WATCH: 11 Minutes Of Justin Trudeau Being Owned On Ethics Violations By Pierre Poilievre

For 11 minutes, Trudeau stumbled and bumbled while attempting to ‘answer’ questions from Poilievre, eventually falling back into sad and pathetic lectures about how the system ‘works.’

Justin Trudeau had a tough time in Question Period again.

Over and over, Pierre Poilievre asked Trudeau questions about his ethics violations, and clearly got into Trudeau’s head.

On many of the questions, Poilievre made references to generic unethical acts, and Trudeau hilariously assumed that it was relating to his own behaviour – showing what seemed like a guilty conscience.

Then, Trudeau just gave up and started giving pathetic lectures on how the system works and pretended that legitimate questions about his ethics violations were somehow personal attacks and mudslinging.

All in all, Trudeau was owned over and over again.

Watch the exchange below:

Trudeau’s condescending answers and brazen disregard for the questions he was asked goes to show his contempt for the Canadian people.

Over $200K in our hard-earned taxpayer dollars went to Trudeau’s illegal trip, and now he won’t even commit to paying it back.


Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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