ARROGANT ELITIST: Trudeau Launches Crackdown On Tips In Latest Tax Attack, While Billions Remain In Foreign Offshore Tax Havens

Trudeau spends our money with wild abandon and lets his elitist buddies keep billions in offshore accounts, yet he wants to rip every last dollar he can out of the pockets of Canadian workers.

Justin Trudeau is seeking to take even more money away from Canadians.

The Trudeau CRA is launching a further crackdown on tips, taking even more money out of the pockets of Canadians even as the carbon tax adds to the growing financial burden on Canadians.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “A surge of tax audits of staff at a prominent Prince Edward Island hospitality group illustrates the growing efficiency of the Canada Revenue Agency’s tools for tackling formerly hard-to-pin down tip income and the growing risk to those who don’t declare it.”

It’s not just in PEI, the government is now cracking down and going after easier to track digital payments:

“When tips were mostly paid in cash, real figures were hard to confirm. But because of widespread debit and credit-card payments, exact tip figures can now be traced back through point-of-sales-machine records.”

“While some workers recognized it was their mistake for not accurately reporting their tips, most expressed frustration about the CRA’s execution: suddenly targeting the undeclared income of a concentrated group of primarily young, low-income workers from one geographic area.”

Trudeau goes after the little guy while the elites stash billions overseas

The Trudeau government is doing nothing to get back the up to $15 BILLION being stashed by the elites in foreign offshore tax havens.

Meanwhile, they’re going after the little guy, punishing people who are making some extra money in tips.

This kind of behaviour shows that the Trudeau government is increasingly becoming the enemy of the Canadian people, as they seek to use the power of the state to take more and more of our money, while their well-connected elitist friends get away without paying their share of taxes – avoiding billions in payments.

It’s disgusting.

Clearly, the federal government no longer serves Canadians, and under Trudeau it gets worse by the day.

Spencer Fernando

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Dave Bainard

All the more reason to tip your server with cash.


Sure glad he is going after the red wave idiots in the east who swooned over him & elected this imbecile. Did these fools learn a lesson about the name trudo? Not likely. Couldn’t be a better place to start his communist pillaging than in the east.


We the Canadian People are going Down, Down, Down if more of a Majority do not Wake Up out of a Canadian Apathetic Trance State…we have to make sure we follow what Castro Jr. Trudeau is doing as there is not much transparency….Thank God/Goddess there are some strong voices in Parliament’s Opposition..we can only hope Trudeau gets some sense but he seems very “Groomed” and paid for by the NWO; the Elitists must be very happy with their choice as He, Trudeau is playing his part to deny the Canadian People their Constitution very well…his Snowflake wife in tow…


Is he paying for his family vacations in China, or the Aga khans private island, or his family vacation to India etc., this should be his personal income and taxed, as it would be for a small business, still his and other Liberals are vacationing at taxpayers expense. Still it is easier for the CRA to come after poor Canadians we do not have enough money to fight back, and they make laws to support themselves and their friends at our expense. We need a real government not propaganda, not unethical people, not greedy rich not paying their share to… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

Easy work around; if you like your server’s attentiveness, then simply pay your server cash in hand at the table, nothing more said about it… end of story!

Moe Somers

I saw the photo of Trudeau & family touring one of the many tourist sites in India they are scheduled to visit. My first thought, how many tax paying families across Canada can not afford to take their children on a summer; weekend; or one day holiday, let alone a trip to India. How insensitive of the Trudeau family to flaunt this extravagant trip in the faces of hard working tax paying Canadians.

Clive Edwards

I would like to see all those ex-prime ministers and finance ministers suffer the pain of the CRA taking their homes as “penalties and interest” – even if the taxes owed were paid back in full.

Diana Barron

Turdo is a filthy greedy low-life traveling the world in the most opulent extravagant ways possible WITH his entire family and nannies while on his orders the CRA is raping servers for the tips they earn in the Hospitality industry, restaurants, bars, hotels etc., and him and his billionaire pals stash their mountains of dough offshore. But he wants the tips you make at Swiss Chalet or whatever.

Chris vrecko

Quickly becoming the enemy? This SOB was my enemy before he was elected, I hope the snowflakes are realizing the stupidity of their vote before beautiful Canada and it’s citizens are destroyed!

Brian Richard Allen

…. This conduct and its use of the power of the state to take more and more of Canadians’ earned and owned wealth; while its cohorts, cronies and co-conspirators get off tax free — and avoiding Billions in payments — but confirms the Trudeau Claque as the enemy of the Canadian nation ….

Or, to put it another way: Fairly ordinarily “socialist.”

Brian Richard Allen

Peasants pay taxes

Silly peasants – money is for the ultra elite and their handsomely compensated police forces to keep us in check. Now get back to work so you can pay your 50% taxation rate. Working under the table is illegal – it’s illegal to keep money you earned. Your not allowed to have too much money. Keep chugging the fluoride it’s good for your teeth.


This column of comments should be printed on page one of every daily newspaper in Canada !!


If our PM were working for a private company, he would not be able to do this trip on the company dime because there’s not enough business being transacted. Were the company to pay for it, the expense thereof would show up on his T4 as a taxable benefit. Even if he was transacting enough business on the trip to make it an allowable expense for him, his wife’s expenses would be allowed ONLY if she made a considerable contribution to the business being transacted – think G20 where the spouses routinely attend “socializing” is an integral part of the… Read more »