PURGE: Trudeau Government Removing All Conservative Appointees From National Energy Board

Under current legislation, those appointed to the board under the Conservative Harper Government would have kept their positions until after the 2019 federal election.

It seems the real goal of the Trudeau government’s new “environmental legislation” is being revealed.

The National Observer is reporting that “All 19 politically-appointed members of the National Energy Board are slated to be swept from their positions under new environmental legislation introduced last week by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government.”

The government openly admits that the upcoming legislation is meant to remove those appointed by Stephen Harper.

“While public servants would retain jobs in a restructured energy oversight regime, the bill introduced in the House of Commons is designed to jettison the current members of the pipeline regulator, the federal Natural Resources Department said on Tuesday.”

This purge of Conservative appointees will only add to the growing concern that the government is stacking the deck against the energy industry.

Tens of billions of dollars in investment has already been lost as companies see Canada’s energy sector as less profitable and less predictable.

Because of how the Trudeau government is imposing carbon taxes and expanding bureaucratic regulations, our energy sector loses competitiveness by the day, and it’s only getting worse.

The head of Suncor Steve Williams recently said“We’re having to look at Canada quite hard. The cumulative impact of regulation, and higher taxation than other jurisdictions is making Canada a more difficult place to allocate capital in.” 

While the Trudeau government has deceptively tried to give the impression that they want some projects to be approved, their actions show the complete opposite. They are intentionally weakening our homegrown energy industry.

At this point, a political purge of the NEB is disappointing, but not surprising.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube