Justin Trudeau Should Meet With Gerald Stanley’s Family

Trudeau is supposed to be the Prime Minister of all Canadians, which means he represents those who oppose the verdict in the Colten Boushie case, and those who support the verdict.

Considering the amount of attention and discussion the Gerald Stanley verdict received, it was right for Justin Trudeau to meet with the family of Colten Boushie.

Because the PM (regardless of party), plays an important role as a symbol for the country, it makes sense that he would sit down with Colten Boushie’s family, hear their pain, listen to their concerns, and offer them his sympathy for their loss.

However, by the very same thinking, Justin Trudeau should also meet with Gerald Stanley’s family.

While Gerald Stanley’s family did not lose a family member, their lives have been changed, and they have been through a very difficult two years.

In fact, that’s what Liberal MP Robert Falcon-Ouellette said, as reported by the National Post:

‘“I know most people don’t want to hear that right now,” he told the newspaper. “(But) the Stanley family and many farmers in Saskatchewan have the feeling that their property is not respected and people come on to their farms and steal their stuff. “I feel sorry for them. They’ve essentially lost two years of their lives. They’ve faced legal bills and great difficulty.”’

Falcon-Ouellette makes an important point here.

After all, Gerald Stanley’s family didn’t ask to be put in this situation, and they face a reality in which help is always very far away and where people have to take their own security upon themselves.

Farmers keep our country fed and make the entire rest of our economy possible, and they are rarely acknowledged by our leaders, and the realities of living in rural Canada are often ignored by those in power.

Yet, as pointed out in the National Post article, many farmers feel that it easily could have been them in Gerald Stanley’s shoes:

“Mark Pashovitz believes he and other Saskatchewan farmers are easy targets. They live in rural, isolated areas where it often takes police longer to respond to crimes. And their farm vehicles and equipment are tempting for thieves. That’s why he said he recently donated $1,000 to an online fundraiser to help pay the legal bills of Gerald Stanley, a white farmer acquitted last week of murder in the 2016 shooting death of a 22-year-old Cree man.”

Just as the family of Colten Boushie are Canadian citizens and deserve to be heard, Gerald Stanley’s family are also Canadian citizens, and also deserve to be heard.

If Trudeau were to meet with the Stanley family, he would send an important message of striving to listen to all voices and moving our country closer to true national unity, even in the midst of division and anger.

Unfortunately, Trudeau and the Liberal government have so far shown themselves more concerned with scoring political points and dividing the nation for their own advantage, instead of bringing us all together as Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

Maybe Jr should call ahead first.


I’m not a farmer but live in a rural area. Like other rural residents, I’ve been on the receiving end of acts of theft, property damage, intimidation/threats, and other illegal trespassing activities multiple times. These incidents were very stressful and it’s an ongoing concern. Property rights need to be respected. It’s that simple. Otherwise, conflict is inevitable between land owners and perpetrators as this case has proven. Where are the voices in the Trudeau government standing up for one of the most fundamental laws in our land? Without property rights, we no longer have a civil society. All I hear… Read more »


I grew up in a rural community and I know exactly what you are talking about! Property rights must be respected and the property owner should have the right to protect their property by whatever means deemed necessary!

Gordon Ryhorchuk

Our soldiers go to other countries to help the people defend their rights & freedoms & yet us Canadians aren’t allowed to defend ourselves. How fair is this?


Trudeau wants to “fan the flame of discontent” as you put it just like his mentor and buddy Barack Hussein Obama. They are both demented s–t disturbers but both very charming.

Ron Lindsay

This is very important.Do not hold your breath that the Prime minister will meet the Stanley family.I am asking the same question if this was a white family and a First Nations jury.Why is race been played in this.The Prime minister and the Justice Minister went to far over the line.What if an appeal goes forward and they lose it.I lay the blame at the feet of this Government.

Guy-Paul Roy

Can they Appeal a Jury?? Sounded like a straightforward case to me.


Please send money to Slanley on their go fund me page
if only them nice men had asked for help with the flat tire at the first farm this hellish mess could have avoided

Margaret Tabak

We should all be allowed to protect our property regardless of where we live. I worked hard all my life for what little worldly possessions I now have and I will fight to retain what is mine until my dying day. After that, you’re welcome to it. This man should not be villified for fighting for himself and his family.

Brian Mellor

That’s right. Trudeau should meet with Gerald and find out just how scared he was when confronted with a gang of men trying to steal his ATV and being threatened. He should also talk about how the PM has made his life unbearable by the things he has said about the trial being in-fair and has now placed Gerald’s life in jeopardy.

Laine Du'Brulle

Hear hear – well put Darrin


I too lived on a farm and had vandalism and break ins, animals stolen or just killed for fun I guess, windows and doors broken etc. it is very scary as no one neighbour was too close and the police took over two hours to arrive., but were very helpful and told me to have a gun locked up but close and ready to use if necessary, but no it was not indigenous people that were doing this to us over the years we lived there. Please remember the Canadian Constitution gives us no property rights, it is the Governor… Read more »


Very well said. If only the Liberals could read and understand this.

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau has shown his ignorant bias and has no credibility! He has attacked the juducial system and has ensured that there would be no unbiased outcome of an appeal, in effect making an appeal impossible, without enraging the public. Trudeau and his gang have created a problem that they seem intent on to exacerbate.


The Liberals led by Trudeau are self-interested. They don’t care about Canada’s growth and development. Many are simpletons like so many Democrats in the states. I think of Pelosi, Schumer, Waters when I see the performance of Mckenna, Morneau, Trudeau and, of course, the crickets who only chirp when signaled. The Butts/Trudeau agenda is sinister. It encompasses the demise of our economy, our safety, security, justice system, freedoms and culture. Canadians will rally but will it be too little, too late to avoid the worst?

Jean Pierre LaRocque

In my humble opinion Trudeau has no business meeting with either family and that also goes for the Justice minister….that he has met the Boushie family he should also meet with the Stanley family…..but truthfully this meeting should not have occurred period…there is still lots that could happened and Trudeau and the Justice minister have put both feet in it!!!! Trudeau will do anything to show off his socks!!!


I think Trudeau is making it very clear by his dividing tactics, that he is trying to foster and grow Canada in his image and to hell with the rest of us that oppose his ideologies.


I’m not a farmer, but live in a small city. Over the years, I’ve had to call the cops 8-10 times…car broken into, sheds…. drunks sleeping on my yard, my deck, ….I’ve been aggressively approached for money while cutting my lawn, etc. years ago felt like a prisoner in my own home because two drunks were screwing in my back yard and the cops had to be called three times before they were chased away, only to move to another yard and continue their attempted sex…mid-afternoon. My daughter was downstairs one night when she screamed as there was a man’s… Read more »


Well said, Elizabeth. Something has to be done about this idiot but doesn’t look like anyone will ever take him on. Can’t believe he still has a fan club after all the stupid & disgusting things he has said & done. Guess these people are still admiring his hair & socks and have no clue what he is up to
So many people never watch or listen to news because they don’t want to know what he is doing & don’t care.

L Lund

I feel your pain and; although I’m British, I’ve been following every thing that TURDEAU has done. His party is exactly that just for his amusement, he has 50% males and 50% females, not on merit just because they dance to his tune. He is funded by Soros and Rothschild’s and he needs to be stopped and stripped of his office and his stupid socks. The man’s a moron and needs to feel what it’s like for the everyday Canadian.


He should but he will not because not on his racist hateful agenda to divide the country more then he already has

Chris vrecko

Is there no way we can stop these egotistical maniacs? This is so very wrong.


Now who paid for the losers’ costs: the taxpayers? Then Stanley should have his legal costs reimbursed. Trudeau, selfish Trudeau. The farmers are the ones who need the law changed to protect them against the thieves, thugs, murderers of the indigenous groups.




Strange that he would interfere with the justice system, and favor the Aboriginals and not look at the big picture while not seeking the truth. he should meet with the Stanley’s and show equality for all Canadians!!! His discrimination and jumping before he has all the facts is really appalling and just causes more racial division, tension and no trust, (He did that with the hijab thing too). When Federal government was consulted by my group (Justice for Tim Mclean) in 2013, 2014 re: the mutilation and beheading of Tim Mclean on a Greyhound bus in 2008, we were informed… Read more »


Once again JT has driven the wedge deeper in his quest to divide this great country, it will take years to correct the damages done by our current elected party. It is a sad time for hard working Canadians.


Coultin Bouchie is NOT a Canadian citizen. He’s First Nation which means independent government and independent laws. They do not live under the same laws as we do and expect Canadians to pay for them.


and therein lies the problem……all people in this country should be treated the same. Same rules, rights and responsibilities. One justice system for all. This is the 21st century , not the 19th. Having that same system for all does not undermine the culture of the Indigenous people. Until we can all get along as “people”, it will continue to be a sad state of affairs. Unfortunately our political leaders choose to sweep matters under the rug or in the case of the imbecile in power right now, make matters worse.


He also came up from the United States to join hosting mother on the Red Pheasant Reserve, so possibly he is also an American.


In what ways does Canada pay for First Nations folks?? There isn’t free taxes, free housing etc etc like people like to pretend.


I’m sure Trudeau and his property is surrounded by guards. I’m sure if a gang of men, no matter what color or race, were to enter Trudeau’s backyard or property and threatened him, I’m sure his protectors would have their guns out ready to shoot.


good point Sue and if they fired a warning shot and they didnt stop they would have shot them

Jeff H.

I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve thought this all along. Along with equal representation and the whole Canadian is a Canadian bit, there is a huge hole in this story that isn’t being told. I’m so sick of all the main line media using the term white farmer in the absence of the equally racist term thieving red skin. I know, it sounds terrible but as usual the liberal media gets away with it as is minorities are the only ones who struggle with racism and oppression. Nothing has been mentioned about pending charges for the others involved, the… Read more »


You can’t be racist towars white folks in Canada. Prejudice and discriminatory sure, but racism is a whole lot larger – it’s institutional, cultural.


Jesse wagner

I really wish they would quit using white farmer. I honestly don’t believe it would be different if they would have been yellow black green grey. I think this happened due to poor judgement and the lack of respect for other peoples property and livelihoods. You honestly don’t see farmers out looking for trouble, we have enough trouble trying to keep out cattle fed, healthy and our crops protected from all that mother nature has to throw at us. Just my opinion.

Roger Rondeau

Mr. Spencer, you may have a bit of truth in this atricle, but it is up to the farmers family to ask to meet with the PM as did the Boushie family. And to the rest of you and your comments protecting you property is important, but pointing fingers at a particular group of people is discriminating. Have you ever seen a group of caucasion teenagers drunk and disorderly? I was raised on a farm in north central AB and the natives/metis were not the ones stealing gas and tearing up the fields with their vehicles…it was a group of… Read more »


And there is the point of it not being racial , it could have been any group of trouble making thieving , drunken adults !!!! No has said Mr Stanley felt threatened be cause of the color or their skin !!!!!!


That’s not what folks are saying though. It’s the jurt verdict that is bringing up racial issues and justice for Indigenous people.


Maybe Mr. Stanley cannot afford the trip to Ottawa to meet the idiot that is running our country…. He has a lot of expenses to pay for because of the criminals that drove into his yard that day to steal and vandalize his property. Who do you think payed for the deceased mother’s ticket to Ottawa to meet the idiot running our country, our tax dollars that’s who. I understand that white kids can be just as stupid, I have witnessed it. But had the deceased been white and Mr. Stanley been found innocent, there would be no protesting and… Read more »


I can’t believe Trudeau, why is he still in office he is a complete idiot. Our laws are there for a reason. My friends son was stabbed and killed by a cab driver yes he was drunk , but he was not a violent person, a witness heard them arguing and said he was walking towards the apartment tehn he was attacked and stabbed. There was no trial there were no charges filed where was his justice where was the Prime minister then. The cab driver had mental issues and was off his meds. where was the media hype was… Read more »


I did a lot of reading yesterday in the National Post and Ottawa Citizen. There were two articles, with videos that were originally in the National Post and the editors of the Ottawa Citizen thought their readers would be interested in seeing/reading them. That is how they ended up in the Ottawa Citizen. One article was entitled: “What you need to know about the Gerald Stanley trial” and the other was all about the gun Gerald Stanley was using. Not much is being said in the papers about the other side of the story….how these natives tried to steal the… Read more »

Dave French

Most reports of this story give only one or two facts, the rest is media hype trying to get readership. HERE ARE SOME OF THE ACTUAL FACTS: Gerald STANLEY and Colten BOUSHIE 1. There were five (5) people all over 20 years of age and all drunk. 2. They drove 15 miles on a flat tire. 3. They stopped at other farms. 4. When they stopped at the Stanley farm (supposedly to get help), one of the gang jumped on the ATV quad and ripped around the farm. 5. The person on the ATV quad attempted to run-down Mr. Stanley’s… Read more »

P relkey

Excellent point!

Bev Erley

There has been many accounts written, this one was by person who lives on a reservation. I have not used her name “A lot of what has been going on around this Stanley trial makes me sick for whats its doing to our community. My niece said it best. We need prayers. Additionally there are so many unanswered questions. Regardless of the verdict when it comes our community is sorely wounded mainly due to people, groups and posts with race based agendas. Following I take issue with a couple of points raised by Rob Feist. He’s a lawyer so like… Read more »

Stan klippenstein

I believe that ALL tax paying Canadian citizens should be treated equally.

S Kowalski

In Saskatchewan, we feel very vulnerable. The Stanley trial is an example of this. In the Stanley case, he was not even complaining about his property being stolen, he was only worried about (the people intruding on his property) hurting his family. This is what he was protecting. Even after the trial…he still has to go back to court and answer to an ” unsafe storage of firearm charge” while the drunk people on his property had a loaded rifle in their possession, plus running at his son with their vehicle, beating up his wife and they are offered “immunity”…they… Read more »

Norma Redman

Yes , Gerald Stanley and his family’s lives have been totally changed.I know people who live in the area, and have been told that he and his family have moved off the farm and have it up for sale.


He also came up from the United States to join his mother on the Red Pheasant Reserve, so possibly he is also an American.


Indigenous folks have relatives and ancestors across the borders… Pre europeans there were no borders.

Darren Davis

First nations continually have the country in court to sue,sue,sue. Hate to stoop to the same level but the bands need to be individually sued each and every time members of said band commit crimes against law abiding citizens and their rights, including Gerald Stanley. Cameron would very quickly provide effective leadership if his bottom line was in jeopardy!


Sadly rural Canadians are placed in a position of being damned if they defend or possibly dead if they do not. Part of the problem is our justice system seems to have a catch and release approach to repeat offenders on property crime. Time to lock them up until trial, and show there are serious meaningful punishments for breaking the law. This case is not about race it is about rural crime.


Maybe the Stanley Family has no desire to meet with Trudeau!
Tootoosis pushed to rally the FN together in support of Colten, in doing so she created a bias in every FN person. As a result, they wound up with an all white jury. They brought a lot on them selves.


As almost all of your writings I agree completely, however I don’t believe that it was necessary to state Stanley was a white farmer. It just feeds into the discrimination viewpoint. This case had nothing to do with colour and everything to do with protecting what was his.