WEAK: Jagmeet Singh Refuses To Take A Side In B.C. vs Alberta Pipeline Fight

Jagmeet Singh wants to be a leader, yet he shows zero leadership skills by refusing to support a pipeline extension our country needs.

Even without a seat in Parliament, Jagmeet Singh has managed to totally fail a test of leadership.

As the B.C. NDP seek to unconstitutionally block the Trans Mountain Pipeline, Singh is refusing to step in and support Alberta’s correct position that the pipeline project must go forward.

According to CBC, here’s what Singh said when asked about it:

“Premier Notley is doing exactly what she promised to do. Premier Horgan is doing exactly what he promised to do.”


It gets worse:

“I haven’t spoken to either of them on this issue,” says Singh.

Total weakness.

So, not only is Singh avoiding taking a position, he hasn’t even talked to either one of them.

What is he busy doing?

Making speeches about how “love and courage” will somehow fix every problem Canada has, when what he really means is “taxes and big government.”

In case you think I’m exaggerating, here’s over a minute of Singh talking without saying anything of substance whatsoever:

Singh has shown zero leadership ability, from his refusal to clearly denounce extremism, his NDP inviting a supporter of anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan to give a keynote speech at their convention, and his endless pandering to far-left social justice warrior-type thinking.

With Trudeau embracing globalism and betraying working class Canadians, the NDP had a big opportunity to stand up for Canadian workers. Instead, Jagmeet Singh is betraying those workers as well, embracing a far-left ideology that would do serious damage to our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Kevin F

Leadership you can’t count on.


Spencer Fernando – I am losing faith in you !
‘ . . . Do not interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. ‘


Hope you are moderate


Another Liberal Left Ruler looking to have free vacations around the world while setting up their own big business partners etc. with tax dollars, of course he did say he was concerned about finances in Canada but nothing about solving the problem?? Not enough left for big time lefties and their globalist causes. Just another rich playboy but we keep hearing about his nothing platform?? We hear absolutely nothing from Andrew Scheer., Our news is always about these left wing playboy globalist’s and probably not so true, and nothing to help the Country and Canadians, just their selfies.

Norbert Kausen

He wasn’t voted in on his “leadership skills”. He was voted in because of his ethnicity, his wardrobe and because this is 2015 – 2018… nothing more!

Brian Mellor

BC is an example of what a Proportional Representational Voting system would look like. A coalition barely hanging together disrupting the whole country were same political parties can not work together for the betterment of the whole. Each playing their own small minded political game holding the country hostage.

John Bothwell

or Air India debacle.