REPORT: Trump Rips FBI For Missing Warnings About Florida Shooter & “Spending Too Much Time Trying To Prove Russian Collusion”

Trump also brought attention to comments by the VP of Facebook Ads, who said that the election results were not impacted by Russian ad spending.

In a series of tweets, US President Donald Trump ripped into the FBI for missing warnings about suspected Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz, pushed back on the idea of collusion, and also criticized National Security Advisor General H.R. McMaster.

Said Trump, “Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable. They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign – there is no collusion. Get back to the basics and make us all proud!” 

As noted by The Hill, “In January, a person close to Cruz called the FBI’s public tipline and raised concerns about his gun ownership, desire to kill and warned of a possible school shooting. But the FBI never reported the tip to its Miami field office or investigated the claim, the bureau said Friday.”

When it came to McMaster, Trump said the following:

“General McMaster forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the Russians and that the only Collusion was between Russia and Crooked H, the DNC and the Dems. Remember the Dirty Dossier, Uranium, Speeches, Emails and the Podesta Company!”

Trump was responding to McMaster’s earlier comments, where he said “with the FBI indictment, the evidence is now incontrovertible” that Russia interfered in the 2016 election.

Trump also drew attention to comments by the VP of the Facebook ads division Rob Goldman, who Tweeted that most Russian ad spending took place after the election results were in, and said they did not alter the outcome of the election.

In one Tweet, Goldman said “The majority of the Russian ad spend happened AFTER the election. We shared that fact, but very few outlets have covered it because it doesn’t align with the main media narrative of Tump and the election.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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This is the result of the elite Globalists owning and running everything, the false slanted news, The FBI searching for anything to bring down anyone trying to protect their people, remembering all the false news regarding Mr. Harper but he could not even get to defend himself, they still use false info on him. At least President Trump is getting his words out there. He is right the FBI’s job is to look after the American people not try to find and trash talk their President. No one is perfect, but he is trying to help his country while fighting… Read more »


Amen.. I said to my husband instead of trying to destroy the president they were to busy to investigate a real problem.

don morris

In the case of the Florida kid Nikolas Cruz,,it wasn’t only the FBI that fell down on the job,the local police were called 39 times about him from 2010 to 2018,and police visited his home on many occasions, he was apparently a real problem. It doesn’t do much good to have laws if the enforcers of the laws are too lazy to enforce them.