SOCIALISM: Venezuelan Parents Are Abandoning Children At Orphanages Because They Can’t Feed Them

The left continues to ignore the horrific consequences of real socialism.

It’s the story the left doesn’t want anyone to talk about, and that they’re despeartely trying to avoid.

Socialism has led Venezuela down a horrific path, and the level of human suffering is reaching a truly awful level.

According to the Washington Post, “Poverty and hunger rates are soaring as Venezuela’s economic crisis leaves store shelves empty of food, medicine, diapers and baby formula. Some parents can no longer bear it. They are doing the unthinkable. Giving up their children. “People can’t find food,” Salazar told me. “They can’t feed their children. They are giving them up not because they don’t love them but because they do.”’

Meanwhile, the governing Venezuelan elites such as President Nicolas Maduro are well-fed and living in luxury, even as their people suffer.

This is why the left is so desperate to avoid talking about Venezuela:

Socialism has often been imposed on poor countries, and its inevitable failure was blamed on the fact that those countries had few resources to begin with.

But Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves on Earth, and even with lower oil prices, there is zero excuse for Venezuela becoming such a hellscape.

That’s why the socialist ‘experiment’ in Venezuela has fully exposed socialism for what it is: An ideology of violence, suffering, poverty, and pain.

The ideology of socialism took a nation with gigantic oil reserves and turned it into a place where people are starving and abandoning their children.

We must not let the elites and the leftists obscure that fundamental truth.

Spencer Fernando

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