Legal Expert Says Trudeau’s Colten Boushie Comments Could Jeopardize Fair Trial

Trudeau’s decision to interfere politically brings the independence of the justice system into serious question.

Legal expert Sean Robichaud – a criminal defence laywer in Toronto – says Justin Trudeau’s comments on the Colten Boushie case, in which Gerald Stanley was found not guilty in Boushie’s death, could have “tainted” any possible appeal by the Crown.

As reported by Global News, “By commenting on a particular case, it may affect the ability for Crown to proceed with the case if an appeal is granted,” Robichaud said. “I would have serious concerns moving forward, then. There will be a suggestion by the defense that the jury pool is now tainted and fair trial cannot proceed.”

The comments are also a risk to democracy:

“Robichaud said any public comments from the prime minister or justice minister questioning the credibility of the judiciary pose a threat to Canada’s democratic system, especially a potential appeal process, as the courts should be equal to the legislature.”

Robichaud’s comments fit with what many have pointed out: By weighing in on the verdict in this case, Justin Trudeau is attacking the idea of judicial independence, which is a very dangerous move.

By reacting emotionally and impulsively, Trudeau and the Justice Minister have sought to impose their own political perspective on a justice system that is supposed to remain impartial.

That’s why Trudeau’s comments were more than just virtue-signalling, they represent an attempt to exploit a tragic moment in order to destabilize and alter the justice system by enforcing a political bias.

It’s divisive and dangerous, and it puts our country on a very perilous path.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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