ARROGANT ELITIST: Trudeau Launches Crackdown On Tips In Latest Tax Attack, While Billions Remain In Foreign Offshore Tax Havens

Trudeau spends our money with wild abandon and lets his elitist buddies keep billions in offshore accounts, yet he wants to rip every last dollar he can out of the pockets of Canadian workers.

Justin Trudeau is seeking to take even more money away from Canadians.

The Trudeau CRA is launching a further crackdown on tips, taking even more money out of the pockets of Canadians even as the carbon tax adds to the growing financial burden on Canadians.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “A surge of tax audits of staff at a prominent Prince Edward Island hospitality group illustrates the growing efficiency of the Canada Revenue Agency’s tools for tackling formerly hard-to-pin down tip income and the growing risk to those who don’t declare it.”

It’s not just in PEI, the government is now cracking down and going after easier to track digital payments:

“When tips were mostly paid in cash, real figures were hard to confirm. But because of widespread debit and credit-card payments, exact tip figures can now be traced back through point-of-sales-machine records.”

“While some workers recognized it was their mistake for not accurately reporting their tips, most expressed frustration about the CRA’s execution: suddenly targeting the undeclared income of a concentrated group of primarily young, low-income workers from one geographic area.”

Trudeau goes after the little guy while the elites stash billions overseas

The Trudeau government is doing nothing to get back the up to $15 BILLION being stashed by the elites in foreign offshore tax havens.

Meanwhile, they’re going after the little guy, punishing people who are making some extra money in tips.

This kind of behaviour shows that the Trudeau government is increasingly becoming the enemy of the Canadian people, as they seek to use the power of the state to take more and more of our money, while their well-connected elitist friends get away without paying their share of taxes – avoiding billions in payments.

It’s disgusting.

Clearly, the federal government no longer serves Canadians, and under Trudeau it gets worse by the day.

Spencer Fernando

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