SHADY: Disproportionate Percentage Of Federal Infrastructure Funding Going To Liberal-Held Ridings

Analysis shows the Trudeau government appears to be playing politics with taxpayer-funded infrastructure dollars.

An analysis shows something shady is going on with federal infrastructure spending.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “The federal government is facing calls to improve the way it funds infrastructure projects after a Globe and Mail analysis found that ridings held by Liberal MPs are receiving a disproportionate share of federal funds. While the Liberal government insists politics plays no role in project decisions, policy experts note that the overall structure of federal infrastructure programs can have the effect of favouring Liberal ridings.”

Of course, the Trudeau government has tried claiming that politics has nothing to do with it, but the facts can’t be denied:

“That analysis found that ridings held by Liberal MPs were listed as the location for 64 per cent of the federal funding, even though the party currently holds 54 per cent of the seats. In contrast, Conservative ridings have received 21 per cent of the federal funds, even though the party holds 29 per cent of the seats.”

So, not only is the Trudeau government using taxpayer dollars – which are paid for by Canadians of all political backgrounds – they are using that money to benefit those areas where their MPs are in power, and punish those that are held by other parties.

It’s yet another example of the Trudeau government inserting politics into an area that is supposed to be non-partisan. The difference between governing and campaigning is supposed to mean something, and it’s supposed to mean that an elected government acts on behalf of all citizens, rather than direct public funds only towards those that supported them.

Instead, the Trudeau government has sought to divide Canadians, and their infrastructure program is another disturbing continuation of that trend.

Spencer Fernando

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