WATCH: 11 Minutes Of Justin Trudeau Being Owned On Ethics Violations By Pierre Poilievre

For 11 minutes, Trudeau stumbled and bumbled while attempting to ‘answer’ questions from Poilievre, eventually falling back into sad and pathetic lectures about how the system ‘works.’

Justin Trudeau had a tough time in Question Period again.

Over and over, Pierre Poilievre asked Trudeau questions about his ethics violations, and clearly got into Trudeau’s head.

On many of the questions, Poilievre made references to generic unethical acts, and Trudeau hilariously assumed that it was relating to his own behaviour – showing what seemed like a guilty conscience.

Then, Trudeau just gave up and started giving pathetic lectures on how the system works and pretended that legitimate questions about his ethics violations were somehow personal attacks and mudslinging.

All in all, Trudeau was owned over and over again.

Watch the exchange below:

Trudeau’s condescending answers and brazen disregard for the questions he was asked goes to show his contempt for the Canadian people.

Over $200K in our hard-earned taxpayer dollars went to Trudeau’s illegal trip, and now he won’t even commit to paying it back.


Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

My but how the Crime Minister BABBLES about everything BUT answering the question… and his diatribe on inaccurate and totally irrelevant “job creation” just confirms gross arrogance and ignorance! He has broken the law but does NOT want to take responsibility for his actions! He is incompetent and should NOT be in office!!!


“wonderboy” is an idiot, and unfit to be a leader of our fine northern neighbors…like all liberals, when outed for violations, he blathers on and on about complete BS while never answering the questions, always attacking those who question him, playing the victim…

i weep for my friends in Canadia…well, except for the Canadian hockey fans, whose team always kicks our arse… 🙂

Ron Voss

If it is an offence under the criminal code and it is, then why don’t the Conservatives call for an investigation by the RCMP or Trudeau’s resignation? Is he above the law?

I like Pierre Poilievre and wish that he was the CPC leader.

Wendy Lush

And I wish that Pierre Poilievre were Prime Minister.


It’s obvious that Trudeau doesn’t feel a moral or ethical responsibility to pay back the trip. And the Liberal caucus must be brain dead not to see that they’re supporting a fool.

Wendy Lush

They don’t want to lose their cushy jobs so they shut up and say nothing. Tyrant Trudeau is their boss.

Brian Richard Allen

…. the Liberal caucus must be brain dead not to see that it’s supporting a fool …. But for the 10-15% who are either psychopathic or sociopathic, the vast racketeering organized-criminal hordes that pretend to being “poloitical” and that trade as “Liberals” or as, EG, the “NDP” or “Greens” and so on ARE, to a man: brain dead! Those, after all, are folk who delude themselves theirs is the moral high ground. From which they send rough men armed with guns to stick them in your ear in order to confiscate your earned and owned wealth — and to then… Read more »


dont bite the hand that feeds


I would like to see the Ethics Commissioners ‘findings’ and ‘recommendations and advice’. Trudeau says his Liberal Government will be the most transparent government ever. Well then lets see what Trudeau is following the ‘recommendations and advice’ he speaks about.

From what I see, every time Justin Trudeau doesn’t answer the questions posed, it costs us taxpayers even more money!!! If Justin Trudeau lies, like he did about the fastest growing unemployment rate in the G7, He should be held to account and Fined a huge amount of HIS OWN MONEY. Justin Trudeau must be forced to resign..


Trudeau has clearly and intentionally violated Section 121, 1, c, of the Criminal Code of Canada. He committed a criminal offense. The RCMP are required by law to arrest Trudeau and charge him under the Criminal Code of Canada. The Opposition should continue this attempt to get Trudeau to admit his guilt and repay the money. I would go as far as to simply have a Member of the RCMP appear behind the Opposition Members and just stand there, in working Uniform, not the Red Ceremonial one. Trudeau would panic, suspecting that he was going to be arrested. Before every… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Trudeau has quickly figured out what previous prime ministers have known – that there are few consequences for questionable behavior, ethics violations, even criminal activity while prime minister. This is a huge flaw in the Canadian political system and our Constitution. If we ever survive this immoral character Trudeau we will need to modify our laws.

Lawrence Kosedy

This POS PM is labouring on one thing-repeat; repeat as he did on so Janet occasions that is so disgusting as he thinks we “Canadians” are stupid!! JT insults Canadian taxpayers intelligence every time he answers a questin in HOC and I’m sickened to death or should say skin is crawling from his childish answers:: my 15 year old Grandson could do better!!!


PM turns his corruption back as always the Opposition is mudslinging.
He broke a criminal code and that is not mudslinging just calling him out on it and the entire Liberal agrees as usual. The entire Liberal House need to go way back to school as they do not know what is wrong or right. Truly SAD!!!

Clive Edwards

The RCMP will never arrest Trudeau or any other federal politician. I have known criminal RCMP members and decent RCMP members, and the decent ones are undermined at every turn by politics and corruption within the system. There is no accountability within this paramilitary organization. What little there is, is window dressing.

chris malmstrom

Kinda stupid to put what you know, along with your name on public media…didn’t learn nothin from your RCMP buddies, huh?

Brian Richard Allen

…. JT insults every Canadian’s intelligence every time he (refuses to) answer a question ….

In this instance the perilously pernicious Pretender Canadians are at present having in place of a pm invited his impeccably-polite and precise questioner to, effectively,” “step outside” and to there repeat what Trudeau insisted upon personalizing — and that we all know to be true.

Seems to me imperative that M. Pierre Poilievre calls the Baby-Dawk’s bluff!


If he were in a court of law, he would be fined heavily for contempt by the judge. If he were in a classroom, he would be sent to the principal for not answering the questions and be penalized for his unacceptable behaviour. Since he is the crime minister he thinks he is above any laws.

alan skelhorne

forget about it people, he is way above the law, because if he wasn,t, he would have been trown out or resigned. plain n simple he is the new king imam of canada, and there is nothing any person can do about it.

Elizabeth Moorhouse

I agree with so many of the comment here! Spencer, what can we do? He Must be held accountable, or our country is doomed! How on earth do we dethrone him? Why are criminal charges not being brought to bear? Is it not the job of the Governor General to make this happen? Can we have her brought up on charges of aiding and abetting? Conspiracy? Something? I feel so helpless. Even if the PC’s get elected in 2019. It will be too late! Help us!!

Doreen Thompson

You can forget about the Governor General she is a friend of Trudeau as was the previous one – both completely useless, just as the previous Ethics Commissioner who held back her report until the House closed for Christmas Break and hoped they would forget about it

chris malmstrom

ask Ben Shapiro, he’s the only one in North America that seems to have any common sense…and he has commented on Trudoh, and not in a nice way.

chris malmstrom

that was for Elizabeth

Doug Hughes

Pay it back Trudeau pay back the 215000 you ripped us off for!


Why does he get to take his family on all his business trips across the globe? It increases the costs substantially and the taxpayers pay for it. Military members who are away from their families six months and longer at a time don’t get this. How many weeks vacation a year is he entitled to? Is he required to even put in 40 hours a week work? 330,000 a year and the taxpayers have to pay for his Nannies and his vacations? He lives rent free ffs. Let me guess one term and he will get a pension for life?… Read more »

Ron Tylor

Pay it back Trudeau , you are greedy filthy millionaire thieves.


Trudeau is a shell and therefore does not feel any responsibility for his actions. Nonetheless, if he has nothing to hide, why is he so evasive? What conversations did he actually have with the Aga Khan that he has not told us? Compelled speech (Bill C-16) — Censorship laws (coming) — Sustainable development/Agenda 2030 — Carbon tax — Sale of strategic companies to foreign interests — Criminal payouts — Immigration of 1 million over the next 3 years. Where do these ideas originate? May I suggest that at least some of these ideas come from the minds of men from… Read more »


Now we know why Trudeau flunked out of Engineering and became a Drama Teacher he could never have past the Engineering ethics exam….


it is amazing how easy it is for the lamebrain to babble on so confidently and with such determination with statements that are senseless, repetitive, same ol same ol , meaningless confirming his weak mind and warped logic


More than 11,000 Canadians have signed a petition supporting Democracy Watch’s campaign calling on federal parties to work together to change the appointment process for the Ethics Commissioner, and all officers of Parliament and judicial and watchdog positions, to make it actually merit-based and independent from Cabinet, and to prohibit reappointments.


Has the prime minister ever apologized for this? I will accept that he may not have thought about the repercussions of this “vacation”, although as any government employee at any level, knows the danger of gift taking of any kind, but the stupidity of vacationing with someone (friend or not) who benefits from grants that are given by his cabinet, is beyond my comprehension. If any lower level employee was caught doing this, they would probably be fired or at the very least, be placed in a position where this would not ever be a problem again. And I don’t… Read more »

Nancy Champeau

Can’t this Moronic Prime Minister answer Any questions, Put forth to him by Mr. Poilievre? Maybe, Trudeau Really Can’t comprehend, Exactly what They(Questions) Mean!! I Doubt very much, He actually Knows what’s going on around him, And IS Mentally Unstable!! I Really can’t stand seeing him, Anymore or Anywhere!! I find him quite Disturbing, To say the least!