Under Pressure From Conservatives, Feds Putting China’s Takeover Of Aecon Under National Security Review

While this is a good move, it should never have taken so much pressure for this action to be taken.

Under relentless pressure from the Conservatives who were looking out for Canada’s national interests, the Trudeau government will subject China’s attempted takeover of Canadian construction giant Aecon to a national security review.

As reported by BNN, “Aecon Group. Inc. has extended the timeline of its proposed takeover by a Chinese buyer, saying Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is reviewing the deal on national security grounds.”

The Chinese firm seeking to buy Aecon (CCCC), is majority-controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, which has raised serious concerns.

After all, Aecon is one of Canada’s oldest and most prominent firms, having been involved in countless projects across our nation – including the Halifax Shipyards and the CN Tower.

Letting the Chinese Communist Party take over such an important Canadian company has alarmed many, who are worried by the trend of our nation being taken away from us piece by piece.

While the decision to put the deal under a national security is good, it should never have even gotten this far. The Trudeau government should have rejected the deal as soon as it was proposed, and the federal government needs to be doing far more to protect Canadian ownership – including imposing tough restrictions on foreign ownership.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau government has already taken a step towards approving the deal, as the competition bureau earlier ruled that it could proceed.

Additionally, the fact that it took relentless pressure from the Conservatives before the deal was subjected to a review shows that the Trudeau government was hoping the deal could be pushed through quietly.

The review will be conducted by the Trudeau government cabinet, who have already shown themselves far too willing to let China take Canadian companies. As a result, it remains to be seen whether a real review will really take place, or whether this is just a chance for the government to pretend they looked into the sale before approving it anyway.

Spencer Fernando

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Trudeau and Butts are likely in favor of selling off even more Canadian companies as the “donations” have probably been accepted and deposits made to the Justin Trudeau Benefit Fund and to possible personal accounts in the Chinese Banks.

Trudeau is disgusting.


I would suggest the PC’s investigate Trudeau for possibly accepting bribes for the potential takeover of Aecon. Canada’s Clown Prince is too close to the Chinese for my liking.

Norbert Kausen

That should already have been a given!!!

Moe Somers

During his pre-prime minister years as Liberal leader, Trudeau was asked during an event held in Toronto, “What country besides Canada he admires most?” His answer, “There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.” (journalist Joe O’Connor)
In my opinion, that quote pretty much speaks to Trudeau’s concerns about China.

chris malmstrom

Canada is not communist nor have we ever harbored terrorists, yet under Trudope, communism is something to be admired, and terrorists should be coddled and rewarded with Canadian tax dollars. This Crime Minister is himself is an enemy of the state! He’s already stated his discontent for true Canadians, and has said that all Canadians who disagree with his open borders policy are “RACIST”!! Liberal supporters should be embarrassed by their choice to allow a waste of skin to run what used to be the best country on Earth, now we are laughed at! Especially with his “peoplekind” stupidity…the entire… Read more »

Brian Mellor

I do not like China buying Canadian Companies. They use them to further China not Canada.