FAIL: Trudeau Tweet Spells Gandhi Wrong

So much for that expensive taxpayer funded social media team.

Justin Trudeau is already facing intense criticism on his India trip, and now there’s another issue.

In a tweet from Trudeau’s account, the name of the widely revered Mahatma Gandhi was spelled wrong.

A photo of the Tweet is below:

Trudeau Gandhi Tweet Fail

It’s supposed to be ‘Gandhi,‘ not ‘Ghandi.’


While it may seem like a minor issue, Trudeau is already facing criticism by many in India for perceived support for the extremist Khalistani movement – which seeks to tear India apart.

So, the fact that Trudeau – who has a highly paid taxpayer funded social media team – got the name of Gandhi wrong will only add to the criticism of Trudeau’s controversial trip.

Trudeau has already faced what many are calling a snub, after being greeted by a low-level official upon arriving in India.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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