WATCH: Doug Ford Says He’ll “Do Whatever It Takes” To Fight Carbon Tax

Ford brings up possibility of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario uniting to fight Trudeau’s tax.

Ontario PC Leadership candidate Doug Ford has staked out a strong position against the carbon tax, saying he will work with other provincial leaders and “whatever it takes” to stop it.

While all candidates for the Ontario PC Party leadership have said they oppose Trudeau’s carbon tax, many people are giving Doug Ford credit for being the first to oppose it right from the start, while the other candidates waited longer to reveal their position.

During an interview at the Manning Conference, Ford made a great point as he noted that the carbon tax shouldn’t even be called a “carbon tax,” since it’s just a “tax.”

In the video below, watch as Ford discusses his opposition to the carbon tax, and his willingness to work with other provinces to fight it:

With Saskatchewan firmly against the carbon tax, and Alberta poised to elect a government that opposes the carbon tax, an Ontario PC victory could lead to a strong alliance against Justin Trudeau’s destructive tax policy.

Having that provincial push-back is incredibly important, because the Trudeau government has been expanding their power and control in every way possible, and our country needs more and more leaders to fight back.

WATCH: Doug Ford’s full interview at the Manning Networking Conference

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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don morris

Ford will not win the PC nomination,and if he does,he will lose to the Big Liberal Machine. Ford’s politics takes time to get through to the masses, if he had a year,he could probably win both contests,but with this short a time to explain his platform to a liberal Province, he will lose to the politician who makes nice with the voters and doesn’t tell them anything they don’t want to hear. Imo,it’s between Christine Elliott,and Brian Mulroney’s daughter,and I truly hope,for the sake of Ontario and Canada,it isn’t Caroline Mulroo who wins the PC nomination. Jean Chretien,the wily Liberal… Read more »

Chris vrecko

I wish he was head of the federal Conservatives. He has the testicular fortitude to take on the libtards and truley trudum. Keep going Doug, this Alberta is behind you….

don morris

Yes,with two years until the next federal election, Ford could be the “Trump” we need in socialist paradise Canada, and he’d have plenty of time to get his message across through a campaign just like Justin’s beloved town hall meetings.

That’s what worked for Trump,getting out and meeting the people,though it’s backfired on Trudeau who has nothing to say except platitudes.

U fortunately,the CPC appears ready to lose again with nice guy Andrew Scheer.

Norbert Kausen

I could NOT stomach another Fiberal government!!! I like ford and his policies and I know he will stand for Ontario… Mulroney… definitely NOT! I remember her father too well!


We need Doug Ford because he knows how to play the nasty liberal “smile in your face while stabbing you hard in the back” routine he can punch hard and take a hard punch while trying to fix the mess this province is in, really hard work. Christine Elliott Would be a very good second but I do not know if she can handle the liberal pushes and undermining. The sneaky liberal undermining that took the best prime minister Canada ever had in my lifetime Mr. Harper down, we really need him or someone as smart and strong as him… Read more »

Mel Kozun

Alberta?? Fight the carbon tax???? Notley’s not fighting it, she’s kissing Trudreau’s Butts for it in order to buy “social license” for Alberta’s badly needed pipeline approvals.

Notley sold out to Trudeau, and what did she REALLY get in return? NOTHING!

Did Trudeau got to BC and tell them to step aside, the pipleine’s been approved???