‘LEFT OUT IN THE COLD’: Veterans Across Canada Protest For Better Treatment

It’s shameful that our brave Canadian Veterans have to protest in front of Parliament for the support and benefits they were promised.

Across Canada, Canadian Veterans protested for better treatment from the federal government.

Organized by Colin Saunders, the main protest took place on Parliament Hill, with additional protests happening in other cities across our nation.

Earlier this week, Veterans Trevor Sanderson and Dick Groot camped out in Ottawa, drawing attention to the failures in the system for helping treat Veterans, and pointing out the gap between what the government promised Veterans, and what is actually being delivered.

Many people spoke in support of Veterans, including the organizer – Veteran Colin Saunders, and Conservative candidate/Veteran Mike Lalonde. Some of their remarks are included below:

The protest was called “Left Out In The Cold,” which truly describes how Canada’s Veterans have been treated.

As Lalonde said, “Canada needs to stand up for Veterans with the same dedication that veterans have given Canada.”

A key point that got attention was Justin Trudeau’s widely-condemned remarks at a town hall, where he told Veteran Brock Blaszczyk that Canadian Vets were asking for too much.

Saunders said Trudeau’s comment made him “feel disgusted and sick inside, that someone could say that. I mean Brock gave so much and sacrificed so much, and to hear that from somebody who doesn’t understand sacrifice, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, it made me sick, it made me want to take my medals and throw them in the garbage.”

Saunders has it 100% right.

Canadian Veterans were willing to sacrifice literally everything, willing to give their lives on behalf of the Canadian people. It’s a disgrace that Trudeau said they were asking for too much, and it’s a disgrace that the government failed to keep their promise to Canada’s Veterans.

That must come to an end.

Even if it takes billions, the government must fully restore the lifelong pension, and make it clear that every Veteran – without exception – will receive the full help and support they earned through service to Canada.

Anything less brings shame upon the government, and shame upon our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

Just how much has our Fairy Princeling given to other countries and the UN?
Is it not now over 6.2 billion Canadian tax dollars?
And that’s the money we know about…….
Absolute total disgrace!

Dave French

Here is how much Trudeau has given in 2017 alone: • IN 2017 – LIBERAL TRUDEAU HANDS OUT BILLION$ TO OTHER COUNTRIES WHILE CANADIANS STAND IN LINE AT FOOD BANKS. • AND YET, OUR OWN VETERANS & THEIR FAMILIES ARE STRUGGLING TO GET THE HELP & AID THEY NEED.” • TRUDEAU HAS TURNED HIS BACK ON OUR VETERANS, in FACT ALL CANADIANS.!!! In the last year 2017, LIBERAL PM TRUDEAU has provided direct cash aid to: • Clinton Foundation = $600 Million • Hamas = $351 Million (designated a terrorist organization) • Pakistan = $2 BILLION • Libya = $1.45… Read more »

Brian Mellor

The Liberal Fiberals have always had trouble fulfilling election promises. They fail and fail and fail while they keep suckering in naïve voters.

Margaret Tabak

Treatment of veterans by the Canadian Government is totally deplorable and must be corrected. Whether a vet has seen active duty or not, the fact that he/she VOLUNTEERED to serve and protect this country must be sufficient cause to ensure the person receives full and proper compensation. We have vets who were injured while in training as far back as the 1950’s but because they don’t have medical records to PROVE the injury was caused while in service they are denied pension benefits. IS THIS FAIR? Not to my way of thinking.

Alci B

Canadians should be appalled by all the liberal government is doing , it’s a total disgrace. We the Canadian people stand with our Veterans and demand that the government do likewise.


Canadain’s should all be standing behind our veterans and supporting them, in every way they can. In just two short years, Trudeau has turned Canada inside out. Mass immigration, along with open boarder’s, illegal immigrants, paying terrorist, supporting Isis fighter’s returning to Canada, changing the Nation Anthem, Assisted suicide death, sending our hard-earned tax’s dollars to foreign countries. Its a never ending list with Trudeau. Breaking ethnic laws. Tell me when will Canadian’s wake up to these atrocities from this Liberal government.

Chris vrecko

Darlen, amen! I am so sickened at the lack of respect and help our vets receive. This govt. Is so hateful to it’s citizens, a disgrace. The prime minister is the biggest sicko to ever grace the halls of parliament and to think all the libtards support him is even worse. Shame on every liberal in this country.


Trudeau is just an empty suit oh and kiddy socks.
Like father , like son. not interested in Canada but rather playing
a role, an not a good one.
He needs to go back to the ski hills.

Change will come.

june dobson

hard to believe this government doing this,, shame on them,,,,,too young to remember all our military did for us,ooops,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i thought about it,,, not too hard to believe what this government is doing ,what can we expect,,,,hmmmmmmmm just wondering, is this government all Canadians? We Canadians are so very very lucky because of our Military,, sometime,, just think about it,, have they even Thanked This Military..probably not,,, 🙁


Bless your hart June as a vet our thanks were reams of paperwork upon discharge and even though all the records were there for anyone to look at we still had to prove each and every injury .This when your dealing with severe trauma lost limbs ,eyesight,hearing,just makes things a lot worse.The service person has to relive what they went through just filling out the paperwork.They do not have to do it now but last PM thought it was fine when he privatized a lot of Vac to be able to question the Vet if his legs grew back or… Read more »

Sandy Brace

The gentleman spoke elegantly but lost all credibility by talking about how he will do more for veterans as a Conservative. We recently got rid of a Con government that disrespected and hurt our veterans for 8 long years. We need to throw both main parties to the curb for at least one term to wake them up.