‘LEFT OUT IN THE COLD’: Veterans Across Canada Protest For Better Treatment

It’s shameful that our brave Canadian Veterans have to protest in front of Parliament for the support and benefits they were promised.

Across Canada, Canadian Veterans protested for better treatment from the federal government.

Organized by Colin Saunders, the main protest took place on Parliament Hill, with additional protests happening in other cities across our nation.

Earlier this week, Veterans Trevor Sanderson and Dick Groot camped out in Ottawa, drawing attention to the failures in the system for helping treat Veterans, and pointing out the gap between what the government promised Veterans, and what is actually being delivered.

Many people spoke in support of Veterans, including the organizer – Veteran Colin Saunders, and Conservative candidate/Veteran Mike Lalonde. Some of their remarks are included below:

The protest was called “Left Out In The Cold,” which truly describes how Canada’s Veterans have been treated.

As Lalonde said, “Canada needs to stand up for Veterans with the same dedication that veterans have given Canada.”

A key point that got attention was Justin Trudeau’s widely-condemned remarks at a town hall, where he told Veteran Brock Blaszczyk that Canadian Vets were asking for too much.

Saunders said Trudeau’s comment made him “feel disgusted and sick inside, that someone could say that. I mean Brock gave so much and sacrificed so much, and to hear that from somebody who doesn’t understand sacrifice, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, it made me sick, it made me want to take my medals and throw them in the garbage.”

Saunders has it 100% right.

Canadian Veterans were willing to sacrifice literally everything, willing to give their lives on behalf of the Canadian people. It’s a disgrace that Trudeau said they were asking for too much, and it’s a disgrace that the government failed to keep their promise to Canada’s Veterans.

That must come to an end.

Even if it takes billions, the government must fully restore the lifelong pension, and make it clear that every Veteran – without exception – will receive the full help and support they earned through service to Canada.

Anything less brings shame upon the government, and shame upon our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube