SHOCK: Vic Fedeli Kicks Patrick Brown Out Of PC Party Caucus

Despite reports that Patrick Brown passed a lie-detector test, and despite mounting questions about the allegations against him, Ontario PC Party Interim Leader Vic Fedeli has kicked Patrick Brown out of the Ontario PC Party Caucus.

In a shocking move, Ontario PC Party Interim Leader Vic Fedeli has removed Patrick Brown from the Ontario PC Caucus.

This contradicts Fedeli’s earlier statements, where he said Brown would be removed if he could not disprove the allegations against him.

Yet, at this very moment those allegations are being increasingly questioned, as inconsistencies add up and CTV News revealed that a huge part of their original story was false.

Additionally, The Toronto Sun is reporting that Patrick Brown passed a lie detector test:

“Patrick Brown passed a lie-detector test that asked him detailed questions about sexual misconduct allegations against him, the Toronto Sun has learned. The test, administered by one of Canada‚Äôs top polygraph experts, was conducted in two stages on Feb. 14 and Feb 15 in Markham. Brown was asked about the specific accusations that have been made by him by two women, one that occurred five years ago and the other about 10 years ago.”

According to John Galianos – a polygraph expert who conducted the test – “In each case, Brown not only answered truthfully, Galianos said, he exceeded the standards use to determine truth by the FBI and RCMP.”

So, even as Patrick Brown is fighting to reclaim his reputation – and appears to be succeeding – Vic Fedeli kicks him out.

Fedeli’s shocking move adds to the insane gong-show atmosphere surrounding the Ontario PCs, and raises serious questions about what is really going on with how Brown is being purged from the party he once led.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

Seems like Fedeli should be the one ousted. Maybe someone like Doug Ford needs to become leader of the Ontario PCs and make it rat free.


It sounds to me that Vic Fedeli is a Liberal in sheep’s clothing! He seems to be using the left-wing lieberal policy of “Guilty even when proven innocent!”

rudolf van oldenbarneveld

Patrick Brown was in agreement with the LIBERALS to have carbon TAX, I am PC and 100% against this scam.

Ann Harris

I seriously doubt, an experienced politician as Fedele is, would make such a serious move without facts to back up his decision.
Even if the sexual charges against Brown aren’t warranted, there’s much more to take into account such as the corruption involving district elections and more.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Amazing that the fact of “Innocent until Proven Guilty” is no longer applied in Canada, if you are accused you are automatically guilty and shunned. Support of Fascist radical authoritarian identity political leadership is proving to be the theme of this generation in all parties. Dangerous times we are in but interesting ones, waiting on the “Affirmative Action law” so I can sue for my father being ripped off his WWII pension, along with approx 50 others who’s families were ripped off. If The Charter, Constitution and Individual Freedoms are not respected you can BET there will be a singular… Read more »


Interim Leader Vic Fedeli – What a friggin idiot. Is he on Wynne’s payroll to guarantee her a win? It sure seems like it. Is this Feddeli a Trudeau wannabe? Can Fedeli spell lawsuit? It seems it doesn’t matter what political Party, they are all really stupid. I suspect Canada is headed for anarchy. Cops can’t or won’t protect us because they are terrified of being racist or of offending Alla or being accused of hate crimes. Politicians either won’t or are incapable of standing up for Canada or even our small communities. Society is collapsing under the weight of… Read more »


Fideli did the right thing. Patrick Brown should join the Corrupt Liberals. He is against the Carbon Tax and was against Passing Bill 62 which the Majority of Canadians want. He is confused. He is NOT a Conservative. He is a Liberal. We do NOT want a Corrupt Dictator like Trudeau. We want an Honest, Hardworking Leader who works for the People – NOT for Himself.
Thank-you Vic Fedeli!

alan skelhorne

so fernando, you have contacts on the inside, wh o is at fault, is it the pc party or is it the most corrupt politician this country has ever seen. this should be made public,.
she/he already got away with bribery charges, she is just like clinton in the usaa, she will do anything to stay in power.

Rick Hubbert

This situation is getting out of control. Brown has not even been charged with a crime, much less been convicted of one. What fair minded person would accept without proof that Fedeli has justification for his hasty action to take away their representative from the people of Simcoe North, who duly elected Brown their Progressive Conservative representative to Ontario’s Legislature? Or the People of Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte who under the new riding boundaries, who also expected Brown to be their candidate in the June election. Without hard proof, This is looking more like a man on a power trip.

Miles Lunn

I think Fideli did the right thing. Being a party leader, a member, and especially premier is a privilege not a right. Brown has the right to clear himself in the court of law, but he should not be leader of the party. Putting him as leader would ensure the PCs lose in June.


It may be best to leave Brown out as he could lose to Wynne. We cannot take that chance. Doug Ford might be better suited to do what needs to be done.

Let’s hope the stupid party AKA conservative party of Ontario can it’s act together and start the healing. Otherwise, there won’t be an entrepreneur left in the province to sign a paycheck.

Government jobs are paid with money extorted from the employees of private sector entrepreneurs. I don’t think the left is aware of that fact.