VIDEO: Trump Addresses Mass Shooting At Florida School, As More Details About Accused Killer Emerge

The FBI had previously been warned that he was making dangerous threats.

US President Donald Trump addressed the horrific mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, Florida.

In part, Trump said “Yesterday a school filled with innocent children and caring teachers became the scene of terrible violence, hatred, and evil.” We are here for you. Whatever you need, whatever we can do to ease your pain … We are all joined together as one American family and your suffering is our burden also. No child, no teacher should ever be in danger in an American school.”

His full remarks can be seen below:

More details about alleged killer emerge

Nikolas Cruz has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder and was denied bond.

Early reports from the Associated Press that the suspect was tied to a white nationalist group have been disputed by law enforcement, who say they found no such link.

There are also questions emerging about the FBI, as it has been revealed that they were previously warned about Cruz making social media posts where he indicated his intention to commit a school shooting.

Per the AP, “A Mississippi bail bondsman named Benjamin Bennight says he alerted the FBI last September after someone using the screen name “Nikolas Cruz” posted a comment on his YouTube channel saying: “Im going to be a professional school shooter.” Bennight explains in a video post that he flagged it for YouTube and called an FBI office in Mississippi to report it. He says FBI agents visited him the next day. Agent Rob Lasky says the agency did a database review but couldn’t determine the time, location or true identity of the person making the comment.”

Cruz had reportedly passed a background check in his effort to buy a weapon, and some are criticizing the Republicans for their 2017 repeal of rules that made it more difficult for people with severe mental illnesses to pass FBI background checks and obtain weapons.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thank you Spencer. This again is a most horrible tragedy, our hearts pour tears for these young souls. We must find a way to stop hate groups that kill needlessly, our future depends on this.

John van Doodewaard

Indeed we all should be deeply saddened by this needless loss of life. If ever we hope to stop things like this school massacre from happening, the root cause must be addressed. There is a definite link between violence being shown on television, movies and video games and violence perpetrated. Young people and adults frequently watching violent murder and horror movies often will be brainwashed into thinking killing other people is fun and exciting.Hollywood is quite complicit in the spread of violence in their production of violent and sexually promiscuous entertainment. If people are serious about curbing violence, let’s start… Read more »

Patricia Marshall

Thank goodness for your article Spencer. I watched CTV news this evening and was appalled at the obvious disrespect and bias shown, in tone and commentary,by their reporter in a very short story regarding the President’s speech which he said was a ‘teleprompter speech’. President Trump’s speech was from his heart and it showed. He loves his country and his people…it is a pity we don’t have someone like that to be proud of here.

Clive Edwards

Not to downplay the recent school shooting tragedy, but why do we react the way we do to domestic school shootings when our armed forces and their allies and proxies kill hundreds, thousands, and even millions of similarly innocent people including students and their teachers overseas? Just asking….