REPORT: Patrick Brown Is Running For Ontario PC Party Leader

The former Ontario PC Party Leader is seeking to get his old job back.

What’s old is new again.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Patrick Brown is running to get back the job he lost due to accusations of sexual misconduct.

Brown had been rapidly abandoned by his staff and PC MPPs, and was quickly replaced by interim leader Vic Fedeli.

The party then called a leadership race.

However, in recent days there have been increasing doubts about the accuracy of the allegations made against Brown, and he passed a lie detector test. He has also said he will sue CTV News for huge inaccuracies in their story – which is the story that led to Brown being removed in the first place.

Many people – including many who didn’t support Brown politically – have been disturbed by how quickly the Ontario PC Party leadership threw him under the bus on the basis of anonymous allegations – without even giving him much of a chance to fight back.

Shockingly, interim Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli kicked Brown out of the PC Caucus today, though he remains a party member and is thus eligible to run for the leadership.

Now, the Toronto Sun says they have confirmed Brown is entering the race, and also pointed out that “In recent weeks, other leadership camps have been attempting to attract Brown’s supporters and liaisons from various ethnic communities onto their own teams. A number of prominent grassroots organizer recently told the Sun that they were holding back their support to wait and see if Brown did in fact enter the race.”

Here’s what some of Brown’s leadership race opponents are saying:

What do you think about Patrick Brown running for Ontario PC Leader again?

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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