POLL: All Three Ontario PC Leadership Candidates Are More Popular Than Kathleen Wynne

Campaign Research poll shows just 17% approve of Wynne, while 69% disapprove.

A new poll shows that all three Ontario PC leadership candidates are fare more popular than Kathleen Wynne, and the party is projected to win no matter who is selected as leader.

Here are the key numbers:

Candidate approval:

Christine Elliot 32% approve, 14% disapprove

Doug Ford 29% approve, 36% disapprove

Caroline Mulroney 27% approve, 20% disapprove

Meanwhile, Kathleen Wynne’s approval ratings are atrocious with just 17% approving, and a full 69% disapproving.

Party support comparison under different leaders:

PCs 46%, NDP 23%, Liberals 20% under Christine Elliot

PCs 41%, NDP 25%, Liberals 22% under Caroline Mulroney

PCs 39%, NDP 24%, Liberals 24% under Doug Ford

Despite controversy, PCs gain support

Despite recent controversy and the leadership race, the Ontario PCs lead over the Liberals has expanded significantly since the January Campaign Research poll. At that time, the PCs had 35%, compared to the Liberals at 34% and the NDP at 23%.

Additionally, the poll contradicts the claims by many elites that Doug Ford is somehow “unelectable.” Instead, the poll shows that – while the province is divided in their opinion of him – he can still lead the PCs to a majority government victory.

Of note, poll numbers can change quickly and massively in a campaign, and the fact that both Ford and Elliott have previous campaign experience could be a decisive factor in the choice of Ontario PC Party members.

While just a snapshot, the poll also shows that a clear majority of Ontarians are determined to vote against the Wynne Liberals, and are willing to consider giving the top job to all three PC leadership contenders.

Read the full poll here.

Spencer Fernando