BETRAYAL: Bombardier Considers Cutting 300 Canadian Jobs

The Trudeau government gave massive bailouts to Bombardier, without including measures to protect Canadian jobs.

Bombardier may soon be cutting hundreds of Canadian jobs.

According to the CP, “The railway division of Bombardier Inc. says losing out on a large electric train contract in Montreal may force it to lay off workers this fall at its plant in La Pocatiere, Que., unless it wins some new contracts. Spokesman Eric Prud’homme describes the situation for the facility as perilous once the contract to make new subway cars for Montreal’s metro system ends. He says it is “five after midnight” for the plant over the next 12 months, putting at least half of the plant’s 600 jobs on the line.”

This is a huge betrayal.

After all, Bombardier has received hundreds of millions in bailouts from the federal government – and over a billion from the provincial government of Quebec.

Bombardier is only surviving because of money made by Canadian taxpayers that was forcibly taken and given to them.

Yet, it seems that money didn’t include protections for Canadian jobs, which is a disgraceful oversight.

Additionally, it turns out that the city government of Montreal recently chose to get 24 train cars from a Chinese company, rather than supporting a Canadian company – another act of disloyalty by those in power.

Bombardier should not be allowed to get bailouts and cut Canadian jobs. If they need to move those employees elsewhere in the company that’s fine, but to lay off Canadian workers while taking massive amounts of taxpayers money is unacceptable.

After all, Bombardier’s greedy executives felt so entitled that they gave themselves massive bonuses after getting bailed out with our money – and Trudeau refused to condemn them or block the bonuses.

Unfortunately, the government has shown themselves willing to bow down to Bombardier’s wishes without any strings attached, and the result is the betrayal of Canadian workers and taxpayers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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