FOOL: Trudeau Compares Opposing Carbon Tax To Opposing Pipelines

Trudeau ignores the fact that carbon taxes damage the economy, while pipelines help create prosperity.

Justin Trudeau made an incredibly foolish comparison between Saskatchewan opposing the carbon tax and the B.C. NDP opposing pipelines

Here’s what Trudeau said:

“Premier Horgan’s attempts to block the pipeline are exactly lined up with Brad Wall’s attempts to stop the carbon tax.”

Trudeau’s incredibly dumb comment was quickly criticized by Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe:

Moe has it exactly right:

Pipelines are good for the economy, while carbon taxes are the exact opposite.

Trudeau is trying to compare the two in order to obscure the damaging reality of carbon taxes, and punish any province that doesn’t go along with his imposition of the tax.

Meanwhile, it’s not only carbon taxes that are hurting the economy under Trudeau.

His increased regulations and bureaucracy – particularly for energy sector projects – are making Canada a far less certain place to invest, and tens of billions worth of investments have already been cancelled or delayed.

The longer this goes on, the weaker our economy becomes, and that’s why all Canadians should support those like Premier Moe who are fighting back against Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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What Alberta & Saskatchewan need to do is bring up the provinces will bring forward a referendum vote for separation & put that on sock boys plate. Let him see the reality of what the western people are thinking. This tactic seems to work good for kbek so why not for the western provinces?


Trudeau’s statement doesn’t even make sense. My goodness, he is clueless. I guess you get that way when you think you are a god.


Pipelines are more economical and way less polluting and way safer than trucking or using the rails, same with using products not made here very polluting. The polluting boats, trains, trucks and from what I have read jets are extremely polluting and much more costly shipping halfway around the world as most things sold in Canada are from since we no longer make them here.
Carbon tax costs all Canadians a lot and does nothing to help our environment, it also costs job losses, and makes the rich richer, but it seems we keep voting Liberal.

Bradley Holdner

This is ALL according to plan, the implementation of globalist UN Agenda’s 21/2030. The damaging of our economy both provincial and federal, the first place to damage would, of course, be the strongest wealth builder of a resource based economy, it IS the hydrocarbon industry.


Regarding pipe lines et al, an issue as an eastern Canadian I’ve not followed closely but have noted Liberal Trudeau opposition. I’m an old dog, memory is fading and it is hard to keep up with issues never mind time, but . . . somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind is a faded memory of the Trudeau family a connection (multimple gas stations) with fuel in this part of the world. The name escapes me (maybe) ??? Can someone please help this hound and assure me that all Trudeau family connections business interests have long been severed from… Read more »


Michael: Take a look at this article about his finances & inheritance. It also mentions that he is tight with money. Maybe his money but not with spending the dollars he has given away when there are lots of needs here in Canada. First of clean drinking water for some. So I suspect he had a lot of input into this article. Mentions some gas stations previously owned by family and re his investments he declared he didn’t know if any were in oil leaving no appearance of conflict of interest. You decide after a read. © COPYRIGHT –… Read more »

Ron Voss

In a perverse way Trudeau is correct if one understands the underlying driver for stopping pipelines and imposing a carbon tax, to address the notion of man-made (people-made) climate change. So one’s attempts, Horgan, is adhering to the religion of climate change and the other’s attempts, Wall, opposes the religion.

Thomas Richard

Once again……Margaret’s drugs are kickin’ in again………


Trudeau is a douche


We’ll I wonder why Trudeau wasn’t this passionate about defending the the ” Enegy East Pipline “…Hmmm