DISTURBING: Jagmeet Singh’s NDP Invites Supporter Of Anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan To Give A Keynote Speech At Convention

By promoting such an extremist figure, the NDP confirms that Jagmeet Singh is taking them in an extreme far-left direction.

If the NDP under Jagmeet Singh is trying to be taken seriously, they’re certainly going about it a disturbingly dumb way.

The Globe & Mail is reporting that the NDP has invited Tamika Mallory to be one of the keynote speakers at their party convention this weekend.

Here’s why that’s a huge problem:

Mallory is a big supporter of Louis Farrakhan, the founder of the Nation of Islam.

“Ms. Mallory, a campaigner for social justice, health care and gun-control legislation, is also a vocal supporter of Louis Farrakhan, who blames Jews for the slave trade and black oppression. He also perpetuates a conspiracy theory that says a small handful of Jewish people control the United States, and has lamented Christian “blindness to that wicked state of Israel.”

“Ms. Mallory used her Twitter account on May 11 of last year to wish Mr. Farrakhan a happy birthday saying, “Thank God this man is still alive and doing well. He is definitely the GOAT [Greatest Of All Time].” She has also repeatedly endorsed him over the past two years on the social-media site Instagram.”

The NY Times also reported this about Farrakhan:

“Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, has repeated for a national television audience his description of Adolf Hitler as ”a very great man.”’

Many of Farrakhan’s statements are indistinguishable from neo-nazi propaganda, so why the hell would the NDP invite a supporter of his to speak?

Farrakhan has also made many statements critical of LGBT people, yet the NDP is strangely silent on the massive hypocrisy of their supposedly ‘inclusive’ party inviting someone who backs Farrakhan.

Mallory is also a close ally of Linda Sarsour – a sharia apologist.

Anti-Semitism in the NDP?

Another disturbing thing about the upcoming NDP convention is the anti-Israel bias in upcoming party resolutions:

The presence of Ms. Mallory at the convention is a concern for some Jewish groups, who also take issue with the fact that 14 of the 45 resolutions on international affairs that have been submitted by NDP riding associations are either pro-Palestinian or critical of Israel.

If the Conservatives invited a supporter of an anti-semitic extremist to speak at a convention, they would be shredded endlessly by the media.

Yet, aside from the report in the Globe & Mail, Jagmeet Singh is so far getting a pass on his party’s disturbing endorsement of extremist supporters.

Think about it: The ‘woke’ NDP is inviting a supporter of somebody who likes Hitler to speak at their convention in a keynote role.

It should be a national story.

This is a free country, and the NDP can invite whoever they want to speak. But Canadians are also free to make conclusions about who the Jagmeet Singh NDP associate themselves with, and their association with Tamika Mallory is a massive – and revealing – mistake.

It also shows that the NDP is fully abandoning any idea of being a party for working class Canadians. Instead, they are embracing extremist social justice warriors and far-left lunatics, giving the Conservatives an opening to truly become the party that stands up for Canada’s national economy and the workers who keep that economy going.

Spencer Fernando

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This is really bad! Now it is clear what Jagmeet Singh is really all about! He never was a person with any interest in Canada and the Canadian people. He never appreciated how we graciously accepted him here as a citizen. In reality he is an imposter, only intent on imposing his ridiculous visions upon Canada, and converting us into being followers of a strange and unpalatable ideology.

Elizabeth Thorne

Beyond believable.


And you just keep your blinders on, and you’ll be happy in your little delusional world!
But when you finally realize the truth, and find you’ve been far beyond stupid, it’ll be too late!
More proof that “liberalism is a mental disorder” …