NATIONAL LAMPOON’S: Trudeau’s India Trip Is Nothing But An Expensive Taxpayer-Funded Vacation

A half day of work on an eight day trip? Pathetic.

Justin Trudeau will try to make his trip to India – already failing due to a big snub, criticism for weakness on Khalistani extremists, and a tweet spelling Gandhi incorrectly – look like it’s about working for Canadians.

It’s not.

It’s an expensive taxpayer-funded family vacation, with a mere half-day of actual work.

And that’s being noticed around the world.

Here’s how it’s seen in the Hindustan Times newspaper:

“As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues his eight-day visit to India, the fact that his schedule includes just half-a-day of official engagements in New Delhi is being described as “unusual” by veteran diplomats and criticised by a Canadian watchdog.

A veteran Indian diplomat said in his long experience with bilateral visits, he had never experienced a trip of this nature, where the visiting dignitary spent so little time in official engagements with counterparts in the Indian government.”

That’s not all:

“The low-key start to the visit on February 17 also raised eyebrows, with commentators noting that Trudeau was received at the Delhi airport by minister of state Gajendra Shekhawat.

This, they noted, was in marked contrast to the warm welcome and hugs from Prime Minister Modi that marked the arrivals of US president Barack Obama, Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi crown prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.”

Additionally, the report notes that India’s Prime Minister Modi didn’t issue a tweet welcoming Trudeau.

Canadian taxpayers fleeced for Trudeau’s family vacation

Clearly, Trudeau’s trip to India is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. If we were paying for one or two days of actual work, it would be totally reasonable, but paying for eight days when there’s just a half day of work is a joke.

Trudeau is a very wealthy guy from a very wealthy family. If he wants to take the family on a vacation to India, he can pay for most of it himself. At least that would show some honesty, rather than hiding his vacation behind the facade of an ‘official’ visit.

Meanwhile, Trudeau says there’s not enough money for Veterans. Perhaps that’s because he’s wasting it all on his own sense of arrogant entitlement.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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A country with a real government for the people, do not want terrorists and people working to break up their country, they want them in jail or gone. Our Liberal government hates it’s Canadian people, loves division and terrorists. Taking vacations at our expense, around the world, it’s all a joke to him he was brought up on public money and just isn’t ready or ever will be, he is like a sunny ways terrorist in Canada, at taxpayers expense. What an embarrassment for Canada, with no laws to help charge him and his privileged Liberals.

Chris vrecko

Canadians need to send him a BIG FAT BILL just like his ego. My God they are horrid.

Jill WArd


Harry Mayor

Not mentioned are two facts just surfacing, the son of President Trump is also in all the sales pitches [$$$] being offered to investors who buy an apartment. Gee, I almost forgot, family friend Aga Khan arrives in India today…what a coincidence. Would that be described as a Triad or an Triumvirate ?

Brian Richard Allen

Nice selfie.

Bill the Taxpayer — and through his great-grandchildren — CAD$5,000,000.00.

Derek Williams

As a side note, what message is Trudeau sending by taking his children out of school to go on a trip with their parents barely 6 weeks after the Christmas/New Years break.

chris malmstrom

he’s taking the nannies and a private tutor (all at taxpayers expense), so the little ones are still taught something while on their free “see India” vacation.

Norbert Kausen

That is EXACTLY as I call it, as well!


I don’t think this is a family vacation. Who is Justin really meeting with on this week long trip? Did we not learn anything from his trip to Aga Khan island? Was that just a vacation too and nothing of substance was discuss with the Aga Khan? Guess what, the Aga Khan just arrived in India for a 10-day trip. Hopefully there is some intrepid reporter in India right now finding out what the heck is really going on.

alan skelhorne

he will do what what he wants to fernado, and when he wants to, like he has said from the beginning, no one can stop him.i believe thats the only truth he has told. am i wrong.


You are probably close to the truth Alan Skelhorne. Nothing will stop him as he is showing us with every photo op just how arrogant he is rubbing it in our faces how we won’t be able to curb him and his spending. Nothing hurts more than getting stabbed in your wallet. Truly a lesson to have an impeachment law if you have a rogue Prime Minister. Rogue Prime Ministers need to have consequences such as being removed from office and confiscation of assets and funds. Seems pretty logical after all 4 years is a long time and much damage… Read more »


This is typical of Trudeau. His sense of entitlement is all encompassing. The fact that he brought his entire family says it all.

Wendy Lush

You stole my thunder, Spencer. Why are we paying for this man and his family’s 5-star vacation? Because that’s all that this is.

He sure loves flying on that gas-guzzling private jet. Must have a steep carbon footprint. But hey don’t worry Justin, taxpayers will be footing the carbon tax bill.

bob kelly

Justin is lying when he said he has a billion dollars worth of investment coming to Canada from India, he was only there for 1 day and had no meetings with the business world of India


One thing is becoming more clear by the day. The next government needs to ensure that recall and impeachment laws are enacted in Canada. There is no way Canadians should have to put up with the abuse being heaped upon Canadian Taxpayers without some sort of checks, balances and retribution. If we don’t defeat this un-Canadian bunch in 2019, the few rights and freedoms left, will no doubt be gone. Sheer said it straight, this is no longer about the left and the right, it’s about Freedom (vs) non-freedom. This next election may well be the most important in Canada’s… Read more »

D. Ashby

Excellent points!

Bruce Majury

Just like his father used to do…spend,spend,spend


excuse me , I don’t think he is rich! , he was a school teacher (no offense) for a couple of years ? but he is living the high life now!.

Joe G. Nadley

I filed this story under “Justin Turdeau; the name fits!”