GLOBALIST: Soros Calls For Government Regulation Of Facebook & Google

What an interesting ‘coincidence’ that just as more and more people are turning against the globalist elites, globalists like Soros and Trudeau are calling for ‘regulation’ of social media.

In an article for the far-left Guardian newspaper, billionaire globalist George Soros – fresh off his attempts to overturn Brexit – is calling for the regulation of social media, and he wants to use the power of the European Union to do it.

Here’s part of what Soros said:

“The internet monopolies have neither the will nor the inclination to protect society against the consequences of their actions. That turns them into a public menace, and it is the regulatory authorities’ responsibility to protect society against them. In the US, regulators are not strong enough to stand up to the monopolies’ political influence. The EU is better positioned, because it doesn’t have any platform giants of its own. The EU uses a different definition of monopoly power from the US. Whereas US law enforcement focuses primarily on monopolies created by acquisition, EU law prohibits the abuse of monopoly power regardless of how it is achieved. Europe has much stronger privacy and data protection laws than America.”

Consider what “protecting society” means in the EU:

There has been an extensive move to increase government regulatory power, including expanding the definition of “hate speech” and hitting social media companies with large fines if they don’t remove “controversial” or “offensive” content.

But it’s this definition of controversy and offence that is so dangerous, as can be seen by what Soros really fears:

“The current moment in world history is a painful one. Open societies are in crisis, and forms of dictatorships and mafia states, exemplified by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, are on the rise. In the United States, President Donald Trump would like to establish his own mafia-style state but cannot, because the constitution, other institutions, and a vibrant civil society won’t allow it. Not only is the survival of open society in question; the survival of our entire civilisation is at stake. The rise of leaders such as Kim Jong-un in North Korea and Trump in the US have much to do with this. Both seem willing to risk a nuclear war in order to keep themselves in power. But the root cause goes even deeper. Mankind’s ability to harness the forces of nature, both for constructive and destructive purposes, continues to grow, while our ability to govern ourselves properly fluctuates, and is now at a low ebb.”

Soros thinks Kim Jong-un (a brutal tyrant who slaughters innocents and starves his own people to death), and Donald Trump (a democratically elected politician) are comparable.

That says all that we need to know about his state of mind. Whether people like Trump or not, to think he is comparable to a brutal dictator is insanity, and shows total contempt for the democratic process.

Soros is afraid of “populism,” (AKA voters actually getting what they want) and wants to deny a voice to all who oppose his globalist agenda.

So, his real fear is that unregulated social media platforms are being used by citizens to share their views, question their leadership, and weaken the corrupt globalist power structure.

He wants that brought under the control of centralized governments like the EU, so that real free speech and real democracy will be crushed.

After all, we know that the goal of the globalists is to take away our freedom, and centralize all wealth and power in supra-national organisations.

That’s why it’s no coincidence that Justin Trudeau is also calling for stricter social media regulation (and planning to make much of the establishment media dependent on him for bailouts) at almost the exact same time Soros is, and it’s why we need to stand up for our freedom of speech.

If the globalists succeed in their endless effort to expand regulation, then we can kiss our liberty goodbye.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

Government has no business “regulating” information and free speech, and WHO THE HELL is Soros, to tell governments they have to “regulate” Social Media?! Time to turn up the heat on this disgrace for a human being!

Roger Shelswell

FaceBook and the others will close up No one will bother with them and they will go out of business.That is what the globalists like Soros and Trudeau want DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD ECONOMY.


Well we all knew What Trudeau was, like his father a communist, and what his socialist climbing ruler father, his son came to finish, both hated Canada. I am sure he will be hoping for a power job he does not deserve when he gets done. Has anyone heard if Soros is behind the horrors in Venezuela’s collapse??? Coming soon to Canada if we don’t stop it soon.


Soros, using his Open Borders Society, finances Tides Canada who then finances Dogwood Initiative. Both pretend to love salmon and bears and trees and Orcas but in trith are simpletons being used by Soros and other big money Foundations to manipulate Canada.

Spend some honest time and take a close look at Vivian Krause’s web site.She exposes the foreign money and influence that is happening in Canada and none of it is good. She backs up every single statement she makes.

I also suggest the International Free Press website which compliments Spencer’s. Bookmark like crazy as these are important people.


Speak up and express opinion and thoughts. They, Trudeau, Soros and their gang want
silence and no opinions. GLOBALISTS ARE EVIL…………………….

“Author and sociologist Frank Furedi claims globalist activists working for billionaire financier George Soros bragged about toppling governments at a private lunch.”


“…and forms of dictatorships…are on the rise’.

Ain’t that the truth! #Peoplekind


Do you think Trudeau is going to reprimand Soros for his statement “Mankind’s ability to harness the forces of nature” ?

Chris vrecko

Two demons from the pit of hell.


“it’s no coincidence that Justin Trudeau is also calling for stricter social media regulation ”

He intends to financially influence Canadian media and give himself access to their internet data, in effect watching what we do on the internet so he can influence or counter it. This Liberal crap is tied into M-103 and his pandering to Islamic jihadists.

Trudeau wants to be set up by world powers as a dictator of Canada. Dictators seldom leave office by losing a democratic election.

Bob Fry

It is now so obvious that the Justin Trudeau is being coached by George Soros, our Prime Minister hasn’t the Business or Political ex pertest to running a country, let alone the dismantling of Canada. The One World Order as per United Nations Agenda 2030 is the master plan to reduce World population from 7 Billion to 500 million people world wide. Create division and strive within the nations people, civil unrest, rioting and political disharmony will lead to a Totalitarian society. Keep the citizens from being aware of the quiet take over by the changes of the laws and… Read more »


Suppression inevitably leads to revolution. Without a safety valve, the over-pressurised boiler blows up. Let’s applaud Soros and Justin Trudeau, they are helping in their own downfall.

Clive Edwards

Zuckerberg and Soros are cut from the same cloth, if not playing for the same globalist team. Face Book, an important arm of the U.S. National Security Agency, does its own effective job of assuring posts it doesn’t like, such as the Judge Napolitano article on the FBI debriefing of the Orlando Police involved in the gay club shooting. When I tried to cross-post the article from Global Research Face Book wouldn’t let me. Once most of the dead and wounded were proven shot by the Orlando Police SWAT team, Face Book tried and succeeded to kill the information spreading.… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Should read, “…assuring posts it doesn’t like…are not permitted to be posted.”

Neil Vande Pol

The Internet is the reincarnation of the printing press. People once again have access to unfiltered information, and can decide for themselves what is truth and what to believe. Just like when Gutenberg invented the printing press, and the elites and the church of Rome lost their control of information. Soros and the elites, do not think we can make the world a better place if we have access to what they consider privileged information.



EG Collins

I read this article a few times over . . . and what amazes me most is this is the first time I ever saw a journalist write the absolute truth. Yes . . . the elites want to form a one world government eventually, and with us sharing true information on social media on what scum the global communists are, well that really puts a stop to their plans. I am most impressed with Spencer Fernando for writing such a truthful article. That is what journalism is about . . . truth . . . not what criminal organizations… Read more »

Faith Cook

They can try to silence the opposition, but that will not stop us! It forces us underground..which might be better to regroup & fortify ourselves.
Where there is a will, there is way!

Gordon Carpenter

These are the thought processes of nearly every political party in Canada – provincial or federal – except a few on the right as I see it. The left are total sell-outs to this agenda and want the “millennials” as their power base. Mean while: tick, tock, time goes by and Canadian’s are fast asleep.

Bob Toner

George Soros calls on his puppet governments in Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Australia… to start the takeover of the social media. Stop Trudeau from carrying out the marching orders of people like George Soros and groups like the UN and EU, as Merkel has implemented in Germany and Soros with MAY in Britain, Turnbull in Australia, Macron in France and Trudeau in Canada, It is time now like the the people of Germany fight back. Get rid of Trudeau and Soros and the UN agendas being carried out NOW. Get rid of every Soros controlled MP. Join with the people… Read more »

Christine Elsbury

This is the one Forum where we all can voice our opinion and have it heard. It is the freedom of speech


There is also credible evidence that Soros’ Tides Foundation influenced the 2015 Canadian election. The real foreign meddling.


He’s is the prime example of one man having too much power and control over too many pauper’s lives. Shouldn’t he retire? Over 90 and still seeking more money and power no matter the cost to the little guy? Trudeau is a traitor to let this man have a say in anything Canadian. Sure hope CSIS and the RCMP are staying on top of tracking all money going into anything Trudeau. There is a fox in the henhouse.


Thankfully Soros shouldn’t be around much longer to exert his influence in spheres in which his opinion has no more value than anyone else’s, unless on merit. With luck Trudeau’s tenure in office will also prove short. Canada has serious need of a leader with vision and an abiding love of individual freedom of expression. What we do not need is an elitist neophyte who would use political correctness to stifle dissenting points of view.