FOOL: Trudeau Compares Opposing Carbon Tax To Opposing Pipelines

Trudeau ignores the fact that carbon taxes damage the economy, while pipelines help create prosperity.

Justin Trudeau made an incredibly foolish comparison between Saskatchewan opposing the carbon tax and the B.C. NDP opposing pipelines

Here’s what Trudeau said:

“Premier Horgan’s attempts to block the pipeline are exactly lined up with Brad Wall’s attempts to stop the carbon tax.”

Trudeau’s incredibly dumb comment was quickly criticized by Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe:

Moe has it exactly right:

Pipelines are good for the economy, while carbon taxes are the exact opposite.

Trudeau is trying to compare the two in order to obscure the damaging reality of carbon taxes, and punish any province that doesn’t go along with his imposition of the tax.

Meanwhile, it’s not only carbon taxes that are hurting the economy under Trudeau.

His increased regulations and bureaucracy – particularly for energy sector projects – are making Canada a far less certain place to invest, and tens of billions worth of investments have already been cancelled or delayed.

The longer this goes on, the weaker our economy becomes, and that’s why all Canadians should support those like Premier Moe who are fighting back against Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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