DECEPTION: Trudeau Caught Lying About “$1 Billion Investment” Deal, Which Is Actually Canadian Companies Spending $750 Million In India

Trudeau caught in total lie after claiming India was investing $1 billion in Canada – which the government later amended to note that 75% of the investment was actually going from Canada to India.

Justin Trudeau has been caught lying again, as his India vacation continues to be a failure.

Taking some time out of vacationing on the taxpayers dime, Trudeau tried to hype up some supposed investment deals.

He claimed that Indian companies were investing $1 billion into Canada.

There’s only one problem there.

It’s not true.

Trudeau was caught trying to deceive Canadians, and the government was later forced to admit that he was wrong, as noted by Global News:

“Trudeau initially said the entire $1 billion was money coming into Canada but his officials later corrected that it was a two-way trade number, with one-quarter coming from India into Canada, and the rest going the other way. More than half the $750 million Canadian investment in India comes from Toronto’s Brookfield Asset Management, which is spending $480 million to buy a 1.25 million-square foot office complex in Mumbai. Another $200 million comes from Fairfax India Holdings Corp. of Canada, which acquired a 51 per cent stake in the Catholic Syrian Bank in Kerala, India.”

Notably, many establishment news organizations had to change the headlines on their articles after Trudeau’s deception was “corrected,” but one of the original media tweets containing the incorrect info can be seen below:

The media also needed to make “corrections”:

Of course, we know that “misspoke” = Trudeau lied.

In this case, the media was reporting what Trudeau told them, and the responsibility for the deception lies with him.

Once again, Trudeau shows contempt for the truth, and contempt for Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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