WATCH: Trudeau Greeted By Low-Ranking Official After Arriving In India

Despite his obsession with the global press, looks like Trudeau lacks any real influence on the world stage.

Beginning his trip to India, Justin Trudeau was greeted by a representative of the government of India.

Not the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.


Looks like Trudeau was greeted by the minister of state for agriculture.

As columnist Candice Malcolm noted on Twitter, Trudeau wasn’t given the same high-level greeting as other world leaders:

Here’s the video of Trudeau arriving in India:

As noted by Steeper 33 on YouTube, the media in India said about Trudeau, “He makes for good pictures and knows how to charm the cameras but…” and “many say that Mr Trudeau will not have a second term in office”. 

That sums it up quite well.

Trudeau failure

The low esteem in which Trudeau is held overseas by leaders like Modi shows how badly Trudeau has failed.

Not only has Trudeau shown pathetic weakness when it comes to standing up to extremism, he has sold our country out over and over again, and has virtue-signalled endlessly in an effort to get good foreign press.

Yet, that clearly hasn’t gotten Canada any more influence, and in fact has left us weaker both here at home and on the world stage.

Leaders like Modi – who has been relentlessly working to strengthen India’s economy – have no time for the endless pandering and virtue-signalling that Trudeau thinks passes for foreign policy.

As a result, the credibility of Trudeau’s ‘leadership’ continues to sink, and Canadians are paying the price.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

Trudeau doesn’t rate any higher!

tTommy Hawk

As usual, Spencer, timely and accurate.

Canada’s ‘leader’ is seen as a ‘jet setter’ type of individual as opposed to a working leader and around the world, that is becoming ever more clear as time passes.

Hopefully, for the good of our country and our international image, he will be gone after the next election and Canada can regain its status in the world community.

don morris

I can’t believe Trudeau is so unworldy as to believe India didn’t just insult him. Surely a well travelled and educated man like Trudeau must know about the Asian obsession with “face”,and recognize The Indian PM has just figuratively spit in HIS.

Trudeau and his daddy wafted about the planet meeting dignitaries, so he must know the score on diplomacy, probably he just chooses to ignore it.


Did he pay for the rest of his family to fly there?
They are not necessary on government business.
What a joke for any of them to be anywhere having
to do with the Canadian government. All are useless
sucks at the taxpayer trough. I hope waterhole gets lost
over there and ends up as target practice for the Kahlistanis!


Surprising for $2.1 billion given or lent (not sure) to Mumbai for building affordable housing. Unfortunately, it is reflecting on Canadians too.

Brian Mellor

Trudeau had to be sent out of the country again to shield him from answering embarrassing questions in the House.

Moe Somers

Canadians have been told this 7 day trip to India is an “all-important trade mission.” However, only a half day has been set aside for actual bilateral talks. I’m sure Prime Minister Modi, like most Canadians, see this trip for what it really is, “a family vacation.” Since when do small children attend a trade mission?

don morris

To everyone on the planet,except the mainstream media, Trudeau is a joke,and not considered serious by politicians and businessmen.

The media loves him, but then they don’t have very good judgement on anything or anybody these days.


Let’s not forget India has a radical Muslim problem, and Trudeau welcomes home jihadists with plans to offer counselling and sunny ways. How does India view Trudeau, and Canada? Pathetic………and dumb.

Brian Dougan

Alan: Do you have the link?