadian Veterans and fulfill the covenant the government owes to those who served our nation. Unfortunately, the government is making a deliberate choice not to keep their promises, showing deep disrespect and disloyalty to those who put their lives on the line for our freedom.

Spencer Fernando

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Elizabeth Thorne

Maybe we should have a Don’t pay your taxes day–how much money has M-103 cost Canadians?

Dave Smith

trudeau is cancer


Trudeau may not realize it but he works for Canadians not the opposite.

The arrogant little cuck is replaceable and he’s going to find out the hard way come election day.

Allis Chalmers

Liberal party of Canada leaning towards communism.


I have an idea,because Trudeau couldcare less about his military.then I think they should all come home.Stop putting your life on the line for a government that is more concerned about photo ops and selfies.The hell with the world let them fight their own battles.


Good idea Scott. Captains – park your ships. Those overseas, bring them home. Be very alert regarding orders from the Liberals about controlling Canadians. Refuse to fly the planes and most helicopters. Remember, in spite of being in the military, the Pilot in Command is ultimately responsible for the entire operation of their aircraft. If you feel it is unsafe ( FOR ANY REASON ), you can and must, by law, refuse to operate that machine. “Good enough” isn’t good enough. I know, I have over 10,000 Pilot in Command. We have to be genuinely concerned that Trudeau would obey… Read more »


Mutiny is the best answer to the tyranny!


His family didn’t appear to spend time in the service and in fact both him and his father admire china a country with a history of genocide to this day. I do hope for the sake of this country their ownership does not grow too fast, as it will have a cost I’m sure in my opinion (despite I am not supposed to have one, let alone express it.) Our Veterans have served this country proudly and at great costs beyond what I know as I did not walk in their boots. A day after a wounded Veteran inquired about… Read more »

chris malmstrom

Need to go to Ottawa on Thurs. Have the need to show our vets that they are supported by Canadians…which apparently does not include “government”. Trudope is an enemy of the state!