CTV News’ Huge Mistake In Patrick Brown Story Further Erodes Credibility Of Establishment Media

They had earlier reported that one of Brown’s accusers was under the legal drinking age and in high school. Turns out, that wasn’t true, and other serious doubts are being raised about the story.

If a news organization is going to write a story that could destroy somebodies career, the least they can do is get the facts right.

However, it appears CTV News made a huge mistake in their reporting on the story that caused Patrick Brown to lose his job as Ontario PC Party Leader.

As reported by CBC, “CTV News published a story late Tuesday that changed the timeline of the alleged events. One of his accusers now says she was of legal drinking age and not in high school when Brown allegedly asked her to perform oral sex. “

CTV News had originally reported that the woman was under the legal drinking age and was in high school. CTV has since “changed” the story, meaning their original story – which set off the firestorm that cost Brown his job – contained a huge mistake.

Even worse, there are now growing doubts about the entire story itself:

“She alleged Brown tried to force her to perform oral sex on him at his home in Barrie more than 10 years ago, after meeting him in a bar. On Tuesday, she changed a key element in her original complaint, saying that she was not in high school at the time of the alleged incident. Now, a man who knows the accuser is disputing another key part of her story. She claimed he was the “mutual friend” who drove her to Brown’s house the night of the incident. He denies he ever took her there. “If I had seen her downtown at the bars, I would have said hello and that’s it,” said the man, now 29, a resident of Barrie, in an exclusive phone interview with CBC News.”

In a Facebook post, Patrick Brown ripped CTV News.

A key part of Brown’s post, and a link to the entire post can be seen below:

“I can also tell you that CTV News did not disclose last night that their reporter, Glen McGregor, called an acquaintance of mine yesterday to ask him if he had driven my first accuser to my home – a claim that was made by her. He categorically told CTV that this was completely untrue. I thought surely, CTV News would report on my acquaintance‘s evidence. I was wrong. CTV chose not to report the truth because the facts contradict their phony, made up narrative. Here is my message to CTV News. You lied. You defamed me. I will not allow your brand of trashy journalism to hurt another person in this country.”

CTV News is destroying their credibility

By making such a massive mistake in such a consequential story, CTV News is in the process of destroying their own credibility, and damaging what little credibility the rest of the establishment media may have.

The elitist press loves to complain about independent media and ask for taxpayer funded bailouts, but many will wonder why anyone should support the establishment media when they are making such huge mistakes.

If the media is able to destroy careers based on deception, our entire society is at serious risk.

Whether people personally like Patrick Brown or not, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the establishment media made huge errors in how they covered the allegations against him, contributing to a social media lynch-mob style atmosphere based on flimsy information.

As a result, trust in the establishment media appears poised to collapse even more, and many more Canadians are turning to alternative media sources for the truth.

Spencer Fernando

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Timothy Hickey

The media should not receive one cent from taxpayers! newsprint or television! I used to think it was important to fund a National broadcasting news outlet, but have serious reservations about the manipulation of the political elite, which appears to be the case with CTV!

I hope Patrick brown sues CTV and that they receive a huge punishment in terms of economic loss on top of their loss in credibility!


I find the Weather Channel has more factual news stories than most Canadian “Lame Stream News” sources such as CTV, CBC, The Globe and Mail , The Toronto Star, etc.

If I want factual news reports I tune into The Rebel News.


WE have know for years the coverage from Canada’s media, DISGRACEFUL!
Like our current Government Canadian’s can not believe what is given!!
Need new sources that tell the Whole story “LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED” CLEARLY LACKING IN MOST CANADIAN MEDIA. Corruption interferes.


Wow really sorry for Mr. Brown and our Liberal controlled false news attack. I really hope that he can pick up what life he has left. The rare time we ever got any news on him was bad. Our countries politics are so corrupt. Putting together what else is happening now, I can guess what is happening maybe, having always followed politics in the false news you can pick up the slant seeming to be happening. What I first thought when I heard that the Conservative/Liberal implant Brian Mulroney’s daughter was running, please think back, Mr Mulroney destroyed the Conservative’s… Read more »

Dave French

GREG– my thoughts exactly … I wouldn’t doubt if LIEBERALS paid these two accusers … since the LIBERALS & TRUDEAU know they will be VOTED OUT of OFFICE in 2019/!!!
I hope Patrick Brown sues CTV and any other media involved into the poor house, for destroying his political career, his personal life, etc.
It is obvious the accusers are liars as they keep changing their stories, about Patrick Brown. This should be thoroughly investigated & those involved … persons, medias should be put in jail.


Hope that Patrick Brown sues CTV NEWS for their huge mistake. Bye bye McGregor! Now Brown should offer his services to the Liberals since he was never a Conservative. Specially with the carbon tax! In conclusion, it was a good accident!