MASSIVE HYPOCRITE: Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew – Who Was Once Charged With Domestic Violence – Calls On Greg Selinger To Resign Over Stan ‘Minister Tickles’ Struthers

Greg Selinger put his own reputation on the line and defended Wab Kinew against criticism of his past. Now, Kinew is ‘repaying’ the favour by hypocritically calling on Selinger to resign over actions committed by somebody else.

Politics is full of hypocrisy on all sides.

But once in a while, there’s an example of hypocrisy so blatant that it boggles the mind.

That’s certainly the case in the recent demand by Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew that Greg Selinger resign.

Selinger was Premier when Stan Struthers was a government Minister. Struthers has been accused of unwanted touching of numerous women while serving as a Minister, and was tagged with the nickname ‘Minister Tickles.’

As the story of Struthers behavior while Selinger was Premier spread, there was increasing pressure on Selinger to make a statement.

Selinger has now said that not enough was done to create a good work environment, and has apologized

However, Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew went a step further, and asked Selinger to resign, which Selinger refused to do.

Here’s what that is so hypocritical.

Writing in the National Post in 2017, reporter Jen Gerson noted that “Fourteen years ago, police laid two domestic violence charges against Wab Kinew, now the leader of the Manitoba NDP.”

Here’s the story of the alleged domestic violence:

“According to Hart, in 2003 the two were living together when they had a fight. Kinew allegedly threw Hart across the room so forcefully that it left rug burns on her legs and arms. She called her grandmother in tears and left, taking only a laundry hamper full of clothes. She said she could barely bend her knees, the injury hurt so much. In a subsequent interview, Wendy Bird, Hart’s mother, reiterated Hart’s account, adding that Kinew also dragged her by her long hair and threatened to throw her off the balcony of their 18th-floor apartment.”

Additionally, “Hart went to the RCMP shortly afterward. Charges were laid, but stayed a year later. Hart said she never knew why the matter failed to proceed to court. Kinew was never convicted. The charges remain untested. And shortly after the allegations resurfaced this summer, he outright denied them — which leaves a glaring incompatibility between the two accounts. Either Hart is lying, or Kinew is.”

It’s technically impossible for anyone other than Kinew or Hart to who is telling the truth. He was charged with domestic violence, but was not ultimately convicted of it. And while Kinew also faced intense criticism for rap lyrics that were offensive to many people, he has also apparently made big changes in his life and become a better person.

Kinew – like all people – deserves the chance to grow and improve throughout life.

However, that is exactly what makes his call for Selinger to resign such a disgrace. Why would Selinger have to resign for the behavior of someone else, yet the leader of a party that routinely says “we have to believe all survivors,” gets to keep his job?

When Selinger recruited Kinew to run for office, he put his own credibility (already massively diminished after a widely-hated PST hike), on the line and defended Kinew over and over and over again.

At the time, Selinger could have easily cut Kinew loose and destroyed his fledgling political career before it even started.

He didn’t.

And yet, instead of repaying that support, Kinew tried throwing Selinger under the bus, totally failing to see the hypocrisy and disloyalty in his effort to push Selinger out.

I’m no fan of Selinger, but he deserved at least a shred of loyalty from Kinew rather than a knife to the back.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab