REPORT: Trudeau Government Denies Rumour That Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Son

Government responded to unsubstantiated rumours that Fidel Castro’s recently deceased son Fidelito left a note referring to Justin Trudeau as his “half brother.”

The Trudeau government has been forced to officially deny unproven rumours that Justin Trudeau’s real father is Fidel Castro.

The denial came after rumours spread that Fidelito (the son of Fidel Castro who recently killed himself), had left a note referring to Trudeau as his “half-brother.”

However, those rumors have not been confirmed, with the Cuban government saying there was no suicide note left by Fidelito. There is no proof that such a note was left.

As reported by the AP, “A story claiming Fidel Castro was the father of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not true. The Canadian government denied it, Cuba has never claimed it and Trudeau’s parents didn’t Cuba until several years after Trudeau was born. The February 1 suicide of Castro’s oldest son, Fidelito, spurred the most recent report on several sites, claiming that Fidelito left a suicide note referring to Justin Trudeau as his half-brother.”

The idea that Trudeau’s real father was Fidel relates to the noticeable similarity in their appearances when they were young, and the closeness of the Trudeau and Castro families – disturbingly expressed in Trudeau’s fawning statement after the death of Fidel Castro.

However, the official timeline casts doubt on any idea that Trudeau’s father is anyone other than Pierre Trudeau, as noted by the AP:

“Trudeau was born a little more than nine months after the marriage of his parents and more than four years before Margaret made a much-publicized first trip to Cuba and met Fidel Castro.”

They add, “Experts say it would have been impossible for an earlier visit to Cuba to go unnoticed.”

It is highly unlikely that Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s father. The real issue is why he shows such an affinity for those like Castro, and China’s Communist “Basic Dictatorship,” as it’s very disturbing for the leader of a democratic country to be supporting brutal authoritarian regimes.

Instead of rumours, Trudeau should be held accountable for his unwillingness to stand up for the Canadian values of democracy, liberty, and free speech.

Spencer Fernando

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