VENEZUELA DREAMIN’: Pair Of Toronto NDP Riding Associations Want To Officially Make ‘Socialism’ The Party’s Goal

Resolution would change party constitution and put the emphasis back on socialism.

As the New Democratic Party gathers for their convention amid weak poll numbers, some in the NDP are pushing for a move even further toward socialism.

In 2013, the NDP removed references to socialism from their party constitution, as Tom Mulcair tried moving the party closer to the centre.

However, two Toronto NDP riding associations are pushing to put socialism back in – apparently thinking that emulating Venezuela would somehow be a good idea.

As noted by the Toronto Star, the resolution reads in part:

“Socialism, a cooperative commonwealth in which public ownership and democratic control by working people of the major means of production, distribution and exchange, is the goal of the New Democratic Party.”

How could that go wrong…

Singh praised Fidel Castro

Whether the resolution passes remains to be seen, as it may get buried under other resolutions.

Yet, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the NDP move in an even more socialist direction, considering how far-left Singh is taking the party.

After all, this is what he said about Fidel Castro:

Also, Singh’s NDP have invited a supporter of Louis Farrakhan – the founder of the Nation of Islam and a huge anti-Semite – to be a keynote speaker at their convention.

It seems political extremism is increasingly the norm for the NDP under Jagmeet Singh. His policies would already move Canada further towards the socialist suffering of Venezuela, and that remains true whether or not the NDP puts the word ‘socialism’ itself back into their constitution.

Spencer Fernando

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don morris

The Dippers enjoyed a few years in the sun with moderate socialist Leaders,now they are adopting the leadership of the communist branch of the national socialist Party,whose members were willing to bide their time for a couple of decades but now are emboldened by the new socialist/communist schmuck in charge. Singh’s statements in interviews since being elected Leader of the NDP are so out to lunch he makes Trudeau look positively statesman like.His unwillingness to deplore the actions of the Air India bomber is indicative of a either an evil mind or chickensh** pandering to an extremist bunch in his… Read more »

Dave Bainard

Between this Castro/Venezuelan socialism and their adoption of the Leap Manifesto, they have some pretty crazy ideas for Canada. Deport them to their idealistic countries before they can damage us more than the liberals already have.


What are they talking about, NDP is totally Socialist, just look at Alberta. Notley is making the once great Province of Alberta totally dependent on her gov’t. Mega businesses have moved out of our Province, small business closures are happening all across Alberta, now she wants to raise the minimum wage to $20 per hour. So they can just stop the BS now, and to invite Louis Farrakhan to speak is just an evil move…he is pure evil. I think someone’s head is too tightly wrapped. smh

B J Stewart

Karl Marx and the communist manifesto should be googled and read.

Edith Wenzel

Justin could relate to the guy with the hat.


This article compliments Spencer’s writing:

Globalism, Socialism, Technocracy: three names for the same thing

Norbert Kausen

THAT wasn’t long in coming, the NDP competing withbthe Liberals to go so far left as to walk off the stage! Conservatives seen to be te most palatable!

Elizabeth Moorhouse

Wow, just Wow! When you ask a young person if they want socialism, they say shout an enthusiastic YES! When you ask them what Socialism is, they give you a look, like deer in the HEADLIGHTS! WE are so doomed as a society!


Venezuela is such a wonderful socialist success story, only slightly worse off than Cuba. I wonder why so many people leave socialist countries? Socialism is only for the Trudeau’s, Liberals and Clinton’s of the world. Everybody else gets crapped on and oppressed by the elites. It now looks like the NDP want to get on the gravy train of living on somebody else’s money and hard work.

Brian Mellor

Proportional Representation voting system is a dangerous ideology with a 100% failure rate. The first was Germany in the early 1900s when they adopted PR. By 1930 the government failed and the economy collapsed. Desperate people elected a paper hanger named Hitler who blamed the world for their troubles and declared war on it. Once 16,00,000 were killed it was over and the new government around 1947 limited PR to just 5% were it remains today. Even today Germany has a hard time forming a government. It took 3 months this last time. Many countries have followed this pattern Norway,… Read more »

Wendy Lush

We do have one thing in common with Venezuela though. If we are ever to get out of the mire and corruption of Mad Dictator Trudeau, it’s looking like the only way will be via an old-fashioned latin-american style revolution.


Del you are right yet again. Venezuela has millions of their middleclass escaping their homes, the poor are dying and trying walk out to get food, Columbia and Brazil are swamped with sick and starving people. Socialism is only for the Very rich, no matter what you call it. Only Rich Despots allowed. Keep this out of Canada we need our country back before it is too late.

Bob Fry

Did the NDP think that having a Mr. Singh would bring in the immigrate vote? His lack of taking any position, only allows the NDP to have a rudderless ship with no Captain at the wheel. Just wonderful inviting speakers that don’t share any Canadian values. If the Mr.Singh feels he will move the party to the Socialist format, he may gain some votes from the youth. This makes securing seats more difficult in Quebec, and may assist the Liberals in picking up the NDP seats. Are we not sure that Mr. Singh is not under the coaching of George… Read more »


Socialism or neo-feudalism, whatever you want to call it, is the system of control that the powers that be are now in the process of setting up. Over a period of time, the few at the top own everything and we (middle class included) own nothing (and they will ration out to you what they think you need). This plan (Agenda 2030) is not restricted to the NDP. The Liberals are implementing it now. This video helps one understand the UN’s plan currently being implemented (15 years for full realization) from top down and local levels. It’s pure evil but… Read more »